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How To Manage Accounts on Instagram Without Hassle

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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Learning how to manage accounts on Instagram is an ongoing process. However, it’s an important skill to master to facilitate optimal Instagram growth. 

In this article, you’ll see that you have multiple features and tools to improve account management. 

Also, you can outsource your account management by taking advantage of professional agencies. This is especially a good idea for those of you who don’t want to learn the ropes of Instagram marketing.

How To Manage Accounts on Instagram Without Hassle

How To Add Account Manager on Instagram

Let’s focus on how to add an account manager on Instagram. Taking this step also does the same for your Facebook account when synced. That’s because this is a Meta feature, which is the parent company of Instagram. 

Here’s the process for adding an Instagram account manager:

  1. Navigate to Business settings
  2. Press on People, which is under Users
  3. Select Add People
  4. Add the email address of the business manager you want to add, and click Next
  5. Choose the access type you want to provide to the manager and click Next
  6. Review the invitation and then click Send request

How To Manage a Business Account on Instagram

Do you want to learn how to manage a business account on Instagram? In this section, we’ll share tips on improving your management skills to help grow your account. Note that learning these strategies takes time, and practice makes perfect. 

Here are a few tips for managing Instagram business accounts:

  • Outsource the work: You can eliminate the burden entirely by hiring a freelancer or agency to manage the account. This is advantageous if you don’t want to learn account management skills. Instead, you’ll have more free time to interact with your audience or capture new content. 
  • Multiple accounts: Create more than one account using the same username. This ensures you can use the same login details for different accounts. Then, you can switch between them in the settings. This is faster than logging out and then back in. 
  • Account types: To improve your management of Instagram accounts, it’s vital to understand the account types. The different options are personal and professional. The latter is broken up into business or creator accounts. Upgrading to a professional account grants different features, such as Instagram Insights or product pages. 

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone

Are you interested in learning how to manage multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone? You can do this by taking advantage of Instagram account switching. This is a feature that allows you to switch between accounts quickly. Note that you can have up to 5 accounts on the same Instagram account. 

Here are the advantages of creating multiple accounts under the same username: 

  • Separate marketing: You can segment your marketing efforts by separating your accounts. This is especially true if you have multiple brands under the same business. Also, you can increase the targeting of your marketing efforts to improve the conversion rate. 
  • Separate business and personal: Separating your personal and business accounts is important. This ensures you don’t create posts or content for the wrong audience. 
  • Same login details: You can use the same login details for multiple accounts. It’s easier to remember one set of login details than numerous.
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How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Desktop

Now, let’s turn our attention to how to manage multiple Instagram accounts on a desktop. It’s arguably easier to manage multiple accounts on a desktop compared to mobile devices. You’ll need to learn how to use the Instagram account-switching feature. 

This allows you to have more than one account. Also, the feature is easier to use on the desktop than smartphones. 

You can create up to five accounts using the same Instagram URL. However, when you want to exceed this number, you should use a spreadsheet to get organized. This ensures that you can keep track of the login details for each account. 

How To Choose an Instagram Management Service

You don’t need to create an Instagram account yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, you can look for an Instagram management service to run your account on your behalf. Therefore, you can get on with other tasks that grow your brand or business. Continue reading to understand the five factors you should consider to find the best service. 

1. Compare the Pricing

Make sure to compare the prices of the different services you compare to find a good deal. Ideally, you’ll find a deal that offers good value for the money spent. In the long run, you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of your Instagram account. This helps you figure out how you can justify the agency cost. 

Some agencies may provide a free trial or a one-month money-back guarantee. These offers are worth using to test multiple services at low risk. Therefore, you’ll increase your chances of finding the right service. 

2. Expertise in Your Niche

Choosing an Instagram management agency with previous experience working in your niche is best. This ensures they can hit the ground running by offering specific strategies that work. 

You can ask the service directly if they have worked in your niche. Also, you can ask them about the niche-specific strategies they want to deploy. Therefore, you can better understand the work that will be done on your account. 

3. Check the Online Reputation

Take the time to verify the online reputation of an Instagram management service. This includes reading customer comments on social media platforms and review websites. The popular service will have a long list of customer comments to look through. 

When reading customer comments, looking for commonalities is a good idea. Hence, you can get a realistic expectation of what to expect. You can spot red flags that warn you about the management service which are not a good match. 

Also, check the track record of their performance to determine if the service is worth the cost. Social media management services with a proven track record give you confidence when making the hire. 

4. Examine Customer Support and Communication

Test the customer support of the services you’re going to use. That’s because it’s vital to enjoy strong customer support to overcome problems as they arise. This means the response time must be fast, and multiple methods of communication should be available. 

Also, it helps if you get assigned an account manager to communicate with the same person. This ensures you get personalized support that gives you confidence and saves time. 

5. Examine Available Resources

Do you have a massive Instagram account? Then you’ll need a management service with a lot of resources. Hence, you should check their most expensive plans to see if they match your requirements. 

Some services may be too small for the growth you want to experience. Therefore, you must ask about the size of the resources they plan to send your way. After all, you need to know what you’ll be paying for.

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How To Manage Likes on Instagram

Do you want to know how to manage likes on Instagram? In this section, we’ll share the different actions you can take when managing your Instagram likes. Improving your Instagram likes is important for Instagram growth. Also, the Instagram algorithm pays attention to the like count when evaluating post popularity.

  • Encourage likes: You must develop a strong strategy to get more likes on your account. This includes asking viewers for the like and improving the quality of your content. You can ask for the like at specific intervals to remind users to leave one. You’ll see a large like increase after deploying this strategy. 
  • Remove likes: You can remove likes from specific users on your content. However, in most cases, this action has no benefit. That’s because a higher like count from any count is a good idea. The only reason to remove likes is to avoid getting linked to bot accounts. 
  • View who left likes: You can see the accounts that left you a like for each post. You may want to directly message some of these accounts to see what they liked in particular. 
  • Hide likes: You can hide the like count on your posts. Users may do this to avoid showing a low like count as a new account. Alternatively, they may not want users to get distracted by the like count when viewing their content. 

Hire an Instagram Manager

You can outsource the management of your account to an Instagram manager. They might be a better option than an agency. For instance, you may negotiate a better price or more of a custom service. 

Also, you can find managers who have expertise in your industry. This ensures your Instagram account growth is in the right hands. However, you’ll need to do background checks on the manager before hiring them. 

This includes reviewing their credentials and experience. Ask to see a LinkedIn profile and profiles of freelancer websites like Upwork. Also, inspect other clients’ reviews to set the right expectations. 

Additionally, you can give the manager a trial run to see if it’s a good overall match. Sometimes, it’s not a good match because there’s a lack of communication or the wrong skillset. Hence, a trial run is better than setting up a long-term arrangement from the start.

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How To Manage Accounts on Instagram: Is it Hard?

It’s not difficult to manage an Instagram account when you have the right help and understand the tools. For example, you can hire a freelancer or service to manage the account on your behalf. This might be the best option if you have the funds to invest and want to save time. Also, Instagram provides you with features like having multiple accounts. 

Now that you understand how to manage accounts on Instagram, give it a try for yourself. Use the features and tools mentioned in this article to get an edge over the competition. A well-managed account can lead to more sales, fast brand growth, and skyrocketing follower count. 

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