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Instagram Unfollowers: Why They Happen and What You Should Do

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 8 min read

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Imagine finally growing your brand to your target number. You posted quality content and capitalized on the content people seem to like. Maybe now you can start approaching brands for collaborations. Until you refresh the page and notice your followers have slightly dwindled. You pull down the page again, and even more followers have disappeared! What’s the reason for all these Instagram unfollowers? And, who are the people that unfollowed?

These aren’t new concerns for Instagram content creators. Don’t feel alone. The experts at Plixi will help explain this strange phenomenon and explain what you should do in response!

Instagram Unfollowers: Why They Happen and What You Should Do

Do You Want To Know How To See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram? Get in Line

We have some bad news for you. Within the Instagram app, there is no simple method to check whether a user has stopped following you. Unfollows don’t generate notifications on IG. Could you imagine if they did? It would be utter chaos. Influencers would be petty, playing tit for tat.

Since there is no easy way to see who unfollowed you on Instagram, here are two ways to check:

Use Their Follower List To See if They Unfollowed You

  1. Who is the potential former follower that you’re suspicious of? You can make your way to that individual’s profile.
  2. View the others they are following by perusing their list of followers. 
  3. Once you’ve arrived, check for your name on the list. 
  4. There is no need to scroll indefinitely or even type in the search bar. Your name should be at the top if they follow you.

Search Your Follower List

You don’t have to go on their page to check if they unfollowed you. When you’re snooping, you are more at risk of accidentally clicking something. This is why you could stay on your page. Checking the people who are on your follower list is yet another possibility. 

  1. In the box marked “search,” type the user’s name. 
  2. If you check your list of followers and don’t see the user’s name there, maybe they unfollowed you.

These methods are reminiscent of the Stone Age, aren’t they? What next? Will we ask you to rub sticks together to make a fire? This can be taxing as you experience page growth. Some people have developed tools to help with that. We will get into that a little further down in the article.

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How To Unfollow on Instagram: Public and Private Accounts

You can broadly divide Instagram accounts into public and private accounts. You can unfollow both, but the effect is different. It’s useful to learn how to unfollow on Instagram for either account.

Public Accounts

Public accounts show photos and reels to other users without requiring permission to see them. Business and creator accounts are always public. This is how to unfollow these types of accounts.

  1. Your page is the starting point. Try clicking “Following” on the top of the page. You will be able to view a list of the people whose accounts you are currently following.
  2. This part requires some patience, especially if you have a large following. Go through the list one user at a time until you discover the one you want to stop following.
  3. To unfollow someone, you must first click the “Following” toggle option that is next to their username.

Private Accounts

Private accounts are not free for just anyone to peruse. Private account page owners have to approve every follow. If you unfollow, this process restarts. This is how to unfollow a private account:

  1. If you attempt to unfollow a private account, a confirmation prompt will appear in the form of a pop-up window. It will ask you to verify your choice. 
  2. Click the “Confirm” button if you are sure you want to stop following the account. Touching “Following” will  change it to “Follow.”
  3. The consequence of unfollowing a private page is that you will have to request to follow if your mind changes.
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An Instagram Unfollow App Could Make the Unfollowing Process Easier

If you worry about the authenticity of followers on Instagram, unfollow them. Following a host of fake accounts looks suspicious and impacts your brand credibility. People may think that you followed fake accounts to get follows in return. Of course, this could be a mammoth task, especially if you went on a follow-for-follow spree. Fortunately, an Instagram unfollow app should help.


AiGrow will take over all the heavy lifting for you. This software is a terrific tool for cleaning up the list of people you are following. It will look for all followers that aren’t following you back. It sifts out the pages that appear to be inactive, fake pages. It unfollows the users in bulk. It could be one of the top applications for unfollowing users. 

Unfollow Today

Unfollow Today is a mobile app that can unfollow users on Instagram for you. This is a search tool for finding individuals on Instagram who you follow but who do not follow you back. Additionally, it has the capability of identifying inactive people that you follow, such as users who lack profile images. After that, you will no longer follow these individuals.

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer is a third-party app that claims to monitor unfollowers on Instagram. After highlighting who has unfollowed you, you can decide on whether you want to unfollow them.

Always exercise great caution before utilizing unofficial third-party applications with your Instagram account. IG does not sanction these kinds of applications. Using them might put your account in jeopardy. The vast majority of these applications make use of bots and have privacy problems.  We’re not trying to sway you not to use these apps. We just have to give a balanced overview.

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Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers After Experiencing Growth

We have to be honest with you. Losing Instagram followers is something you should care about. It can impact your ability to make money on Instagram. Social proof is a powerful thing. 

What if prospective partners observe that the size of your audience is lower than it was in the past? It may give the impression that your account isn’t as important or impactful as your competitors. If they have that opinion, potential customers may think so, too. People decide to support a brand partially because of it’s popularity. A potential partnership or sale that had been in the works may no longer be a possibility at this point. Here are some reasons you could be losing followers:

Where Have You Been?

You need to be consistent on this app. Being dormant or idle on your account can result in followers walking away from your page. People could believe that the account is no longer active. That’s reason enough to stop following you. Users like to refine their following. They may think they have nothing to lose by unfollowing a person who posts no content.

Step Your Game Up!

People may stop following you if your material is low quality. Be as objective as possible. Does your content measure up to the quality of the posts made by your similar creators? There’s a possibility that the visual appeal of your postings isn’t measuring up. Some unfollowers on Instagram don’t need to follow multiple pages with the same content. Make sure your content rises to the top.

Did You Buy Followers?

Instagram will “purge” the site by removing fake followers and automated accounts. The site may have promised real users but didn’t deliver them. Have you recently purchased phony followers and have noticed a decrease in the size of your audience? Instagram may have caught on, and they have come to make things fair again.

#Ads and Sponsored Posts

We all know the influencer who only posts to sell something. Do be that influencer. At least try to make Instagram seem like the light-hearted site it once was. You may be starting to upload too much promotional material. We’re happy that you make money from your reels now after following our tips. However, you still have to give your online persona a personal touch.

Plixi Knows What To Do About Instagram Unfollowers

It takes work to tap into your target audience on Instagram. One can only imagine the disappointment when Instagram followers unfollow your account. Your follower count suffers, and so does your engagement rate. Your fanbase will decrease in size as more individuals unfollow you. The algorithm won’t do you any favors, either.

The best response to this is to be one of those unfollowers on Instagram. You are in luck since several applications can assist you in navigating through those that unfollow you. These assist you in getting rid of folks who unfollowed your brand.

Are you concerned that the number of people following you on Instagram is decreasing? Do you see the effects in your online community? The Plixi team is here to assist you in combatting Instagram unfollowers and growing your page once again. To help you in serving your content to those who will engage, we have worked on our in-house targeting algorithm. You’ll be able to correctly locate your target audience and attract followers who are authentic and engaged. Get started right now on expanding your account with us!

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