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How To Change Background Color on Instagram Story


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 8 min read

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Instagram is a wonderful platform for both the aspiring content creator and the casual sharer. Both can benefit from this IG feature. If executed well, these 24-hour Stories can give followers a whole new impression of your brand. There’s the potential of increasing your followers and accessing a big audience. The backdrop color you choose for your Instagram Story can make or break these fleeting posts. Fortunately, we can share how to change background color on Instagram story.

We never want to come off as promoting, limiting, and stifling creativity. Not at all! This is to help foster greater creativity while doubling down on an aesthetic that suits you. When you have a defined method of creating content, you’ll find the process to go smoother. It will seem less oppressive when you have an idea of the design you’re going for. We will also give you an example of using templates. In the end, you should have a beautifully curated aesthetic for your brand.

How To Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Your Overall Instagram Aesthetic Matters

We talk about how to change the color background on an Instagram story because it’s important. The photographs and reels in your IG feed aren’t the only things that may benefit from aesthetic concepts. A visually appealing Instagram profile needs to be consistently beautiful. It should permeate throughout in all aspects. 

There are other places outside the feed where you may demonstrate your creativity. Think of incorporating your visual style into a variety of other parts of your Instagram profile. These include your profile photo and the stories you’ve shared. You shouldn’t disregard the importance of curating them to match your feed.  

You may be more accurate with the importance of your brand color. It is essential to ensure that the colors you use for your IG stories will accurately reflect your brand’s image. Stories are where people find out more about you. It serves as a way to give followers and potential followers more information. This may be the hook that brings in users. Include the color representing your brand in your IG stories, and make sure it suits your overall style.

Do you want to convey the idea that your style tends toward playfulness? Make sure that your story color has a lot of pastels. If you want to give off an air of luxury, maybe you should keep the colors minimal. People will be able to predict your aesthetics by looking at your stories. Everything should flow well if you want to create a sound brand identity.

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How To Change Background Color on Instagram Story When Sharing Post Quickly

Do you want to give your stories an extra zest? Knowing the quickest method for changing the background color of an Instagram Story can give you more options. We can show you how.

First, start uploading your photo to your Instagram story, but do not complete the upload. When you upload a photo to a Story on Instagram, IG automatically chooses a backdrop color. You may or may not like it. IG chooses this background color based on the hue that predominates in the photo itself. For instance, if your photograph has a significant amount of blue, the backdrop will also be blue. IG has a fair understanding of color theory, so you may be satisfied with it. If not, we can help with changing it.

To achieve a different solid background color, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Upload the image or video to your Instagram story.
  2. After you choose the content, it’s time to start editing.
  3. Tap the … button.
  4. Select the “Draw” button found in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Continue to look at the very top of the screen. You will see several icons representing various sketching tools.  
  6. Choose the very first icon on the list. It looks something like a pen.
  7. Now, you should look to the bottom of the screen. That is where you’ll discover various colors.  From there, you can select the color you desire.
  8. Now tap the screen in a location of your choosing. 
  9. Hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds. 
  10. Your Instagram stories will automatically get a solid backdrop color of your choosing when you upload them.

Now, you have your choice of vibrant, solid colors. You can choose them to align with your brand colors. This trick can help with the overall aesthetic of your page.

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Using a Solid Color for a Story

Sometimes story posts aren’t fresh content. They may be reposts from you or other creators. You may still want freedom with what you post here, as well. We can show you how to change the color background on Instagram stories with reposted content. When publishing or reposting an Instagram Story, here’s how to modify the default background color applied to the image.

Do you want to upload a photo or video from the Gallery? Maybe this time, you want to repost another post that you like. It may align with your brand, or someone may have tagged you. 

You can easily resize a post from the Feed and alter the background color. The photo itself will remain. This method enables you to alter the color of the backdrop on Instagram. You can do this while still preserving the visibility of the photograph.

To do this, perform all of the actions required in the previous scenario. However, there will be one exception.

At the very top of the screen, choose the third tool rather than the first one. It is a marker symbol depicting a broad tip, not a pointy one. IG will cover the picture as well as the solid backdrop with a color that is translucent. 

You will be able to alter the tone of your IG stories in this manner. The overall reposted image will look the same.

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An Instagram Story Template Will Keep You Organized

Do you want to know how to change the background color on Instagram stories for cohesion? A template could be your solution. If you want your Instagram Stories to look professional, you might consider using a template designed just for Instagram Stories. An Instagram story template is an excellent tool for setting oneself apart from the other creators in your niche field. Using planned-out themes allows you to create Instagram Stories rapidly. They will be both visually appealing and entertaining to your followers. Simply making a few clicks is all that you need to do.

You have to feel limited. “Template” gives the impression of a one-size-fits-all without room for creativity. You have the option of including text, images, or videos, too. You’ll end up saving time in the long run if you use templates for your Instagram Stories.

It is not necessary to design a whole new look with Solid Color for every single Instagram Story you share—no need to battle with a color dropper tool or eraser tool. You may, alternatively, select one of the pre-existing themes for the Story. You won’t have to stress about coming up with designs because of this.  You will find that the process of sharing Instagram Stories is far simpler and won’t take as much time. You can use that time to do other things.

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. You don’t have to hire a professional, and you need costly apps, either. You could go to Canva, for example, to find something that you like. You can settle on a customizable template and use it over and over. Ideally, it will be adaptable to all your content creation needs. You can use it for a Q&A, a product launch, or an Instagram giveaway post, to name a few.

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Knowing How To Change Background Color on Instagram Story Is Just One Part

It is essential to pay attention to how your Instagram feed appears to followers who visit your page. It is ultimately what decides the first impression that people have of your brand. It is quite important as it could determine if they stay or not. You should put some effort into it.

You could believe that paying attention to the look of your Instagram profile is too much work. On the contrary, it’s worth the time. Your story posts deserve effort, too. You need an Instagram story aesthetic that differentiates you from the other people in the room. To get a certain appearance on Instagram stories, you will need to put in some thought and effort. Fortunately, you have Plixi.

Seriously, you should think about utilizing the Plixi growth tool. Your Instagram account will witness an instantaneous spike in the number of followers over time. How could you not if you did not have access to AI technologies and a team of social media specialists? Prepare yourself for an increase in the amount of engagement your postings receive. People will, at some point, locate you and communicate with you. When you figure out how to change background color on Instagram story, keep them hooked! Start your growth journey with Plixi today!

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