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Real Instagram Followers: How To Get More

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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Do you want more real Instagram followers that engage with your content and become active in the community? Then you’ve come to the right place for the top strategies that will skyrocket your follower count to new heights.

In this article, we share proven strategies like creating a regular content schedule, interacting with post comments, using hashtags, asking for the follow, and much more. Therefore, you can deploy a comprehensive strategy to get as many new followers as possible.

Real Instagram Followers: How To Get More

What Are Real Instagram Followers?

Real Instagram followers are users that decide to follow an account because they’re genuinely interested in the content. This might be because they find the content funny and educational, or get updates they want to know about.

To acquire these followers and avoid fake accounts or inactive accounts, you’ll need to use genuine methods such as improving the quality of your content, targeting users, increasing posting frequency, and much more. Likewise, you can’t acquire high-quality followers by purchasing them.

That’s because those Instagram accounts are fake and don’t result in improving your engagement metrics. This means you may not achieve objectives such as adding to your brand recognition and getting more sales.

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Advantages of Getting More Real Instagram Followers

Acquiring real Instagram followers takes a lot of work, so you should understand the advantages before making the effort. Perhaps by appreciating the benefits, you’ll be willing to spend more time growing your follower base. 

Brand Recognition

More followers mean your brand recognition will grow as additional users hear about your products and services. You may find that Instagram followers read your messages and share via their social circles. Furthermore, your brand can go viral on Instagram, which offers a big boost in branding for a relatively small sum of money.

Work With Bigger Brands

Brands are constantly looking for real accounts with a strong online presence they can work with to advertise their products. Therefore, when you get enough followers, the number of offers increases, and so do the rewards for the sponsorship. Also, brands want to work with Instagram accounts that have real followers who will interact with the offer.

Increase Your Account Authority With Real Instagram Followers

The amount of sway and authority of your posts, opinions, and messages will increase the more followers you have. For instance, accounts with 1 million real Instagram followers will have higher authority than 100K. Therefore, get more followers per day to grow your account and receive this benefit.

Progress Is Fun

Logging into your Instagram account to watch the follower count increase is a lot of fun. This is especially true if the strategies shared in this article are working and the count is rapidly increasing. You can even challenge yourself to meet new targets and milestones. Let your audience in on the fun by sharing your milestone; they may help you reach them.

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Top Strategies for Increasing Your Real Instagram Follower Count

Now let’s dive into the different strategies you can utilize to skyrocket your real Instagram follower count. We recommend these strategies because they’re used by the most successful Instagram accounts on the platform. With so many strategies to choose from, you’ll find at least a few matching your preferences.

Instagram Reels

You can use Instagram Reels to provide fast and snappy content to your audience. This content type supports 15-second videos, so it’s similar to how YouTube Shorts work. You may feel that the time limit makes it challenging to get your message across. However, users are becoming increasingly used to short-form content. For some Instagram users, it’s the only way they consume content.

Free Real Instagram Followers With Influencers

You can ask influencers on Instagram to promote your account and products for free if they love your content. This can happen naturally if you have an account that’s respected in the community and provides value. Also, you can mention other Instagram accounts, so they may mention your account in return. Getting free real Instagram followers using this strategy works well in most niches.

Optimized Profile

Genuine Instagram followers will look at your profile before subscribing. Therefore, you’ll need to optimize your profile to make a good first impression with new potential followers. Here are a few ideas on how to optimize your profile:

  • Image: Upload a picture of yourself that you can be proud to show a large number of people. Select an image that stands out and portrays the vibe of the Instagram channel. Also, brands can use the company logo as the image, so viewers can easily recognize what account they are viewing. 
  • Description: Nothing fancy here—simply explain what your Instagram account is all about so the target demographic can determine if it’s for them. 
  • Search-friendly account name: The username should be easy to search for, so users can find you via the search function.

Get More Real Instagram Followers With Stories Highlights

Do you want to share a specific Instagram Story that sets the tone for what your IG account is all about? Then you can use Stories Highlights to attract more real Instagram followers. This feature enables you to pin any story, increasing the number of viewers it receives. Consider adding a welcome message story to your account page and give viewers a reason to follow.

Regular Posting Schedule

You can post content at peak viewership hours to ensure engagement is optimized. There are many theories for the best times to post on Instagram, but diving into your analytics data will reveal the truth for your demographics. A consistent schedule contributes to a follower-friendly account.


Hashtags are a classic way of getting more Instagram followers by targeting the type of audience you want to view your posts. Adding more hashtags increases post searchability, so more users will find your posts.

Are you not sure what hashtags to add? Then look at what hashtags competitors are using on similar posts. This can help you uncover the most popular hashtags in your niche.

Get Real Instagram Followers With a Content Strategy

You’ll need a well-crafted content strategy to get real Instagram followers at a higher rate. Consider your audience and determine the content they want to see. For example, if you have an Instagram channel on improving your diet, you may want to share new tasty and affordable recipes.

