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How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously: A Full Guide


Plixi Team

Apr 04, 2024 8 min read

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The posts on an Instagram feed aren’t enough. People can create whatever they want you to think about them and post it. However, Instagram Stories are where you really find out about a person. That’s where they let their guard down and slip up a bit. Sometimes, you may want to know how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

It’s a huge joy to see that colorful ring around someone’s profile picture is a huge joy. Unfortunately, sometimes, we shouldn’t watch their stories. Is there a way to see them anyway? The truth is that there might be an option available for you to use. 

We’re not telling you to go and be an Instagram spy. Instagram is for you to keep up with people you care about and update them about you. It’s not for making notes and keeping tabs for scheming. Hopefully, you can use your discretion and implement this advice wisely.

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously: A Full Guide

Top 3 Reasons Why People Want a Private Insta Story Viewer

You might think that wanting a private Insta Story viewer is weird. That’s until you think of all the ways it could come in handy. We’re talking about how you could use it personally and how your brand could, too. 

Reviewing a Story anonymously doesn’t have to be some weird pastime. Think about whether you fall in any of the following scenarios.

1. Brands Keep Up With Competition

If you’re using the platform for business, you may want to view Instagram anonymously. Think of all the other pages that fall in your Instagram niche category. You don’t want them to catch you watching their Stories regularly. This may tip them off that you consider them to be a threat. 

They may even think that you are trying to copy their content. A solution for this would be to start checking Instagram Stories anonymously instead. You don’t want them to think you’re snooping and suddenly block you from their Stories. If you’re the type to get inspiration from other pages, you should know how to watch someone’s Instagram Story anonymously.

2. People Snoop on Pages They Shouldn’t

There might be a person that you used to communicate with regularly. Maybe that person has an Instagram account, and you’re no longer on the best terms with them. You may not want them to see you watch their Stories. 

This could be a former friend or a romantic partner. We’ve all been there. This is where knowing how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously comes in handy.

3. Parents Want To Monitor Children

Instagram is open to many generations. You can find members of every age range on this platform. This means that some of the most vulnerable in society will be on this platform, too. If your child is on Instagram, you might want to keep up with what they’re doing. 

You would like to know the kinds of people that follow them. You’d also like to know whether they post responsibly. Of course, you don’t want to seem like a suffocating parent. If this sounds like you, checking Instagram Stories anonymously may be the best choice.

It could be a great tool to respectfully keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts. Of course, you can only see what they decide to post. Still, this is better than being in the dark if you are that concerned.

Instagram does its best to maintain a safe environment for the younger users. If you are a parent concerned about your child’s Instagram usage, there are options for you. After discussing with your child, there is a way to monitor their activities on Instagram. You can keep track of the people who follow them and the things they post without snooping.

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4 Ways To Watch Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing 

Now, you may have a few people in mind. There are some people who you find very intriguing. But you can’t let them know that. You will keep your morbid curiosity to yourself if you can help it. 

Lucky for you, there may be a way to watch Instagram Stories without them knowing. We’ve listed a few methods below.

1. Use a Burner Account

Everyone knows your Instagram handle. You won’t get away with watching a Story on your regular Instagram page. This is why you should have a burner Instagram account. This is simply a secondary account that you use for snooping. 

Ideally, no one knows that you are the person behind the account. You don’t use your real information or have no connection to your original account. This way, you can snoop on Instagram Stories without fear of detection.

2. Wait Until They Become Story Highlights

If you’re lucky, the Story in question will make it to the Instagram highlights. Do you see how Instagram shows a record of everybody who watched a particular Story? Well, these records don’t last forever. If an Instagram user chooses to save the Story to a highlight, this list will eventually disappear.

48 hours after posting, an Instagram user won’t be able to see who viewed their Story. At that point, you are free to view the Story anonymously.

3. Use an Anonymous Viewer 

Some anonymous viewers online promise to give you coverage while you snoop. Please note that we are only listing these programs. This does not serve as an official endorsement of these third-party tools. Here are a few:

  • xMobi: This is great if you need private content for later use.
  • Inflict: This tool claims to show the viewing of both public and private accounts.
  • Glassgram: This is great if you need instant results when tracking the activities of another Instagram profile.

Of course, Instagram didn’t create these. If something were to happen to your account using them, Instagram wouldn’t defend you. 

4. Ask a Friend

Maybe the subject of your snooping doesn’t know who your friend is. This means that it’s as good as anonymous. If you want to look at someone’s Instagram Story quickly, borrow your friend’s IG account. 

Of course, your name won’t show up on the list of viewers. However, remember that some people keep an eye out for new Story viewers. 

They may notice that your friend viewed their Story. If they go on your friend’s page, they may see that you follow this person. In the worst-case scenario, they put two and two together. This way, they will find out that you may have been using that person’s account to view their Stories. 

It may sound far-fetched, but some people take Instagram very seriously. They could be master detectives, just like you. You and your friend could unfollow one another briefly just to be safe.

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Stalkers Want To Know How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously, Too

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to use this advice for innocent purposes. Some users don’t have the best intentions for checking Instagram Stories anonymously when they use third-party apps. 

They don’t want to keep up with you out of curiosity. Rather, they want to follow your every move to harm you possibly. No one likes to talk about the dark side of Instagram, but it doesn’t make it any less real. 

There are Instagram stalkers out there who aren’t necessarily fans of your content. For this reason, you should keep track of who follows your Instagram Stories. 

Are they just watching your Stories? Do they interact with the posts that you make? Are they watching just to keep up with you but not to engage? That’s a red flag.

You can also make use of the close friends feature. Share it with your trusted core group if you want to post about something happening in real time. That way, you won’t have someone tracking you without you knowing. If something were to happen to you, at least a few people know where you last were.

It’s a long-established practice to only post where you are after you’ve left. Influencers with huge platforms practice this for their safety. It’s something you could practice as you grow on the app as well. Content creators typically have to keep public profiles, so they have to be extra careful.

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