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Apps for Instagram Followers: A Solution for Page Growth


Plixi Team

Mar 19, 2024 9 min read

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If you’ve been wondering about growing your page, you’ve heard about apps for Instagram followers. Now, you want to find out if they are worth it from a trusted source. You’ve made a very smart choice. Before you give a website your login credentials, you should read this article. We will tell you what you need to know about apps for more Instagram followers.

Apps for Instagram Followers: A Solution for Page Growth

3 Reasons Why Creators Want Apps for More Instagram Followers

There is an app for almost everything these days. Technology makes everything happen in a much shorter period than usual. Thus, the appeal to outsource our most difficult tasks is strong. Let’s discuss three reasons why an app for Instagram followers is so important.

1. It Brings Social Proof

If you don’t know what social proof is, you’ve likely still taken part in it. Someone may have used social proof to convince you to do something. Or, you were part of the tool to convince someone else to do something. In the context of Instagram, we will explain where numbers tend to matter. 

When people visit an Instagram page for the first time, they see the follower count. If they scroll a bit, they will see the like count on pieces of content. They can also see how many times people have viewed reels. The numbers act as a gauge for how good the page is. 

So, a user consciously decides to follow a page because the numbers have swayed them. 

They think it must be good if so many people follow this page. If so many people like this content, it must be great. This is social proof at work. This is part of the reason why people cling to apps to make these numbers appear.

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2. It Looks Impressive to Brands

Your favorite clothing or food brand is trying to find new ways to reach its target audience. Their old way of advertising just won’t cut it these days. But you know who has access to their target audience? You do. 

IG creators online pump content right to brands’ prospective customers, and these brands want in.

This leads creators to try to maximize a core group of followers. They want as many as possible to appear the most attractive to brands. To a creator, it strengthens their bargaining position when negotiating sponsorship deals.

Of course, having an engaged following is more important than just a huge following. Still, huge numbers don’t hurt!

3. Organically Growing a Following Can Be Hard 

If it were easy to have a huge following, wouldn’t everyone have one? People are not resorting to using apps because they’re lazy. Some of them just feel like they’re fighting a losing battle against the Instagram algorithm

Instead of viewing the algorithm as a wave to ride, they see it as dark, deep waters.

Creators have reason to believe that content creation is too competitive. Yes, there is an obvious saturation of creators growing every day. The only way to stand out from the crowd may be with a large following. Apps for more Instagram followers can help with that. 

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Keep Account of Your Growth With an Instagram Follower Tracker

You’ll have to track your Instagram followers closely to ensure you’re on a good growth trajectory. This can be tedious if you’re doing it on your own. 

People follow and unfollow for petty reasons sometimes. You may wake up one morning and see your follower count randomly fluctuate. When your growth reaches a certain point, it may be time to use an Instagram follower tracker.

Try Instagram Insights

We have to give an honorable mention to the Instagram Insights feature. This tool makes any Instagram user feel like they could succeed on the app. This section of your app gives you pretty detailed information on your followers. 

It tells you how many people followed and unfollowed within a certain period. It even gives you a breakdown of the types of followers that you have. 

You can see the ratio of men to women that follow you. You can see the age ranges that follow you and their geographical location. With this information, you can adjust your content as you see fit. However, if you want more details, consider third-party apps.

Use a Tracker App

Follower trackers for Instagram followers are very useful. They may do more than you think. Let’s talk about some features to look out for.

Of course, you want them to track followers & unfollowers. You want to know when people left so you can assess what chased them away. You also want to know when followers began to follow you. Perhaps you would focus more on content like that. You can begin to create your online presence using these metrics.

Some tracking apps even allow you to do some covert viewing. This may sound a little weird, but you could benefit from seeing what your competitors are doing. Do you think that they always know trends before they happen? 

Sneak on their profile to see what they’re up to. This way, you don’t have to worry about slipping and accidentally liking something. 

