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Questions To Ask Influencers & How To Get Questions, Too

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 11 min read

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How else do you know anything without first asking a question? Your favorite micro-influencer could be itching for you to ask them a question about themselves. They want the traction to their IG account. You may have questions to ask influencers, but they may want to ask you some.

This blog post will cover a few things. I will give you advice on what to ask potential influencers for your brand. If you want to do an influencer marketing campaign, you’ll have to choose correctly. We also talk about the phenomenon of anonymous questions on Instagram. 

We will even give tips on how to get an influencer’s attention. Sometimes, you’ll want to influence the type of content they share. Let’s get into it!

Questions To Ask Influencers & How To Get Questions, Too

Here Are 6 Good Questions To Ask Influencers

Are you interested in purchasing a sponsored post? You know how advertising works in this day and age. A 30-second commercial is so outdated. You must find a new way to cross the gap between you and your target audience. Enlisting the help of an Instagram influencer could be a good idea for you. 

Good brands know that an influencer is a powerful tool in advertising their products. A talented content creator can be ten times more effective than a TV spot. If you get a creator that produces high-quality visual content, it will be like having a commercial on their phone. 

These creators already have a direct link to your target audience. You won’t have to spend time gaining the trust of the people who want to sell your product. Creators have already established credibility. The endorsement of a product may be all they need.

So, you may think it’s a good idea. But now you have to go through the trouble of finding the ideal influencer. Not all influencers are in the right fit. You need to know the right questions to ask social media influencers. 

If you have a product to promote, you get to be picky. Being selective is the best course of action. If you can’t think of any questions to ask on Instagram, we can offer some suggestions. Here are some good questions to ask influencers.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience? 

You don’t have to take their word for it. The Instagram Insights that all creators have will show that information without any bias. Creators could say that their target audience is women within a certain age range. They may be targeting those women, but their following is primarily men. 

Men may consume certain content, but they may not buy the products advertised in the content. What if you want to sell feminine hygiene products or hair accessories? Men typically wouldn’t buy these products at the same rate as women would. 

You want a target audience that is ready to spend money on your brand. Making sure that your influencer has a direct link to your target audience is very important. If they don’t, it will be as good as flushing cash down the toilet.

2. What’s Your Engagement Rate?

A huge following is not enough to justify why you should use a certain influencer. The metric that you should focus on is the engagement rate for that creator. You need to know that they don’t just have an idle following. You want to know that their followers like and comment when they post. These are potential indicators that these followers will also buy when they post. 

You can look at the likes and comments compared to the follower count. Sometimes, the disparity is jarring. This could be your tell-tale sign that an influencer has some fake followers. Bot followers don’t engage in a way that authentic followers would. 

If these fake followers don’t like or subscribe, they want your products. This may sound like you have to do some guessing, but that isn’t the case. There are online engagement rate calculators that you can use. Hype Auditor has one, for example.

3. What Type of Content Do You Create?

Reels have taken over Instagram. It’s a great way to grow a following. If an influencer prefers to create still photo posts, they may keep you from reaching more people. You need to find out if they are flexible and versatile when it comes to content creation.

Additionally, are you considering creating content for other social media platforms? You should find out if that influencer has accounts on TikTok or YouTube. This will lead you to ask if they offer package deals. This is a reasonable request because they may reuse the same content. At the very least, they will slightly adjust the content for the users on each platform.

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4. Which Brands Have You Previously Worked With?

There are several reasons why this is a good question. It may be useful to know whether an influencer has previous experience. Ask them if they have a portfolio to share with you. You can get an idea of the standard at which they produce content. 

You also want to know that you have no conflict of interest with other brands. What if they previously produced content for your competition? If they create content for your brand, they will appear to just be in it for money. They will effectively contradict their message and lose credibility. They could also be producing content for brands that don’t align with your brand. 

5. How Long Will It Take You To Create Content?

Time is money. You need to have an idea of a turnaround time that your influencer is comfortable with. Sacrificing quality for speed doesn’t sound good. Hopefully, the creator is frank about what they’re able to produce based on what you’re asking of them. 

Your creator has to have a sense of time efficiency to capitalize on trends. Trending sounds on Instagram don’t trend forever. Viral challenges that could go well with your brand will eventually lose their audience appeal. Timelines should include editing after you offer suggestions and corrections.

