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Instagram Stalker: The Shadows of Social Media Curiosity

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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We’ve all been Instagram stalkers before. Sometimes, it’s a public profile that you peruse on occasion without following. You don’t want to hit the follow button and let them know you think of them. Sometimes, the profile is private. This is particularly tormenting for the IG user who needs to know everything.

Of course, you know what you’re capable of. It’s all fun and games until you are the victim of online stalking. Apps like Instagram make people feel very entitled to their life. Soon, you will have profile viewers from empty profile pictures and wonder if you’ve seen the face in real life. Let’s get into the dicey conversation surrounding the Instagram account stalker. We will address it from both angles.

Instagram Stalker: The Shadows of Social Media Curiosity

Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Instagram Story Stalker

You’ve let your guard down on Instagram. You share more of your life and do so happily. Your followers love the content, so you give them more. With the advent of the Instagram story feature, you can share even the most mundane pieces of information. It’s easy to get too comfortable there. Right now, it feels like the people who love your content are far away. They’re just fans, right? We would disagree. Here are some good reasons an Instagram story stalker should concern you.

They Know Your Favorite Spots

Yes, you don’t post in real-time. You make sure that you post about your time in that little boutique long after you’ve left it. While that’s great, it’s not enough. If you post that you’re at a place often enough, people will come to expect you there. If they have bad intentions towards you, they could wait for you to be there.

Do you remember that daily routine vlog that you made the other day? Like a good fitness influencer, you shared that you go to the gym at 5 am four times a week. You share that you love how empty it is there at that time. You may not realize it now, but that is very specific information. Showing your favorite post-pilates smoothie shack lets people know when you’ll have your back turned. Not posting live content isn’t enough. Allowing others to get in your routine by oversharing stories entices the Instagram stalker viewer.

Your Account Is Open

You want to grow your page and can’t do that with a private account. A house tour or car tour will be available to both the good and the bad people. You’ll have to open yourself up to other people’s eyes. Say you were to pinpoint a stalker and block them. They could use another email address to create another account. They could use a friend’s account.

They Don’t Engage

Above everything else, your engagement rate is set to suffer. An Instagram account stalker wants to fly under the radar. They don’t want to bring too much attention to themself. If they have ill intentions towards you, they may not want to like your content anyway. Stalking without truly engaging ultimately hurts your engagement rate. 

Sometimes, it’s best to remove followers who don’t help you improve on Instagram. IG even has a feature that can show you the followers who interact the least. If you consider removing inactive followers, you could inadvertently remove a stalker, too. The only issue with this is that a stalker may not even follow you in the first place.

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IG Won’t Tell You: Consider an Instagram Stalker Website

Stalking is only okay when you do it. Everyone else is invading your privacy, right? You deserve to know who is scoping out your content without committing to follow. After all, you work hard on your content. You deserve the benefits that come with social proof. What’s more serious is that you think you may have a stalker. You want to know who’s snooping.

There seem to be many more creators in your position. This is why some resort to using an Instagram stalker website. We can list a few of them here. Just know that Instagram has sanctioned none of these. If you use these tools, it will be at your own risk.

Stalker Insta

The Stalker Insta site says it will be easy to see the people who have visited your website. You just need to type the name of the profile in question. Then, you will see the page visitors are welcome and unwelcome. 

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer claims that it will tell you when someone visits your profile. It says that it can also tell you when someone blocks your IG.

Maybe you aren’t even worried about stalkers. Knowing who visits your page is good from a business standpoint. If you know the type of person that visits your profile, cater your content to them to increase engagement. Conversely, what if you don’t like the kind of people tapping on your username? You can adjust your content to attract your ideal target audience.

If your motive is just to know the kinds of people coming to your page, there is an in-house solution. All you have to do is switch your account to a professional one. Creators and businesses get access to breakdowns of their followers and profile visits. If you still have a personal account, you won’t have access to your Instagram Insights.

