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Can You Buy Instagram Followers To Boost Your IG Account?


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 12 min read

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Are you just beginning to use Instagram for your company and are searching for ways to enhance engagement? You might be asking whether it is possible to purchase followers and whether or not you should do so. The question of “can you buy Instagram followers” is a popular one, even if people only ask it secretly.

Whether it’s fair or not, people consider Instagram profiles with many followers successful. This is due to the fact that a larger number of followers typically indicates a greater level of appeal, confidence, and reputation. The correlation is not completely unfounded, as this may also increase enterprises’ revenue.

The prevalent notion holds that having more followers will result in more satisfied customers. This will, in turn, boost your likelihood of earning sales. You may purchase followers on Instagram from a broad variety of services, each offering a unique price point for the service. However, buying followers is not typically considered an efficient strategy for promoting on IG.

These followers are often not real and instead consist of bots or inactive accounts that will not interact with your profile in any way. Therefore, even though the number of people who follow you might be increasing, the engagement rate will remain the same. So, you can buy followers on Instagram. You just have to go about it the right way.

Can You Buy Instagram Followers To Boost Your IG Account?

Well, I Don’t Want Fake Accounts. Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Now you know the answer to the question, “Can you buy Instagram followers?” Are you trying to build up your Instagram following as quickly as possible? More engagement can directly result from having more followers; if that happens, your sales are likely to increase. But is increasing the number of your followers result in increased engagement? If those followers are real followers, then yes, it does! However, this is not likely to be the case if you buy followers for your account. So, can you buy real Instagram followers? Well, some site promise that you can.

There are several different ways to go about purchasing followers on Instagram. Some websites provide various services to increase the number of followers you have on your account. If you decide to go this path, it is imperative that you select a trustworthy website. A lot of these websites are actually scams. Because each website will provide a unique set of services and prices, the decision as to which one is ideal lies solely in your hands. You know your brand. You know the vision you have for it.

You must first choose a trustworthy and renowned company before you can purchase followers on Instagram. The majority of service providers offer a selection of unique packages to choose from. You might select a basic package, often the least expensive choice. Naturally, it includes false accounts. A premium subscription will cost more money, and the service provider will say these followers are real people. Hopefully, they’re telling the truth.

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Hold Your Horses! This Is How To Buy Followers on Instagram

So, can you buy Instagram followers? Yes. But this is not something you dive into head-first. Novices will jump at the prospect of a multitude of followers. Especially quick followers for cheap. When considering how to buy followers on Instagram, there are some things to remember. Even if millions of people use the platform, Instagram can find you.

You can buy followers on Instagram incrementally. It’s not very common for a user’s follower count to suddenly jump by hundreds of thousands in a single day. And if it does, Instagram may flag the account as suspicious. If you decide to purchase followers, it’s best to take things slowly. Acquire only a moderate number of new ones at a time over some time.

Do you want to see an improvement in your level of interaction with your real audience? This should be the real end goal, after all. You should focus on naturally growing your following through organic techniques. You’ll know that the followers you gain are genuine people. These are real people who are more likely to interact with the information you post. Of course, this could take much more effort than buying them.

Your genuine followers may be suspicious of the growth. It is not hard to determine whether the followers that someone has on Instagram are fake. They can do this by looking at an account’s followers to see whether or not they are actual individuals or bots. They compare the number of an account’s likes-to-follower ratio. They look at the number of likes and examine the number of accounts that the account follows. Any extreme disparity in these can indicate a sign that their followers are fake.

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Can You Buy Instagram Followers Without Consequences? Can Buying Instagram Followers Get You Banned?

Buying Instagram followers still carries a stigma. But does it come with serious repercussions? Can buying Instagram followers get you banned? Can you buy Instagram followers and stay in Instagram’s good books? You’re asking the right questions.

The response to this inquiry is not as straightforward as one might expect. You’d have to consider a variety of aspects that are unique to every single instance. Buying followers might not get you permanently banned from Instagram. It might result in suspending your account for a period of time if Instagram finds out about it.

So, no. You likely won’t be permanently banned from Instagram for buying followers. You may face penalties. Instagram may terminate or suspend your account if it detects a pattern of unusual behavior.

There is no definitive indication of how many followers an account must have before it is declared “suspended.” This is something that Instagram does not openly publish. Are you worried about the potential repercussions of buying followers? The safest course of action is to err on the side of caution and refrain from engaging in this behavior.

The goal of many brands is to amass a large number of followers on Instagram. Nevertheless, it’s not always a good idea to resort to extreme means to accomplish this goal. Buying Instagram followers may seem like a quick solution, but it might have negative effects in the long run. You can buy followers on Instagram, but doing might do more harm than good for your brand in the long run. Instead, you should focus on growing your following in a natural way. At least you’ll know that those who follow you are actual people.

I Only Care About Numbers. Can You Buy Instagram Followers? Can You Buy Fake Followers on Instagram?

We understand the appeal of numbers. This is why you ask, “Can you buy Instagram followers?” Still, this may not be the best course of action for your brand. You might be in a financial crunch and fork out the cash for “premium followers.” Your question is can you buy fake followers on Instagram for your brand? You should know, however, that this facade won’t last long.

