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Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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So you’re saying you want to get in on these Instagram Reels trends? Well, it’s about time. Instagram didn’t waste any time introducing short-form videos to the platform. TikTok lit a fire under them. Like a true maven in the social media space, they rose to the occasion. It’s time your Instagram brand rose to the occasion as well.

How do you want to make your introduction into the short-form video content space? We think that you should do it with a big splash. This article will give you all the best tips for your Instagram Reels. Your video clips will stand out and be memorable to your audience. 

We plan to touch on the importance of trending audio and how a popular trend could boost your following significantly. With this information, you can create a foolproof content strategy for your Instagram page. There are so many trends for Reels, and we can’t wait to introduce them to you. Let’s get started!

Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!

How To Make the Best of Trending Instagram Reels Songs 

If you’ve been here before, you know the power of using trending audio on Instagram. It is one tool Instagram uses to push content to new audiences. But how do you use trending Instagram Reels songs to your advantage? We can explain how best to capitalize on this tool that Instagram uses. Pretty soon, your reel will attain new heights as well.

This Is How You Find the Sounds

If you hear a particular sound over and over on Instagram, it’s likely trending at the moment. For some reason, Instagram has decided to push that audio to its users. And because users tend to sit through the reel, the algorithm thinks they enjoy it. 

In response, Instagram continues to push the audio some more. It is a cycle that you could take advantage of for your brand.

You can use the save button on Instagram. It looks like a tiny bookmark. This way, you can note all the reel audios you plan to use later. They could just be clips of someone talking about something funny, inspirational, or witty. 

2. This Is When To Use the Sounds

Timing is very important when it comes to using audio for Reels. You don’t want to hop on the tail end of a trending audio clip. It may be too late for you to benefit from Instagram pushing that audio.

Hopefully, you heard the Trending audio early enough. Instagram might switch to another audio if too many people have already used the audio. Or, your reel may end up drowning in the other Reels.

Audio clips on Instagram have their dedicated page. The page features Reels that use that audio. The more Reels there are, the less likely yours will get a feature. Increase your chances by avoiding Instagram reel trends that are already too popular.

You may be too late if the audio clip is already in hundreds of thousands of Reels. Try catching it between the 10k to 40k. This could be your sweet spot.

Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!, image №2

How To Find Trending Reels on Instagram and Study Their Winning Ways

Deep down, we all want to be a creator of one of those trending Reels on Instagram. Some creators change their lives completely with select Reels. It catapults them out of obscurity and into success. People know them for that one reel, even after they switch up their content. This doesn’t even sound limiting to you. It’s quite aspirational to have a claim to fame.

You want to know how to find trending Reels on Instagram. This way, you can see what you can do differently with your content. So, how do you find them? The truth is that you don’t have to look too hard to find trending Reels on Instagram. IG wants to show them to you. 

You don’t go looking for them; you stumble upon them. Take a look at the icons at the bottom of your Instagram mobile app page. You will see a tab solely for Reels. If you select this tab, you will see the trending Instagram Reels chosen for you. This is content Instagram thinks you would like or at least have an interest in. Some of them may be following Instagram Reels trends.

Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!, image №3

Patterns We Notice in Trending Instagram Reels

You’ve found the trending Reels. You want to know how they got to this level of fame. Let’s talk about two ways Trending Instagram Reels achieved their success.

They Take Part in Instagram Trends

Instagram has always been a great forum for people to participate in trends. Instagram reel trends can even have a trending audio beat attached to them to maximize reach. We understand that uploading a dancing video is not for everyone. Not all trends for Reels need to be awkward for you. They could be on brand. 

To make them worth your while, here’s a tip. Do not use original audio. Find a trending audio, and turn down the volume. Now, you’re free to layer that with a video that has its audio. 

If you are a fitness influencer, this could be a video of you showing off different routines. If you are a travel influencer, they really could be you describing tips for traveling on a budget. This way, you can keep the trending dance audio without using actual dance moves. 

They Use Captions To Make Viewers Wait

We don’t see people mention this tip very often. Luckily for you, you are on the Plixi site. You have IG gurus at your disposal. We don’t get to keep our best hits from our Instagram users. We want to see you win and will share whatever we can to help you do this. This applies to Reels as well.

Some content creators put certain Instagram captions in place to ensure people watch the entire reel. The caption may hint at something happening at the very end. It may hint at something happening overall. This is usually enough for a user to sift through the entire video, waiting to see it. 

It could be something extremely obscure or something hardly noticeable. The user does not want to be the one not getting this inside joke, so they keep watching it. Here are some examples:

  • “We bet you couldn’t predict that ending!”
  • “That last one was my favorite!”
  • “Do you see what I see?”
  • “We saved the best for last!”
  • “You’re going to flip when you see it!”
Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!, image №4

How To Make Trending Reels on Instagram: Influencer Secrets Revealed

You want to know how to make trending Reels on Instagram. Still, some creators seem to have all the luck when going viral on IG. Their Reels rack up millions with ease over and over. 

Meanwhile, you don’t seem to have the same fortune. Is it a matter of luck when it comes to being successful on Instagram? Maybe it comes down to very strategic planning. 

We have some tips that may turn the tables in your favor. Reels have been around long enough for us to understand the science that comes with them. We hope you’re ready to take notes because we will give some seriously good tips.

Use Reels Templates

You want to increase your chances of having a trending reel on the platform. You may have the pump out more Reels than you normally would. This may sound daunting, considering all it takes to create a reel. On the contrary, there is a method that you can use to cut down on content creation significantly. 

You can use Reels templates to minimize the time it takes to make your mini-movie. If you don’t know where to find these templates, we can help you. The template is something that the creator has to enable you to use in the first place. This means that you won’t have the option for all Reels. 

When you see a reel with this feature enabled, you see a small sticker on the screen. It says Use Template. If you tap that button, it takes you to a template of the reel. 

Now, you can add your photos or clips to the template. You can have your photos appear on the Reels. You don’t have to go through the tedious practice of cutting clips to match the music exactly. The crisp and professional look of your reel will give you a better chance of people watching it repeatedly.

Make Them Short

We know you have a lot to share in one small reel. That day in the life reel requires a lot of footage for a lifestyle influencer. So, is that a special recipe if you’re a food influencer? Hopefully, you can cut it down for these Instagram reel trends. If you catch them in the beginning, it could work out beautifully.

You want as many people as possible to replay your Reels multiple times. It only counts as one view, but IG notices that people replay your content. When it sees that people want to indulge in your work multiple times, it shares it with other people. You’ll have to make your reel a bit shorter to increase your chances of a replay. 

How short are we talking? Can you pack everything you want to share into seven seconds? Maybe you should try doing that. We know the clips can become a fraction of a second if you do this. Don’t worry; a good Instagram template can do all the tedious work. Shorter Reels work out better because people may think they missed something as the reel speeds on. 

Let’s compel them to replay the reel until they see what they believe they missed. It only increases your chances of Instagram sharing your reel with other followers. Consider breaking up your story into multiple Reels if you have too much footage. This gives you several chances of virality.

Instagram Reels Trends: Get Ready for Your Viral Moment!, image №5

Instagram Reels Trends Are Not Enough

We’re not going to lie; We dropped some seriously good tips in this article. You are well on your way to making the best possible Reels for your brand. 

Still, we have to be honest with you. Instagram Reels trends with popular hashtags are not enough to get you the growth we know you’re dreaming of. You’ll need a little help from people who have been in the game a long time.

This is where Plixi comes in. We have an in-house platform of Instagram influencers ready to help. There is even a propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve worked on for over a decade. You’re bound to succeed with us! Start growing Instagram followers today.

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