An excellent feature to look out for is getting breakdowns of engagement. You want to know that your likes, shares, and comments are still doing well. Find out how you were able to encourage likes the last time and tap into that again. 

In Stalker is one of those great follow-unfollow apps. Use it to track the activity on your account easily.

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Beware of Using Apps To Get Followers

We don’t want to make you paranoid. We just want to give you all the information you need to make a decision. If using a followers app to grow your page seems too good to be true, it might be. The slow route of using organic methods produces lasting results

Using an app that delivers followers like fast food has its drawbacks. We will talk about three of them here.

1. The Followers Are Usually Bots

These websites will promise you a fresh batch of high-quality followers. They have to, or else you may go looking elsewhere. 

But do they send legitimate followers your way? Can they really provide thousands of followers simply after you pay them to do so? After all, no one has ever paid you to follow them. So, who is a part of this online market? 

The reality is that most of these pages aren’t giving real accounts as followers. Instead, they are sending an army of fakes your way. These accounts are sometimes glaringly counterfeit. They don’t have profile pictures or photos on their IG feed. Don’t even bother to look if they have an Instagram bio with information. 

Others try harder to deceive the public with a profile photo. However, they do not act like Instagram accounts. They don’t like, comment, or share your content with other users. Ultimately, that is what you want your followers to do.

You want them to engage in what you share on the platform. If your engagement rate is low, brands won’t find you that attractive. Having a follower count could cost you more than you think.

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2. The Followers Don’t Usually Last Long

Don’t think that Instagram isn’t aware of this online market for a second. It knows people are using apps to gain followers. They don’t take too kindly to this bypassing of the process. Ideally, they want users to have an organic experience on Instagram. These fake accounts clutter Instagram while not providing authentic human activity. 

IG is not a fan of them on the app, and they take action on occasion. Have you ever noticed your follower account drop significantly at random? Perhaps there is another reason that happens. Other times, it’s simply because Instagram is purging these accounts. Sometimes, the platform will remove accounts that it perceives to be fake accounts. 

Imagine paying money for real followers just to see them disappear. You may not have recourse with these websites, as Instagram can’t protect you from them. Overall, it makes the entire process a very tricky one.

3. You Will Lose Respect Within Your Niche

The average follower may not have the tools and information of the Instagram powers that be. Still, they can sense where there is something fishy in a creator’s following. In some interactions, followers may seem very bot-like. A quick perusal of that content creator’s following could disclose that it is full of fake accounts. 

When Instagram users find out about this, they may lose respect for the brand overall. 

It’s even more risky when brands do this. There are tools online to check engagement rates for Instagram profiles. A low engagement rate on a popular Instagram account could be a warning sign to a brand. 

It may be enough to prove to them that a lot of the following is fake. Why would they want to promote to a following full of bot followers?

You don’t want to miss out on opportunities because you used an app for Instagram followers.

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In Light of This, What Is the Best App for Buying Instagram Followers?

While Plixi is a great place to increase your IG following, it isn’t technically an app. If you want to experience quick follower growth from the comfort of your fingertips, we can share some apps. You may need to shop around to find the best app for buying Instagram followers.

Have you heard of InstaFollowers? They offer free and paid followers on multiple apps. This way, you can work on following across all your platforms. No one platform has to be suspiciously larger than the other.

You can also consider Crowdfire. With this tool, you can think bigger and then just grow followers. You can also work on a custom posting schedule. This will impress the followers that you have had and encourage more to join your team.

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Why Aren’t Even the Best Apps for Instagram Followers Enough?

They aren’t enough because you need the help of a growth expert. There might be some great options out there for follower growth. The truth is that you need more help than even the best apps for Instagram followers can give you. 

You need the help of seasoned growth experts. Luckily, you are already in the right place. The help that you’ll get from us will be second to none.

We have a platform of Instagram influencers at our disposal. We even have a proprietary AI targeting algorithm. Together, they will bring you the results that you’ve always dreamed of. Start growing your Instagram following today.

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