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How To Make a Group Chat on Instagram Step-by-Step


Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 9 min read

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Learning how to make a group chat on Instagram is a fast process, and we’ll share the easiest steps. You can chat with more than a single person to increase efficiency. You can use group chat for various reasons, such as specific interest groups or project collaboration. 

Furthermore, we’ll share the top steps to overcome difficulties when Instagram group chat isn’t working correctly. The troubleshooting steps in this article can get the feature working correctly again.

How To Make a Group Chat on Instagram Step-by-Step

How To Make a Group Chat on Instagram in 3 Simple Steps

Making a group chat on Instagram is an easy and fast process, and you can get used to it quickly. In this section, we’ll share how to create an Instagram group chat to communicate with multiple users simultaneously. 

  1. Click on the messenger icon on the left. Select the icon that’s a square with a pencil. 
  2. Choose two or more people you want to add to the group chat. You can look for people from a list or search for them using the Instagram username
  3. Now, you can message the group by entering text or pressing the photo icon to upload a photo or video from your library. 

How To Send an Instagram Chat Invite

Do you want to add more people to the group chat? You can add new participants anytime, even after the group is created. Hence, there’s no need to add everyone at the start of the group. Here’s the step-by-step process for how to send an Instagram chat invite:

  1. Tap on the messenger icon from the Instagram feed. 
  2. Choose the group where you want to add participants
  3. Tap on the name of the group. 
  4. Choose the Add Friends option. 
  5. Select the account you want to add to the group chat. 
  6. The IG account will receive an invitation, which they can choose to accept or decline.

How To Leave IG Group Chat

Do you no longer want to be part of a group chat on Instagram? Then, you can remove yourself from the group, and we’ll show you how with a few simple steps. In some cases, being part of a group chat may no longer be for you. It’s your right to follow these steps for how to leave the IG group chat:

  1. Open the group chat in question. 
  2. Click on the name of the group chat. 
  3. Scroll down to the enter that says Leave Chat
  4. Click Leave on the pop-up window that appears for confirmation. 

Other users will see that you have left chat since they will get a message. Also, you cannot enter the group chat again whenever you want. You’ll need to receive an invitation from the group chat creator to join. This means you need to be sure of your choice to leave the group chat.

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Top 3 Solutions for Instagram Group Chat Not Showing Up 

The Instagram group chat is a great feature that offers different advantages. This includes faster communication with multiple people. 

However, it can be frustrating when the group chat isn’t functioning correctly. There are a few possible fixes you can implement when the Instagram group chat isn’t showing up. In this section, we’ll share some of the top ones to consider. 

1. Check Your Internet Connection

You may have a slow or bad internet connection that’s causing the Instagram group chat to function poorly. Therefore, you need to ensure your internet connection is working correctly. For example, you can do a bandwidth test to uncover the speed of your connection. 

Also, ensure you don’t use public WiFi connections since that can cause slow loading speeds. Instead, use a data connection or a home WiFi network. With the latter, check that not too many people are connected or making big downloads. 

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the Instagram App

Any number of technical errors can plague the Instagram app, and that might be the cause of the group chat not working. Reinstalling the Instagram app is one of the easiest ways to fix these errors. 

Start by holding down on the app icon and pressing the x button if you’re on an Android device. Now, the app is uninstalled. 

Next, visit the app download page and install the app, which should take a few moments. Ideally, you’ll be on a WiFi connection, so you don’t get charged for the download on a data plan. 

3. Clear App Cache

Too much cache on your mobile device may cause the problem of Instagram not functioning properly. Hence, you’ll need to clear the phone’s cache, which differs depending on your model. However, you can clear the Instagram chase by navigating the app’s menu and choosing Storage & cache. You can select Clear Cache to restore the group chat to full working order. 

4. Removed from Group Chat

The group chat host has the right to remove anyone from the list of participants. After removal, your group chat may no longer function correctly. You can see “Send the host an Instagram direct message” to confirm your removal. This will help you understand the situation and that it’s not a technical error. 

5. Log Out and Back In

Instagram features can sometimes stop working until you log out and then back in. It only takes a few minutes to complete this step, so it’s worth taking some time to see if it fixes the problem. Think of it as an alternative to restarting the app or computer.

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3 Ways To Use Group Chat on Instagram

Now, let’s look at three of the top reasons why it’s worth using group chat on Instagram. This will help you figure out why the feature can improve your use of the social media platform. The different use cases for group chat may help you use the feature more often and improve communication. 

1. Brainstorming and Collaboration

You can use group chat to communicate with other team members while working on a project or a collaborative post. This ensures that you can brainstorm with more than one person at a time. It’s handy when you want to increase the speed and convenience of brainstorming sessions. 

During the sessions, you can work out the resources, ideas, and feedback in real-time. Potentially, you may decrease the time it takes to go from idea to implementation. You can create different group chats for various projects and only add the relevant participants. 

2. Organize a Meeting Point and Time

Do you want to meet up with a group of people? A group chat is an excellent way to agree on the time and meeting point in an efficient way. That’s because there’s no need to inform each person individually. Every participant in the group chat will see the meeting point and time. 

Also, if there are changes or delays, you simply need to use the group chat to update everyone. Setting up meetings with group chat is more confidential. That’s because creating an Instagram post on the topic will allow others to see the itinerary details. 

3. Interest Groups

Do you have a specific interest, such as a sport or hobby? Then, you can create a group chat about this specific interest. This is a fun way to use Instagram to explore a passion with other Instagram users. 

Also, limiting your chat about the subject matter to the internet group prevents you from spamming other users. You can create group chats for all types of interests, and they will help segment your activity on the platform. 

How To Use Instagram Group Chat Efficiently

Do you want to get more out of the group chat feature? Then, there are a few things you can do to increase the quality of your group chat. This may also increase the participation level of the group chat participants. Here are some of the top tips you can implement in your next group chat:

  • Post regularly: As a group chat host, you should try to keep the discussion alive. This means you need to post content regularly, which can include discussion points and updates. This can spark a debate or regular chat to keep the group relevant. Otherwise, you may find that people forget about the group chat and people leave. 
  • Use interactive features: You can add a bunch of interactivity to the group chat to increase the engagement rate. This includes adding a pool or Q&A section. Creating creative interactive elements may allow your group chat to last longer. 
  • Create a theme: Creating a theme for the Instagram group chat is a good idea. This will help the users to identify what type of talking points are a good idea. Also, it may increase the engagement rate since participants can share ideas or vent opinions. 
  • Create rules: The participants may want to take part in the discussions with structure. This ensures that other users don’t annoy each other. As the host, you need to make the ground rules for the discussion.
  • Schedule live sessions: To increase the engagement rate even further, you can schedule live sessions. This allows the participants to communicate face-to-face. This allows everyone to share their ideas in different ways. You may also see regular text message engagement increase because of the live sessions.
How To Make a Group Chat on Instagram Step-by-Step, image №4

Is Group Chat on Instagram Worth Using?

The Instagram group chat is worth using to increase the quality of communication with multiple people. It only takes a few moments to create a group chat, and you can add participants at a later date. Also, there are many use cases on how to make a chat group on Instagram work. Hence, you can have more than one of them to segment your interests and hobbies. 

Now that you understand how to make a group chat on Instagram, try it yourself. You can create a test group with a few close friends to better understand the features. For example, you can create polls and Q&A entries to understand how these features function. 

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