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How To Become an Anonymous Instagram Viewer Without a Trace

If a page is open, you can peruse the feed content pretty easily. You can sort, sift, and scroll as you please. Currently, the IG app doesn’t tell when you do this. The Instagram stories, however, are a little different. If you go through someone’s stories, you leave your footprints all over it. Hopefully, you aren’t reading this after already completing your stalking job. There is a way to be an anonymous Instagram viewer. It involves playing around with your internet connection a bit. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the IG app on your phone as usual.
  2. Navigate to the IG profile of the user with the stories you want to view. Don’t click on the profile picture just yet.
  3. Pay attention to the colorful circle border that wraps around the profile picture. Wait for it to load up fully. This means that the story is available for watching on your phone. 
  4. Wait! Don’t watch the story just yet.
  5. This is when you disconnect your internet. You can do this by going to your modem and turning it off there. Or, you could just turn on airplane mode on your phone. This is as good as not having an internet connection. You could also turn off the wifi capabilities on your phone. Hopefully, it doesn’t switch to data.
  6. Now, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Click on the IG user’s profile picture. You can watch their stories. Because there is no internet connection, IG won’t count your view.

It’s not clear how many stories you can get away with watching this way. We would also recommend that you don’t attempt to rewatch the story while on an internet connection. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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It’s Easy To Be an Instagram Highlights Stalker With These Tips

Your favorite photo-sharing platform introduced the “Instagram Story” feature to the platform. You can view little updates from the people you follow. This may be content that they don’t think belongs on the feed. It may not be as aesthetically appealing or just random. However, these stories may still be worth archiving for viewers to watch at their leisure. This is where the Instagram story highlights come in. Instagram influencers keep the best of the best IG story content there. Boutiques may keep FAQ, current stock, or opening hours on there. But you already know that, don’t you?

Are you an Instagram highlights stalker? Maybe you’ve gone deep into all of someone’s highlights. Now you’re wondering if they know that you’ve been doing this deep dive. Don’t worry. More than likely, you should be in the clear. IG doesn’t keep a record of IG highlight viewers if the story is over 48 hours. Well, we should say that IG doesn’t share this list of viewers with the creator.

This should be comforting news to an Instagram profile stalker. Before you click on those profile pictures to watch live stories, remember IG will expose you. Story viewers like yourself should stick to the more vintage stories.

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An Instagram Stalker App Could Help With Your Investigative Work

We’re not going to act like stalking is some foreign concept that we’re too good to try. We have the occasional account that we want to keep tabs on. Truly, we should unpack why we’re so preoccupied with these accounts. Sometimes, we actually have a good reason. Here are a few reasons you might need an Instagram stalker app:

You’re Scoping Out the Competition

If you have an online business, you’re likely competing with multiple accounts like yours. The trial and error period when you start can be lengthy. You’re trying to see what content people respond to more. You are doing your best to find the hashtags that work for you. You even spend way too much time researching trending audio for your reels.

You know what’s easier than doing all of this? You could find a brand that is getting the kind of engagement you like. Then, you could study their marketing tactics. Now, you can’t do this from your business account. You’ll need one that no one can trace to your account. Call it stalking if you want. We call it researching. 

You Want To Keep a Low Profile

This is the age of the screenshot. You could view a story one time, and it becomes a huge thing. Suddenly, the word on the street is that you’re still obsessed with your ex. Even if you are, that’s not the point. An Instagram account stalker app at least offers some self-preservation. You can view public profiles and leave with your pride intact. Only you will know what you just did.

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Try a Third-Party App From This List

Luckily, there are lots of stalking tools online for those who want to keep things covert. You can do your investigative work without leaving a trace.

  1. eyeZy: The eyeZy app can give you real-time updates on someone’s online activity. There will be no need to visit their IG account periodically. If it’s a business account, you can find out their next move first. This is so even if the account has you blocked.
  2. XNSPY: Do you have to balance time between that new person you’re interested in and a business account? Maybe you have a heavy stalking workload. XNSPY could be the app for you. With this app, you can monitor up to 12 different social platforms. It works on both Android and Apple devices. Get the details you need on an account’s commenting, likes, and feed posts. This is strictly for research purposes, of course.
  3. Glassagram: This app promises to make all things transparent. With Glassagram, you can view both private and public profiles. There are both free and paid options that you can check out. They promise that you will enjoy real-time updates.

You don’t have to settle for a following list with just a bot and an Instagram stalker. What if we told you that we could bring you real, engaged followers? Plixi has the AI technology and Instagram influencer team to do it. What are you waiting for? Contact us to start your growth journey today!

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