6. What’s Your Price?

Upon hearing what the price is for the service, you get to decide whether that makes sense. You don’t have to kneel and accept that price. You are on a budget. Take this moment to negotiate using the information that you’ve garnered in the interview. 

Bring up things like their engagement rate and the constitution of their target audience. These things should influence the price of the service.

This Is How To Ask Anonymous Questions on Instagram

Does she go to Starbucks every day? What does she do for work? Is that her real hair color? We all have those questions that we want to ask social media influencers. Most of us are just waiting for the right opportunity to do it.

One day, your favorite influencer decides to share a story with an Instagram sticker. This is a sticker that is prompting their followers to ask them a question. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. However, now you want to ask a question that is on the invasive side. 

You don’t want them to think you’re a weirdo. If they are uncomfortable with the question, they have the power to block you. If they block you, you won’t get to indulge in their premium content anymore. Now, you want to know how to ask anonymous questions on Instagram. Is that even possible?

If you respond to the questions sticker on Instagram, the creator will know you asked the question. Instagram will disclose your identity. In light of this, we have two options for you if you have questions to ask on Instagram.

Create a Finsta

Yes, use a second account to ask the question you want to know. You don’t worry about the creator blocking this account. However, the creator could see that this is a fake account. They could easily write you off as a troll and ignore your question.

Wait for Them To Use NGL

NGL is a tool that allows people to send anonymous questions to IG users. Of course, the creator has to choose to use this app themself. If they ever do, just know that the app will not disclose your identity to them.

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What To Do When You Have Fun Questions To Ask Influencers

Maybe your question is very innocent. You just want to know where your favorite fashion influencer buys their jewelry. There is no need for anonymity. If you have fun questions to ask influencers, the process is pretty simple. We have two options for you to choose from.

Slide in Their DMs

Shooting a creator a quick IG direct message seems like the most natural way to ask a question. This way, you don’t have to wait until they prompt their followers to ask questions. Just go to their profile page and click the “Message” button. Then, you can ask away.

Wait for Them To Use the Question Sticker

Your favorite creator may be busy. They might get DMs like yours every day. Yours might end up drowning in their message requests. If a creator prompts followers to ask questions on Instagram, they may finally have the downtime to respond. This may be the most ideal time for you.

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Do You Know How To Ask Questions on Instagram? We Think You Should

We think you should learn how to ask questions on Instagram, too. By that, we mean you should use those stickers. You may not be a huge influencer, but you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. The benefits to your brand will be well worth it. Let’s talk about them.

You Can Increase Your Engagement Rate

You want to generate activity for your page. This could be in the form of likes, comments, or shares. But that is just the beginning of engagement. Inspiring your followers to respond to your stories could affect your engagement rate as well. You can increase your responses or interaction with your stories by asking a question. 

You could ask serious questions or light-hearted questions. People may be more willing to respond when you ask simple questions. For example, you’re in the store and can’t decide between two pairs of shoes. A quick poll will stir up some responses from your followers. 

You Can Fortify Your Follower Relationship

Some of your followers are genuinely interested in who you are as a person. You may post gorgeous photos all the time, but they want to learn about you. The Instagram stories feature has been a great tool for that purpose. 

Adding quizzes, polls, or question prompts can help share more information about you. Your followers may love the idea that they have a close relationship with you because they know you so well. This way, when you promote products, you come off as more compelling.

Questions To Ask Influencers & How To Get Questions, Too, image №5

Learn How To Ask Questions on Instagram Story To Entice Your New Followers 

Our Plixi experts have covered how to ask questions on Instagram stories. You know exactly what to do. Just make sure you know the right questions to ask on Instagram. If you ask them what kind of content they want to see, make sure you’re able to fulfill your requests. You should get used to being responsive to your community as your page grows.

If you stick with us, your page will grow. The Plixi growth rate is an impressive one. If you entrust your brand to us, we can make sure you attract the followers you want. One of the questions to ask influencers is how they achieve growth for their brand. One thing for certain is that they don’t do it on their own. 

They need the tools that come with a professional growth service like Plixi. We have a propriety AI targeting algorithm that we have been perfecting over the last decade. We also have a platform of Instagram influencers who know the ins and outs of Instagram. The results will speak for themselves. You’re in good hands. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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