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Influencer Programs: Making the Best of Your Online Brand


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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Do you want to start using your social media to its fullest potential? To do this, you could join one of those influencer programs. There is an Instagram program for the creator of every niche and size. You just need to find out which one works best for you. 

Don’t worry if you think your following is too small. Micro-influencers have a lot of opportunities for them as well. We will explain to you why you are particularly marketable on the platform. We will even talk about how easy it is to earn commission from items you have already bought from Amazon.

Influencer Programs: Making the Best of Your Online Brand

This Is Why You Can Get Micro Influencer Opportunities

You might find being an influencer intimidating if you don’t have a huge online following. This may even scare you away from joining an influencer program. You shouldn’t feel that way. There are opportunities for IG content creators of every size. There are fan bases for every individual niche you can think of. 

Where an interest and a brand is hoping to sell products to that group: This is where your particular set of skills comes in handy. Let’s talk about why micro-influencer opportunities are within reach.  

You Have Better Relationships With Followers

Maintaining a friend group of five people is easier than a big one of 20 people. It’s easier to plan outings when there are fewer people involved. You also don’t have to spread yourself very thin when there are fewer friendships to nurture. 

You can give everyone richer relationships. The same applies to your online family. You can have richer relationships with your followers with a smaller follower base. This is harder with huge fan bases. Mega influencers have to work harder to keep a conversation in the comments. They let a lot of their Instagram direct messages disappear over time. 

Brands like the fact that your followers are like friends. It makes you seem more trustworthy when it’s time to sell a product. You don’t seem like some distant celebrity leveraging their influence to make a quick buck. You sound like a friend talking to your online friends. 

This level of relatability is difficult for a big-name brand to do. This is why they come to you. A micro-influencer is more capable of doing this than a macro-influencer.

You Have a Better Engagement Rate

As a consequence of having a better relationship with your followers, you have a better engagement rate. You can keep a healthy conversation going in the comments. You can even respond to DMs when people ask their questions. 

You calculate your engagement rate using activity on your posts compared to your follower count. Logically, it is easier to have a good engagement rate with fewer followers. The fact that your engagement rate is strong is a huge selling point for you. 

It’s not enough that you have a large following. Brands want to know that your followers talk to you. And they want to know that you respond to your followers when they talk to you. Micro-influencers stand a better chance of doing this. 

If you are a creator with a small following, respond to the comments you get. This makes you look all the more attractive to a brand looking for an influencer. 

Your Services Are Relatively Affordable

Brands are looking to make the best return on investment (ROI) possible. Sometimes, it comes down to spending all their money on one or several smaller influencers. If they are looking to split up costs, they expect to pay less than they would to a mega influencer. For this reason, you are more attractive to them. 

They logically get to save money by using your content creation services. They will likely be using several other smaller influences at the same time. After using multiple influencers, they will likely decide which one they should return to in the future.

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How You Could Benefit From Affiliate Influencer Marketing

Affiliate influencer marketing is a popular way for creatives to earn on Instagram. It’s not Instagram that pays these creators but brands looking for promotion to their target audience. The Instagram influencer’s job is to push the products that a brand provides. They don’t receive a payment for just doing that, however. 

Rather, they earn every time someone purchases a good or service. They receive a small percentage or commission on each sale. Creatives determine how much they’re paid by how well they can market these products. 

It may not be the easiest check to secure. Sponsored posts, in contrast, typically include an upfront payment. Influencer affiliate programs require a lot more from the influencer. Let’s talk about how you can increase your chances of success with Instagram affiliate marketing

Use Insights To Streamline Content

It is important to capitalize on the content that is already doing well. You must look at the numbers and statistics to know what is going well. Fortunately for you, Instagram has the Instagram Insights feature. With this tool, you can see the engagement levels on each post. 

If you notice Reels getting more reception than photos, focus on Reels. If you see that people like it when you feature your pet, show your pets more. The engagement on your post matters, so make sure you are maximizing it.

Use Instagram Highlights To Store Links

Using your Instagram Stories to promote content with affiliate links is smart. However, as you know, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. 

If you want to extend the time people can access your link, save the post in a highlight. Create an entire album with their affiliate links. This way, people know where to find the products you recommend at a discount. 

You can also occasionally share your highlights to your Instagram Stories to remind people that the links still work.

How Influencer Collaboration With Brands Work

If you want to make a living from Instagram, you are curious about influencer collaboration with brands. This is how most creators make their money online. It seems to be a new way for brands to reach their target audience. But how do you get on these brand’s radars? Then, how do you arrive at the terms? Let’s talk about it.

