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Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Are you interested in using an Instagram DM template to automate the message-writing process? They are a great idea whether you’re writing a welcome message to new customers or looking for influencers.

Choose the right Instagram Message template, and you’ll save a lot of time. That’s because you don’t need to write the same message multiple times. Also, you can look for Instagram direct messaging templates online for ideas. 

Finally, read the article to the end for insight into the best way to grow your Instagram audience. We’ll reveal a powerful method for finding targeted Instagram users in any niche.

Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!

What Are Instagram Direct Messages?

Are you wondering what Instagram direct messages are? They are a way of instantly exchanging text between Instagram accounts. The feature is free and available for every account on the social media platform.

The in-app messenger allows you to exchange a range of content, including:

  • Text: Most people use DMs for exchanging text. Your text limit is 1,000 characters, so keep that in mind to avoid exceeding the limit. You should also consider the text limit when you are creating an Instagram direct message template. 
  • Emojis: You can add emojis to your direct messages to ensure they are brought to life. The right use of emojis can help you express the ideas and emotions within the message. You’ll find many of the popular emojis you might have seen elsewhere on Instagram. 
  • Images: Adding images is another feature of Instagram DMs. This is handy for businesses that want to show off products to potential customers. Also, you may want to share private images you don’t want the public to see.
Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!, image №2

How To Reach Out to Influencers on Instagram With DM Templates

Are you interested in knowing how to reach out to influencers on Instagram? The best strategy involves DM templates to help you save time. Therefore, you don’t need to create a new message for every influencer. 

However, to increase your chances of success, we’ve prepared a list of strategies. You should use these when considering the DM templates for Instagram strategy when finding influences.

Modify the Message

You’ll need to contact hundreds of Instagram influencers to get the right response or deal successfully. However, DM templates can save time since there are endless influencers on social media platforms. 

Regardless, you need to modify the original message to increase your chances of success. That’s because the influencers will appreciate you taking the time to write a custom message. It will be obvious if you’re only using direct message templates. 

Consider the type of messages you receive from others. Those that are obviously templates you may give less attention to than the custom ones.

Share Why You Picked Them

It’s a good idea to share why you have specially selected their channel. It should be more than a business transaction. Perhaps you like the attention to detail or range of content? You’ll know what to include if you follow the Instagram accounts naturally. 

However, if you’re coming across an account for the first time, make sure you do research before writing the DM. This can provide much-needed information to craft a better Instagram DM.

Find Influencer Instagram DM Examples

Can’t think of any good template ideas to send to potential Instagram influencer partners? Then, you can look for influencer Instagram DM examples. You may need to modify some of these or copy word for word.

You’ll find many good examples of templates for communicating with influencers with success rates. However, you’ll need to fill in the gaps to ensure the message is relevant to your goals and niche.

Different Types of Instagram DM Marketing Templates

Instagram affiliate marketing works on social media platforms like with other digital media. You advertise products and receive commissions after generating sales. You can increase the efficiency of your approach by creating high-converting DM templates.

Here are a few ideas to consider when writing DM templates for your IG affiliate marketing campaign:

  • Frequency: When targeting the same lead, it’s a good idea to space the messages out to avoid spam. Imagine getting bombarded with messages several times per day. Also, your Instagram account will be blocked when posting the same message too often. 
  • Copywriting: You’ll need to craft an effective message with the best chance to convert leads into buyers. You can develop this skill yourself or hire a freelancer to write DM templates for you. 
  • Call to action: Your affiliate marketing DM template needs to have a link to the product pages. This is called the CTA, and it must be effective. Take the time to create one that’s intriguing and makes the users want to click on the link. 
  • Testing: Never stop testing your marketing DM templates in pursuit of the highest conversions. This involves changing different aspects of the template. It can be as small as altering a few emojis. Also, make sure that during your testing, enough people see the DM for meaningful data.