It is not difficult to identify an account that has substantial fictitious followers. People and companies that employ tools to aid them in selecting their influencers will find this step very simple. Because of this, someone who buys followers is not likely to maintain this number for long. By participating in the activity, you run the risk of having your credibility severely damaged.

It’s no secret that companies are looking to collaborate with influencers. The number of followers matters. They can determine whether you have purchased phony followers if they utilize any of the software we describe below.

Can You Buy Instagram Followers Without Being Noticed?

While there’s no shame in taking this route, you are justified in being a little nervous. When people ask, “Can you buy Instagram followers?” they truly want to know if they can do it discreetly. In the long run, business and regular accounts that become aware of your usage of false followers may question your legitimacy as an influencer or company. They will raise questions about the morality of the way you conduct business.

You can use various tools to determine if a page has bought followers. Or, you can use it to determine which of your followers are false. Some of these tools are free, and others need a payment. Here are a few:

Use the Social Engagement Check on FakeCheck. It lets you assess whether your Instagram account is full of false followers.

You can use the powerful HypeAuditor tool. Investigate any Instagram account for fraudulent followers and fake likes. This allows advertisers to research influencers before actually working with them.

IG Auditor
IG Auditor is a convenient and cost-free application. It verifies the authenticity of public Instagram profiles. Do you have any doubts regarding an account? Simply type the user’s username into the search box on the homepage. It will give you an estimate of the percentage of real followers to phoney followers the account has.

So, you can buy followers on Instagram. Just prepare for it not to be a secret.

Can You Buy Followers and Likes on Instagram? Yes, but Should You?

When people ask, “Can you buy followers on Instagram?” we issue a warning. We harp on the fact that having a page with all followers and few likes is a huge red flag. Potential followers and brands don’t like these optics. The solution for some people would be organic growth tactics. Others would just resort to buying likes. “Can you buy followers and likes on Instagram?” You definitely can.

However, no brand wants to collaborate with a creator who has no meaningful engagement to show for it. Working with brands whose legitimacy is under question might have a detrimental impact on their credibility.

Fake likes may artificially increase your engagement rate. They do not give genuine social media engagement from the people you are attempting to attract. There is a possibility that you will end up with a big number of likes but no meaningful conversations in the comments. Have real people like and comment on your photos. You get a more accurate view of which of your posts are performing well and how you can enhance your Instagram approach.

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I Need the Engagement. Can You Buy Active Instagram Followers?

Can you buy Instagram followers that like your posts? Real Instagram followers that engage are the key to long-term growth. Naturally, you’d ask, “Can you buy active Instagram followers?” There are reputable websites that provide an increase in the number of followers. Make confident purchases of followers with their help.

Pay attention to the websites and programs that can provide you with active Instagram followers. Get that engagement up. This lends credence to the idea that the accounts are authentic and not merely used for spam. Where can you find the safest and most reputable means of purchasing Instagram followers? Use a service offered by a development agency that promotes honest customer feedback. The most effective procedure is one that provides prompt service.

Take, for example, the followers growth service Path Social. It provides you with all the knowledge you require to acquire Instagram followers in the most secure manner possible. They consistently rank among the best management services for Instagram accounts. They place a significant amount of emphasis on the quality of their services.

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Can You Buy Instagram Followers: Where To Buy Followers on Instagram?

Do you want to increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram? Knowing where to buy followers on Instagram is key. Can you buy Instagram followers in a safe way? Yes. You just have to be very picky with the sites you choose.

CrowdFire is on the list of the finest apps and programs used to increase your following. Using this platform can enhance your follower count on various social media platforms. It also provides a comprehensive management plan for your social media platforms.

You can expand your overall presence across all social media platforms by using the tool known as Hashtag Expert. They use a strategy that is quite different from the typical practice of only purchasing followers. As you probably already guessed, you are using hashtags with the assistance of a site called Hashtag Expert. Using hashtags successfully attracts more followers, so why not give it a shot?

Can You Buy Instagram Followers? Instagram Shadowban

If you are concerned about an Instagram Shadowban, you shouldn’t ask if you can buy Instagram followers. A shadowban is very serious.

If you have been shadowbanned, other users won’t be able to see your posts in their feeds. You won’t be on the Explore sites they visit or the hashtag pages they visit unless they are already following you. This happens the most frequently when a user has disobeyed Instagram’s community guidelines. The post itself could be inappropriate.

Buying followers on Instagram might not be the best use of your money in the long run. Be wary that Instagram finds out that any of your followers are spam bots or fake accounts. It is possible that they will view your account in a negative light. You want genuine, organic growth, as well as followers that are actively interested in what you post. Automated programs that are employed to improve visibility may result in a shadowban.

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Can You Buy Instagram Followers: So You’ve Made Your Decision.

Are you someone who wants to become a content creator? Well, now you have an answer to the question, “Can you buy Instagram followers?” Do you require assistance locating a place on Instagram to purchase followers? Undoubtedly, the social media professionals we have here at Plixi can help you in some capacity. Your Instagram profile will, in a short amount of time, attract a sizable number of people who actively use Instagram to follow it.

We do a lot of research. An artificial intelligence (AI) targeting algorithm is part of the social media growth strategy that we deploy. Through the utilization of our products, you will be able to cultivate an Instagram community. Plixi can assist you in rapidly increasing the number of followers you have on Instagram. The time to begin using it is now. We want to help you reach social media success!

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