1. Brands and Influencers Find Each Other

There are so many ways that brands can cross paths with their ideal influencer. Casually scrolling on Instagram is one way. However, there are so many micro-influencers on the platform right now that it’s easy to get lost. 

It’s good that there are influencer platforms where brands can search through creators and influencers interested in brand deals. These social media platforms serve as a meeting ground for brands and influencers. 

Parties are able to search through the available brands and influencers using specific categories. It makes it easier for people to find each other in a specific niche that they want to work in.

2. They Work Out Payment

Both parties have to engage in some negotiation to find common ground. The influencer would likely leverage their strong engagement rate to explain why they deserve a certain payment. A brand may try to ball down the price since. Their funds might be low. 

There is no existing scale for payment for influencers. No union will support influencers in this negotiation. This means that creators must know how to negotiate prices without working with any agency.

3. They Decide on the Type of Content

There are so many ways to produce content on Instagram. Ironing out the content requirements before reaching an agreement is very important. Of course, there should be some leeway to allow for creativity, and the influencer should advocate for that. 

Still, where the content should appear on the platform should be clear. You can upload Reels, carousel photos, or Instagram Stories. You can even upload joint posts through Instagram collaboration. This is a great way to promote the brand and the influencer in a mutual way.

What Is the Amazon Influencer Program Doing for Creators?

The Amazon affiliate marketing program allows creators to create a storefront full of products they like or use regularly. That creator receives a commission when somebody buys a product because they saw it in that storefront. It’s a great way for creators to make money by promoting products that they already use.

How You Can Make the Best of an Influencer Program  

So, you have an answer to the question, “What is the Amazon influencer program?” Now, let’s talk about something also important.

1. Choose Affordable Products

You want to promote products that people would want to buy. When people think of Amazon, they think of affordability. They go there when they want to find a good deal. If you are promoting an Amazon product, make sure that it is one that people find accessible.

Amazon Influencers love to use their Amazon storefront to promote deals for expensive items. While some can afford to buy Skims, they promote the dupes they find on Amazon. This goes for costly high-end jewelry as well. 

To increase the probability of someone using your link, you should use Amazon for affordable products.

2. Show How To Use the Product

Instagram allows for more than just a virtual catalog. You can upload video content just as easily as you can upload photos. This means that you should take the opportunity to show how you use the products. 

The key is making the products attractive and accessible. Let people know that they can benefit from these products by showing them how you do it. It’s not enough to just post a photo of something you love. Sell the product.

3. Update Your Storefront Regularly

People will get bored easily. Make sure that you replenish your Amazon storefront with new things often. This way, if they go to your storefront for one thing, they may find something else they like. 

Try to include items similar to the one you are aggressively promoting. Give yourself the best chance to rack up as much commission as possible.

4. Put a Link in Your Bio

You aren’t selling from a store that you created. Remember that these are products that people can easily find online on Amazon. This means you must remind them to find the product through you. This is the only way you’re going to make money. 

You have to make sure that they access the product through your storefront. Make sure that they can easily access your Amazon list. You can do this by putting a link in the bio of your Instagram account. When you upload content featuring items from your storefront, direct them to their Instagram bio. 

Don’t tell them the keywords to search for on Amazon. Tell them that the link is in your bio. You can tell them you put it there for ease and convenience.

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Ambassador Programs for Small Influencers  

Are you interested in some ambassador programs for small influencers? You should keep an eye out for the brands that are open to this kind of collaboration. Here is a list that you could keep in mind in your search for brand deals for influencers:

  • Walmart
  • Nivea
  • Nike
  • Kate Spade
  • MAC Cosmetics 
  • Starbucks 
  • BMW 
  • Target
  • Hello Fresh
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Glossier
  • Clinique
  • Wet ‘n Wild

It’s great if you already use these products. When you use them, snap a photo or video and upload it to your Instagram Story. Then, you can tag the brand. This automatically goes to the brand’s DMs. 

This lets them know that you have already used their brand. Ultimately, this will make you more credible when promoting your brand. People already know that you like it. This is how to get brand deals organically.

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Increase Your Chances of Success With These Influencer Programs

As far as possible, get the agreement in writing. You don’t want there to be any discrepancy as to expectations.  You can hope for a drama-free collaboration with our brand. 

Unfortunately, this is the real world. Sometimes, things happen that you don’t expect to happen. In such instances, it’s best to have the arrangement in writing. You will be grateful that you had that kind of protection.

Consider using a professional growth tool to increase your marketability for Influencer programs. We have the tools to secure gradual and steady growth for your brand. We can guarantee this using our in-house platform for Instagram influencers. Of course, our propriety AI targeting algorithm makes everything better. Start growing your Instagram following today.

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