Also, you can use content repurposing to develop ideas from previous work. Also, this strategy is cost-effective and may provide content for years to come.

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Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Many of our readers wonder—“can you buy real Instagram followers”? The answer is no since the accounts you buy are not real compared to the followers you generate organically. That’s because the accounts are bots or inactive, so you won’t receive the engagement you might experience with real users. Hence, spying for real Instagram followers is counterproductive and can waste money.

Here are a few more disadvantages of trying to buy Instagram followers:

  • Loss of trust: If your Instagram audience discovers that you’ve bought followers, then it can lead to a loss of trust. They may begin to question the legitimacy of the IG account and decide to unfollow you. 
  • Instagram may ban you: Instagram actively policies the platform to remove accounts that have bought followers. Hence, you can spend a long time acquiring followers, and your efforts will go to waste if the account is banned. 
  • Fake followers: There is no way to buy real followers, so you can expect the accounts to be fake. Therefore, you won’t receive engagement on your posts or other actions like buying your products.

Instead of buying Instagram followers, we encourage you to acquire them using the other methods shared in this article. They ensure that your audience is real and will contribute to the growth of your account through word of mouth.

Why People Buy Real Instagram Followers

Despite the negatives mentioned above, people still buy real Instagram followers. Some users don’t understand the negatives, so they believe there’s more advantage to buying real Instagram followers than you’ll receive.

Furthermore, many Instagram account holders seek shortcuts to quickly grow their accounts. They believe that buying accounts is the best route to achieve this. Additionally, some brands have big marketing budgets and are willing to spend money to get results.

Finally, some Instagram account holders want to increase their follower count to attract brands for getting sponsorship deals. Generally, the size of the sponsorship deal increases based on the number of Instagram followers.

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How To Get Active Instagram Followers in 4 Ways

Are you looking for active Instagram followers that interact with the content you put out? These are the real Instagram followers you want since they lead to excellent user engagement metrics. Continue reading for a few strategies that you can use to encourage user engagement:

1. Respond To Comments To Get Real Instagram Followers

Take the time to respond to comments in each of your posts to get more real Instagram followers. Users will notice that the account holder is responding, so they might be more willing to leave a comment. Also, you can answer questions in the posts, allowing other users to learn more about your Instagram account.

Responding to comments can take a lot of time—especially if your account has a lot of followers. Fortunately, you can hire employees or freelancers to respond to comments on your behalf.

2. Post Often

Posting often ensures your Instagram audience gets used to viewing and interacting with your content. Otherwise, users will forget that your account exists since there are so many alternatives on the platform.

However, posting often doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of the posts. You should only post content you are proud to share and elevates the experience of following your Instagram account.

3. How To Get Real Followers on Instagram With Giveaways

Are you wondering how to get real followers on Instagram using giveaways? This is a strategy that most brands use to generate interest and hype. Focus on providing excellent rewards, and people will take notice of your giveaway.

The types of Instagram giveaway rewards you can provide include samples, products, discounts, and more. Also, you should give away many products since that makes the audience feel like they have a genuine chance to win.

Here are three ways for ensuring the success of your giveaway:

  • Post at the right time: Look at your data to view the times of day when users are most active. That’s when you should post the giveaway to ensure it receives the most user engagement. 
  • Promote the giveaway: Use the tools at your disposal on Instagram to promote the giveaway. This includes Reels, Stories, and using other content creators. 
  • Rules: Set the rules for your giveaway to ensure users set the right expectations. This helps avoid confusion and unhappy participants due to not understanding the rules.

4. Track Your Analytics To Get More Real Instagram Followers

To increase real Instagram followers, it’s important to track your analytics so you can form a strategy. Here are three ideas for how to use analytics to increase your Instagram follower acquisition:

  • Demographics: Use the data to get more insight into your Instagram audience so you can better understand their interests. Also, brands can improve the quality of their marketing offers to match the user base. 
  • When to post: Use the analytics data to figure out the best time of the week and day to post content. The more data you collect and analyze, the better your ability to identify the best times to post. 
  • Get more sales: Also you can use analytics data to determine the type of posts that leads to more sales. If you’re selling products through Instagram, using analytics software to make the most of resources is important.
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Final Thoughts on Real Instagram Followers

To conclude, there are many routes for generating more real Instagram followers. We recommend using organic methods like improving the quality of your posts, interacting with users, and posting often. Also, make use of all Instagram content types—including Stories and Reels.

Remember that getting real Instagram users to interact with your account is much better than buying them. That’s because the latter leads to no engagement, and you may get banned by Instagram if they find out.

Finally, you can supercharge your Instagram follower count here at Plixi by taking advantage of our in-house platform. We combine an AI targeting algorithm with Instagram influencers to find the Instagram users that your accounts need. We are an industry-leading service for growing Instagram accounts to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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