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Ghost Followers: The Haunting Truth of Buying Followers


Plixi Team

Mar 05, 2024 10 min read

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Has someone ever ghosted you? No, not when he doesn’t call back. Has an Instagram account ever ghosted you? Your followers ghost you when they are faceless, empty profiles that disappear as quickly as they disappear. Ghost followers exist! That account with the random series of numbers and letters? The one following thousands with not a single post? These could be the burner account of a salty ex or a full-blown ghost. Either one is bad, but not for the reasons you think.

We will get into the reasons you should run from the Insta-ghosts. Ghost profiles lurk everywhere. It could be a pre-existing Instagram account that went dormant. It could be an account made to follow accounts needing a boost.

We know some people in influential positions try to create the appearance of a  more significant following than they have. An influencer editor may want extra attention for that labor-intensive post. That micro-influencer may want to get noticed by some brands.

They can get this attention by purchasing fictitious followers. The objective is to raise the total number of authentic followers they have. This may come with hidden costs. Ghost followers on Instagram are that discussion lurks in the shadows, but today we’re bringing it to light.

Ghost Followers: The Haunting Truth of Buying Followers

Let’s Solve the Mystery: What Are Ghost Followers?

You’ve heard the term before, but it’s still foggy. That’s reasonable. So, what are ghost followers? Ghost followers follow an account on Instagram but never interact with the content in any way. They don’t like or comment on posts. They don’t answer DMs, either. These followers are frequently inactive accounts or false accounts. They only exist to boost the number of followers that an account has. They hover around in your follower list and take up space. Think of plain rice. It fills you up, but the nutritional value is pretty low.

Ghost followers do not add value to the account besides a number, even if you used real money to buy followers. These “ghosts” are practically invisible and do not contribute to your engagement rate (more on this later.) This means that they do not bring any benefit to the account.

There are some telling signals that a follower on Instagram might be a ghost. Ghost followers typically follow many accounts but have a relatively small number of followers themselves. This is because no one ‘knows them.” They’re fake accounts. Followers considered ghosts will have very little to no activity on their accounts. They won’t have any postings. There won’t be very many others following them, either.

Be sure to take a look at the follower’s profile picture. That is if they even have one. Some don’t even bother to fake the funk. This is because they are not genuine and hence do not possess any photographs of themselves.

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Remove Ghost Followers and Instagram’s Algorithm Will Reward You

The phony Instagram followers have accomplished their goal. Your social proof is up, and they have encouraged sincere participation from real followers. You’re scheduling posts at the right time, and they’re getting genuine engagement. Now you need to remove ghost followers. Instagram may have already started for you. It’s best to get rid of the ghost followers before they do.

It’s for your good, anyway. Most Instagram bots that follow accounts tend to lower the account’s statistics. That is, assuming they continue to exist. Some Instagram ghost followers drop off.

They lessen the account’s significance to an engaged audience. In the end, they won’t purchase anything you advertise. The lack of a return on investment will be a problem for collaborators. The extra users only hinder promotion once the profile has attracted its loyal audience. This alone is a good reason to give your page a purge. Many people wonder how to delete fake Instagram followers.

The most significant issue is jeopardizing the confidence of your potential clients and marketers. If you think that followers from bots are giving your profile a sketchy appearance, start cleaning up the follower list. Ghost followers on Instagram can disappear in a cloud of smoke in two different methods.

Block them:

  1. Click on the follower’s name to read their profile.
  2. Find the three dots in the top right corner and click on them to open the menu.
  3. Simply choose “Block” from the menu.
  4. Or, you could follow these steps to remove them as a follower.

Go to your profile and remove:

  1. Check out the number of followers.
  2. Go to the user’s username, and click the “Following” button to the right of it.
  3. Then click “Remove” to stop following them.

A Good Ghost Followers App Will Help You Keep Track of It All

If you bought followers, how do you know they stick around long enough for you to get social proof? We’ve seen the movies. Ghosts disappear and reappear all the time. Ghost followers are just the same. So how do you know the money you spent on the Instagram ghost followers didn’t go down the drain? A ghost followers app could help.

Here are a few you could consider:

  1. The application known as FollowMeter for Instagram provides users with stats on their followers on the app. It reveals the amount of followers that have gained and lost. It tells you which posts have received the most attention in the form of traffic, likes, and comments.
  2. Cleaner for Instagram gives users the ability to identify “ghost followers.” It assists in unfollowing profiles in bulk. This is great if a whole host of ghost followers came to you at once. Using this application, you can delete postings, block and unblock users. You can even view the activity data associated with your account.
  3. The Mass Unfollow app promises to work in conjunction with Instagram. It allows users to manage their Instagram accounts by performing bulk actions. This includes blocking, unfollowing, and deleting posts and other content. It allows you to have several accounts and provides analytics on your followers.