Welcome Message to New Followers

Every new follower is a potential buyer of your products. Therefore, you should send them a welcome message to start the sales funnel. However, you shouldn’t be too aggressive with your marketing in the welcome DM. You can avoid sharing your products altogether until you have built trust with the Instagram target audience.

However, the welcome message is a good opportunity to include any free samples, educational courses, or free trials. This is a great way of providing value upfront and pushing the lead along the sales funnel. 

To increase your chances of creating the right welcome message, consider the target audience. Hence, the more information you gather about your leads and community, the more effective your marketing DMs will be.

Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!, image №3

Customer Service Direct Message Templates

You need to have various customer service templates to provide responses quickly. Ideally, the templates will be a starting point to answer questions to commonly asked questions. However, it’s important to alter the text to match the specific problem users are having. This ensures you’ll provide the best customer service on the social media platform. 

Not sure how to craft your customer service template DMs? Then, you can follow the accounts of your competitors and contact the customer support team. Pay attention to the templates they use for inspiration. This can give you some good ideas to craft customer service templates for your one.

Also, it’s a good idea to create customer service templates that match the tone of your brand. In fact, you can improve the experience by having some fun with the wording and tone. This keeps the customer support light-hearted and perhaps may ease customer frustration.

Discount and Promotional DM Templates

Do you often run promotions and discounts for your products? Then, it’s a good idea to have a DM template that’s specifically for your offers. All you’d have to do is add the size or nature of the promotion and send the message. 

Customers love receiving discounts on products and services that are of interest to them. Hence, these DM templates should be part of your sales strategy on Instagram. Play around with the size of your promotions to find the best results. Also, don’t forget to share the benefits of the promotion and products you advertise.

UGC Templates

UGC (user-generated content) templates are handy if you’re looking for brands or companies to promote with your account. It works by receiving their products and sharing them with your Instagram audience. In return for the advertisement, you can keep the products for free and possibly receive money.

Here are a few things to consider when creating UGC DM temples:

  • Your account size: You need to reflect your account size in the message. For example, if you have a massive follower count, emphasize that in the message. However, if you have a smaller IG account, share what additional value you can provide. Typically, the size of your reward increases, the more popular your Instagram account is. 
  • Mention your audience: Ideally, you should target brands with products that are a good match for your audience. Therefore, you need to target brands that are looking for an audience of your type. Also, this is one reason why UGC Instagram users should focus on building a defined audience. 
  • Your style: Within the DM template, mention how you plan to advertise their products and services. Being specific ensures that you can come to an agreement. Also, make sure to add enough value for the brand so they want to work with you. 
  • Reward: The DM template should include what you expect to get out of the deal. That will help you filter out the companies that are not prepared to meet your requests. Remember that the reward size should match your account size and value. 
  • Why you picked them: Include the reasons why you want to work with the brand. This might be because you use their products yourself or like what the brands stand for. After all, brands want to work with content creators who like their products. 
Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!, image №4

Use Blank Instagram DM Template With Scheduling Software

Did you know that some scheduling software allows you to incorporate blank Instagram DM templates? This allows you to automate and simplify your Instagram account even further. However, the specific tools and features available with the IG scheduling software vary. 

Some scheduling software allows you to send a welcome message to every new follower automatically. This saves you the trouble of having to do it manually. Also, new followers will appreciate the attention and professionalism of your account.

Likewise, when customers press the message button to ask for help, they can receive a confirmation message. This ensures that customers are informed when help requests are received.

Instagram DM Template: Write the Best Messages!, image №5

Instagram DM Templates—Do You Really Need Them?

Regular Instagram users don’t need DM templates since their messaging activity doesn’t involve mass marketing. However, content creators, brands, and business accounts should take advantage of DM templates.

That’s because it can help automate and scale your social media account. Instagram is about connecting with others, and templates help you do that at scale. It ensures you can deliver better customer support and reach out to more people. Now, it’s your job to craft the most effective Instagram DM template ideas for your goals. 

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