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How To Become a Fitness Influencer and Make the Real Gains

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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It seems like there are more tripods than weights in the gym these days. Having to hopscotch around recording devices is a warm-up in itself. The paranoia of wondering if you’re in the background of a video is not. Still, it is admirable to see someone document their fitness journey with the best of hopes. It has you wondering how to become a fitness influencer, too.

Joining fitness communities has its considerations. The best cameras and the best ways to make money are unique in the fitness space. We can tell you everything you need to know. Keep reading!

How To Become a Fitness Influencer and Make the Real Gains

Content Creation Tips Straight From the Instagram Fitness Influencers

You don’t have to look far to find an IG fitness influencer. They are everywhere, whether you like it or not. While you have many Instagram fitness influencers to choose from, we’re narrowing down the list a bit. Some creators have reached huge success in this industry, and we will showcase a few. There are some tips that you can garner from them. Think of these IG accounts when you wonder how to become a health and fitness influencer:

Massy Arias

Massy is a trailblazer for women of color. While she could follow her counterparts, she takes an original approach. She puts her spin on physical fitness. Being original is something you could take away from her.

She also gives her followers variety. You’ll see content from her featuring yoga, strength training, and cardio. This is smart, as it lets her find a broader target audience. She makes fitness seem somewhat accessible and fun by working out just about anywhere. This keeps the followers engaged and excited to see what she does next.

Of course, there is also a bit of User-generated content. She will show off the progress of her followers. Her supporters get excited about getting a feature from her. They repost, and more people discover her page. It’s no wonder she’s such a success!

Emily Skye

Motherhood is a beautiful and body-altering miracle. If you can relate to this, there is a fitness guru out there for you. Emily is one of them. She’s from Australia and has found a home on the screens of new mothers. This is a very specific niche audience that every fitness influencer simply will never reach. If you’re interested in documenting losing baby weight, this could be your avenue.

Some soon-to-be mothers want to remain active and healthy during their pregnancies. Some people want to get back to their pre-baby body. Her family-oriented brand identity attracts this market and keeps them. She somehow manages to encourage improvement by accepting one’s body as is. It’s a beautiful balance you could aim to achieve, too.

She sets reasonable objectives and lays out actionable steps. She proves that relatability is a strength. It seems to have been working for her since she landed a Reebok sponsorship. These tactics could work for you, too. Pregnancy may not be what sets you apart. It could be a disability that you have. Or, it could be your ethnicity or budget constraints. Think of what makes you unique, and capitalize on it! Your tribe will find you!

Joe Wicks

Food and fitness go hand in hand. Maybe you like to lift a dumbbell just fine. However, your best effort comes when you lift a spatula. Joe Wicks knows something about that. 

His content focuses on his passion to teach people how to eat healthier. He wrote a cookbook that gained him respect in the industry. Consider using your IG page as a sounding board for other digital products.

Your band doesn’t have to be strictly gym content. Remember that people serious about fitness will want to supplement their workouts with content like this. This is how you infiltrate the market without getting your sneakers too dirty.

These are some great tips from the very best! You can still peruse some other IG fitness accounts. Just don’t think you have to follow them slavishly. Pick and choose what works best for your brand.

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How Do Fitness Influencers Make Money on Instagram?

You have a deep love for fitness. Like a true millennial, you feel the need to monetize your favorite hobby. Luckily, you can do that. So many other people already are. Do you wonder, “How do fitness influencers make money?” We have the answer to that.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular method that all types of influencers engage in to make money on Instagram. Fitness influencers are no different. Brands will give them links and codes to generate revenue for themselves. 

Some take photos or record videos of themselves in branded content. There will be a discount code in the caption for customers to apply at checkout. Does this sound familiar? You, too, can promote items on your blog’s social media channels. You will be eligible for a commission on these sales. You have to promote pretty well and “influence” the purchases with affiliate marketing

These influencers don’t own these brands. The commission they receive may not be much, but it adds up with a bigger following.

Selling Online

As a fitness influencer, selling workout items is an obvious strategy to make money from your IG content. A quick snap of your gains in the mirror could be enough to influence a purchase. These don’t have to be clothes that you have made yourself. That may require a capital outlay that you don’t have at this time. Buying items at a low price to sell at a profit could be all you need at first.

If you’re growing a strong brand, you could take this idea even further. Design your fitness brand. If your Instagram handle is a good brand name, you can use that. Your stock can be as simple as fitness clothing and water bottles. Take a chance on yourself! Naturally, you would use your social media platforms to market it to potential audiences.

Digital Products

The products some influencers sell aren’t even physical. They put the “E” in e-commerce by selling 100% digital products. If people keep asking them how they achieved their results, they may not want to say how for free. Or, they give you a preview and sell the majority of the information in an e-book. So many things can be in book format. That includes instructional manuals, fitness calendars, and recipe books. Anything that you can put in a caption can go in an e-book. The IG page would just be the platform for marketing the book and providing a link to the book.