Now you are your very own Ghostbusters with these ghost follower apps! You can delete ghost followers on Instagram or know when they leave your account.

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Do Fake Instagram Followers Bring Real Value?

Yes, fake Instagram followers sound like a great idea in the beginning. You’ve pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. They take your following seriously. They decide to follow you too. However, ghost followers don’t go haunting your page forever.

However, the Instagram follower bot movement has come to a halt. This is due primarily to accounts that bot followers for Instagram frequently damage their reputation. For the past few years, Instagram has been cracking down on accounts that try to trick the system. Profiles accruing a large number of phony followers? Accounts experiencing growth that is nearly completely artificial? This was not IG’s vision.

If that didn’t scare you enough, even the brands can see through it.

During the auditing process, they use fake follower checker tools. They are available online. They check engagement rates. They steer clear of working with influencers that have a large number of fake followers. In addition, this kind of behavior is against Instagram’s rules. The IG accounts that try to scam their way to growth risk suspension or complete deletion of their account.

On Instagram, engagement is the key to seeing long-term success and gaining a large number of followers. That is the magic word. Your number of interactions on Instagram is more important than your follower count. This is how things become viral, and accounts quickly rise to prominence.

Doing it the right way doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, engaging with your followers is the most effective approach to kick off the process. You can encourage a higher level of participation.

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Instagram Bot Followers Are Taking Over

What was life before Instagram? How did businesses even exist? The app is the one-stop solution for everything. IG allows you to post content, create brand awareness, manage advertising campaigns, and expand your impact. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, an agency, or a business. Interact with fans, win customers’ trust, and eventually make cash. But if Instagram is your marketing weapon, your followers are the fuel you need to keep it going. This is where the temptation of ghost followers comes in. Instagram bot followers have become the norm for people looking to expand.

Your base of followers on Instagram and the extent to which they interact with the content you post is essential. It can make or break you on this app. Your brand will appear more credible to consumers if it has more followers on Instagram. You will have more opportunities to interact with your target demographic. Persuade them to become loyal customers and believers.

Increasing the engagement and visibility of genuine users can be easy with the help of Instagram bot followers. Many profiles are attempting to game the system to get their posts and accounts seen by people. Your material may be able to pick up some initial steam if it features automatic comments and likes. Instagram ghost followers may not be a long-term solution, but it could be effective for now.

The Problem With Fake Instagram Accounts

It is a widespread fallacy that the key factor in determining success level is the number of followers on social media. As a result, content creators try to hasten their ascent to fame. Some influencers buy fake Instagram accounts from websites offering grandiose claims. Based on an account’s follower count, users evaluate that person’s level of popularity. They don’t see all the ghost followers at first.

The fake followers, no matter how you acquired them, will never engage with you in the way you need. Ghost profiles aren’t ideal if you want more comments on your posts and likes per post. Since they are not people, they cannot humanely interact with the influencers’ posts. Ultimately, they are useless to a business looking to work with the concerned person. We cannot have a decrease in your Instagram engagement stats.

Although you have thousands of followers, a small percentage engage with your content. The aim is to see engagement increase. The buyer of followers ends up with a very unbalanced account. This is this practice’s primary flaw.

Your engagement rate measures the interaction your content generates with your audience. You calculate it by dividing your entire number of followers by the sum of your overall engagement. This includes all likes, comments, and shares. Then, 100 multiplies this to get the percentage. You want to keep this as high as you can.

They are not actual users. Don’t expect increased engagement from this follower base. Therefore, you shouldn’t anticipate them engaging with your content in any way. The increase in the total number of followers will hurt your engagement rate if there are that many overall interactions.

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Ghost Followers Should Be the Least of Your Worries—Use Plixi

We’re not afraid of the dark here at Plixi. However, we do want to bring your account to the light. It’s too good to keep hidden. We want to help you make the best of this app. You shouldn’t have to rely on ghost followers. Instagram affords too much opportunity for that. At Plixi, we’ve researched all your options for growth. We can put a plan in motion for your advancement. New follower notifications can turn into dollar signs in no time.

We make use of a targeting strategy using AI. You won’t have to limit yourself to focusing on fake Instagram followers. Increasing the number of people engaging with your content on Instagram is feasible. You can do this without using Instagram ghost followers.

You can quickly increase the number of people following you on Instagram by using Plixi. All you need is a little help. If you want to succeed on social media, you can count on us to help you. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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