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How To Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 7 min read

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Do you want to learn how to turn off a business account on Instagram? There are a couple of strategies you can pursue to pick the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ll share the different ways you can turn off your IG professional accounts. 

Furthermore, we will share some reasons why you may want to consider turning off your IG account. This will help you decide if it’s a worthwhile move or a bad idea. However, you can always choose to pause your business account and come back at a later date. 

Finally, we recommend you read to the end of the article to learn more about growing your Instagram account. Here at Plixi, we specialize in taking Instagram accounts to new heights.

How To Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

Why and How To Turn Off a Business Account on Instagram

Now let’s turn our attention to how to turn off business profiles on Instagram. There are different methods, and you should choose the ones that match your objectives. Also, there are many reasons to turn off an Instagram business profile, which we will cover later in the article.

How To Switch to a Personal Account on Instagram?

Are you wondering how to switch to a personal account on Instagram? This is one method for turning off business accounts on Instagram. Here are the steps for switching from business to personal accounts:

  1. Click your profile icon and then the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Next, press settings and then privacy. 
  3. Press account. 
  4. Press Switch Account Type
  5. Press “Switch to Personal Account” and “Switch to Personal” for confirmation.

This process will take just a few minutes of your time, and you can always switch back to a business account. The process above is for how to complete the process on a mobile device. However, it’s almost the same on a desktop device.

Switch to an Instagram Private Account

You can convert a regular business account to an Instagram private account. This means that only the followers of this new account will have access to the content. There are many reasons why you may want to switch, and we’ll cover them later in the article. 

However, you cannot directly convert a business account to a private one. You’ll first need to switch the business account to a personal one, as shared in the last section.

Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account

You can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account. This is a good choice if you want to take a break from Instagram and plan to come back to the platform later. Also, deactivating your account is a good choice if you are not sure whether you’ll use it again in the future. That’s because it leaves the option open to come back without much hassle. 

Here is the process for deactivating your Instagram account:

  1. Log into your Instagram account using your email address and password. 
  2. Go to your profile picture, click on your profile, and then Edit Profile. 
  3. Now you’ll need to scroll down and click “Temporarily deactivate my account”, on the bottom right-hand side. 
  4. Now click Temporarily Deactivate Account, and click Yes to confirm.

Remember that this is a reversible process so that you can come back to your Instagram account in the future.

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Permanently Shut Down Your Instagram Account

You can also permanently shut down your Instagram account. As the name suggests, this is not a reversible action, and you will lose your account forever. Therefore, it’s not the best option if you are taking a break from your business.

To delete your Instagram account, you’ll need to log in and make a request. The Instagram customer support team will then get back to you. They will usually respond within a business day. 

However, before you take this step, consider using Instagram’s Data Download Tool. This allows you to make a copy of photos, videos, and posts on your account. Therefore, the data related to your account isn’t lost. You may want to access this data in the future.

Finally, it can take up to 90 days for the account deletion process to complete. That’s because Instagram wants to be careful about verifying a deletion request. Also, there is enough time to reconsider if you’d like to come back and use Instagram in the future. 

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3 Top Reasons To Turn Off a Business Account

Are you wondering why some people decide to turn off a business account? There are many reasons why this happens, and we’ll share them in the following section. This can give you ideas on whether shutting down your business account is the right move.

  1. Sold business: You may want to shut down the business account if you have sold your business. However, it’s a good idea to ask the new business owners if they want your Instagram business account. They may have an account of their own, so there’s no need for an additional one. 
  2. Failed business: It’s a good idea to shut off IG business accounts for failed businesses. That’s because it informs IG users the brand no longer exists. This ensures you aren’t receiving communication requests for a business that is no longer functioning. 
  3. Taking a break: Are you taking a break from running your business? Then, turning off your IG business account is the right move. You can use the temporary account deactivation function and come back in the future. 
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5 Best Practices for Turning Off Business Accounts

Now, let’s look at some of the best practices you should follow when shutting down your Instagram business account. This ensures that you complete the process with a minimal amount of friction.

  • Consult business partners: Make sure that all your business partners are aware of the Instagram business account shutdown. This is especially true if you decide to shut down your business account permanently. 
  • Record data: Make sure that you record important account data before shutting it down. You may want to remember your top-performing posts or use the material for future marketing campaigns. 
  • Compare the options: There are different options to shut down your IG business account. This includes deletion, temporary deactivation, switching to a personal account, and making it private. Comparing the options allows you to pick the one that’s the best match for your use case. 
  • Customer support: Contact customer support when you get stuck in the process of shutting down your account. They can help you overcome obstacles and also walk you through the options. 
  • Communicate your decision: It’s a good idea to communicate your decision to shut down your account. This includes telling your audience so they are kept in the loop. This means they won’t look out for your content. Also, you will need to inform any partners on Instagram that you have collaborated with in the past.
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Closing Thoughts on Turning Off Business Accounts

To conclude, it’s worth knowing the options available to you when shutting down your business account. You can switch back to a personal account, temporarily deactivate, or delete the account.

Make sure to choose the option that best makes sense for your use case. Now you know how to turn off business account on Instagram. Give it a try, and you can contact Instagram customer support for help.

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