Sponsorship Deals

This is the avenue that brings in a lot of revenue to creators. They get into deals with various sponsors in the fitness industry. These brands could be big-name sports brands that will pay out a killing. They consider your following size and engagement rate when coming up with a payment. Of course, they are mindful of your demographic breakdown. Companies need influencers to close the gap between them and their customers. 

When they need to rebrand or reach a wider audience, they find the trusted influencer in that industry. They pay them a lot of money to show their followers the content. That could be you. The fitness industry is pretty wide, so you have a lot of options for collaboration. Here are a few possible items they may ask you to promote:

  • Fitness clothing
  • Dietary supplements 
  • Meal plans
  • Gyms
  • Equipment

You would have to create compelling content to inspire sales. To make your brand more attractive, keep the quality content up! Experiment with flattering angles, colors, and creative storylines. Don’t be afraid to get the perfect shot when people are watching.

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How Much Do Fitness Influencers Make at Every Level?

You see the prices for digital products and fitness items, but what about those sponsored posts? That’s not as obvious to the rest of us. We need to know if the industry is lucrative enough to justify the effort. How much do fitness influencers make from sponsored posts?

Hopefully, this article will make things a bit more clear. We want to remove the secrecy associated with influencer income. It’s part of knowing how to become a fitness influencer on Instagram. We will break it down using different tiers of fitness influencers. Our information comes from Embed Social.


An Instagram influencer falls into the middle tier of the influencer hierarchy if they have approximately 10,000 followers. Compared to other pages, this is a small page. Their income potential per sponsored post can range from $50 to $250. The range will seem to be quite wide because many factors impact the final price paid to influencers. 

While this is a small following, pages like this might benefit from a high engagement rate. The following is so close-knit that they like to comment on the posts and engage with each other. This shows up well in IG analytics. Smaller pages tend to have the trust of their following and can sell products easily.


These IG creators are “macro-influencers.” You could be aiming for more than 10,000 followers and are curious about the income potential. How much you can make on IG when you have approximately 100,000 followers depends on so many things. We can only give a range. They can expect between $1,000 to $5,000. Some brands may want recurring posts if your IG post and reel content are engaging. Other brands may see your content and want to use your services as well.


The potential earnings for a single sponsored post for a “mega influencer” will vary. Each influencer must have the best negotiating skills to ensure the best payout. The payout can vary from $5,000 to $25,000 per post. It could be even more, depending on the strength of your brand.

At this stage, influencers are getting offers left and right. We will only tell you the price per post. Influencers maximize earnings by contracting with several brands per month. As long as the contracts allow for them to be ambassadors for other brands, they will do this. They may post content for a protein shake in the first week and Gym Shark activewear in the last week.

You, too, can maximize profits on your posts this way. This is in addition to the other avenues of profits available to fitness influencers. If you figure out how to become a fitness influencer on Instagram, you could make it into a great career.

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What Camera Do Fitness Influencers Use To Make Their Great Content?

These fitness videos are so addictive to watch. The images and videos are sharp, deep, and clear. Even if people don’t plan to follow your workout, they can’t help but watch. What camera do fitness influencers use? We know, and we’ll tell you, too.

You want to deliver to your followers the highest-quality material possible. You can’t do this without the appropriate camera equipment. Quality images are necessary for fitness influencers, no matter what they’re doing. You could be showcasing their exercise routine. You could be showing off what you eat in a day. It’s more attractive to watch these when the quality is high.

DSLR Cameras

Have you ever heard of the DSLR cameras? There are the Canon EOS Rebel T6 and the Nikon D3400, to name a few. Fitness influencers seem to love them. Both your reels and still shots will be remarkably different.

Mirrorless Cameras

This is another great option. It could be a better option because they are more compact and lightweight than traditional cameras. Good mirrorless cameras are quickly gaining popularity in the fitness influencer industry.

Action Cameras

An Action Camera fits right in at the gym. This is a type of camera ideal for the sole purpose of filming active scenarios. The gym might be too limiting for your brand. Are you a rock-climbing, marathon-running kind of influencer? Well, here’s a good camera option for you.

As always, keep your budget in mind. You know the sort of content you want to generate. Maybe your camera phone will do. A good camera could be something to work towards.

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Do What the Top Fitness Influencers Do

The top fitness influencers on social media platforms have more than just good bodies. They have a good connection with their target audience. They gave an excellent social media presence. They’ve carved out their place in the fitness industry with their niche content. To be a successful fitness influencer, you’ll need more than rock-hard abs. Knowing how to become a fitness influencer on Instagram means appreciating several moving parts.

The best fitness influencers secure a good engagement rate with a lot of hard work and patience. Soon, you can be just like them.

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How To Become a Fitness Influencer With the Right Following

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