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Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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Soon, it will be that time again. Yes, that time when we head to the polls. We want our voices heard. Just to be clear, we are talking about your election. We are talking about Instagram polls. Influencers tend to put up these fun little polls asking random questions. Why aren’t you doing the same? If you need Instagram poll ideas, we can help with that!

We can’t remember life before Instagram stories. Did people just post everything they wanted to see on their feeds? The IG story feature is so useful, and IG keeps coming up with new strategies to keep us hooked. 

The story polls feature is one of them. You can ask your followers poll questions to find out just about anything with a poll sticker. They just have to answer.  It’s a quick way to get some valuable feedback from your target audience. With this information, come up with your content ideas. We can tell you the best strategies to use to make the most of this feature.

Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide

How To Make a Poll on Instagram When You Come Up With a Great Idea

Some days, you are so sure about the direction of your brand. You know what your Instagram page should look like. You have the feed aesthetic down. You have even scheduled content for the next couple of weeks. The big decisions are easier. 

However, the little day-to-day decisions have you stumped. In times like these, you need to know how to make a poll on Instagram. Did you know you can make a poll in your stories, reels, or just a simple post? We can tell you how. Just keep reading below.

Polls for Your Stories

As you know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. A poll is great when you need a quick answer to a question. It may not even be a serious question. It could also be a question that you need a quick answer to. This is how you do it:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone and go to your homepage.
  2. Tap on your profile icon with the plus sign at the top of the page.
  3. Now, you have the option of choosing existing media or checking on “camera.”
  4. Whichever you choose, IG takes you to a new page.
  5. On that page, you have the option of including a sticker. It’s the icon that should be beside the text icon.
  6. Select that icon, and then choose the “Poll” sticker.
  7. The next step should be the option to ask a question. This is my new brainstorm, something that you want your followers to answer.
  8. You could use the default yes or no answers. Or you could include your answers. You could even add two more answers of your own. Another type of poll is the emoji slider. This lets your audience choose how much they love something.
  9. Once complete, you can choose to share publicly or on your “Close Friends” only list.
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Including Polls in Your Reels

You can also include polls in your reels. Maybe you don’t see it often, but it’s possible. Imagine creating a reel where you show off multiple different outfits. At the end of the reel, you can ask your followers which they like the most. 

Labeling each outfit in the reel is not enough. Counting the responses in the comments is not enough. It’s best to include a poll if you want it done efficiently. If you agree, keep reading for instructions.

  1. Open the Instagram app and press the “+” symbol in the center of the bottom of your screen.
  2. This is where you choose “Reel” as your content-sharing option.
  3. Record, create, and edit your reel as you normally would. 
  4. To include a poll, tap the sticker icon. Then, choose the quiz sticker. Of course, you can choose the emoji slider instead.
  5. Insert your questions and options as you desire. Indicate which response is the correct answer.
  6. For the emoji slider, choose the emoji that works with the mood you’re trying to convey.
  7. Once complete, select “Next” to go to the next step.
  8. Add your caption and hashtags as you please. 
  9. Share your reel on your feed.

Including Polls in Your Posts

Your posts can have polls, too. Sometimes, you just need the opinions of your trusted followers. Or, sometimes, you want to spur on some engagement. We can tell you how to do that with polls:

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap the “+” in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  2. You’ll get the option to post a reel, a story, a regular Instagram post, or Live.
  3. Choose the photo or video that you want to share with your followers.
  4. Click “Next” till you get to the last screen. At that screen, you’ll see the option to “Write a caption or add a poll.”
  5. Select “Poll” when it asks for a caption.
  6. Type in the question that you want to ask and enter the possible answers.
  7. You can decide if you only want close friends to see the poll. Perhaps you only want their opinion on something sensitive. 
  8. Share the post with your desired following.
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Use Instagram Story Poll Ideas To Get People Voting

Instagram polls are a great way to find out what your followers are thinking. Reading endless DMs is taxing. Wouldn’t it be better to see all the answers grouped up in one place? It definitely would be easier. The Instagram poll is a great device for getting adequate feedback from your followers. 

Now, you just need some Instagram story poll ideas to use this feature. If you’re drawing blanks, don’t worry. We have some poll ideas for Instagram you can use.

1. Put the Power in Their Hands

Ask your followers what they want to see from you. Are they interested in your travel content? Do they want to see more outfit ideas from you? Maybe they would settle for more sit-down videos. They could just like your personality and want to hear more from you. Creating content that is all over the place could work in the beginning. 

However, after a while, you may want to hone in on a niche area. That niche could be hard to decide on. You’re good at so many things that you could thrive in any content category. So, just defer to what your followers want to see the most.

Create a poll asking them explicitly what content they would prefer to see. There are so many possible categories you could include. You could focus on finances, beauty, or health and fitness. You could do several polls and narrow down the answers. This way, you can increase engagement as you know you’re posting things people already want to see.

Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide, image №4

2. Ask Them To Decide on an Outfit

Poll ideas for Instagram don’t have to be so serious. You can make a poll for the most inconsequential thing. If you are an indecisive creator, use your followers to help you make these life decisions. You know you want to post photos of you in a cute outfit. It’s part of your brand. Ask them what they want to see. This can be a tactic for a fashion influencer or a lifestyle influencer.

3. Get Help With Lifestyle Choices

Let’s talk health and fitness for a second. There are so many options as it relates to what to eat and how to exercise. Your followers may be deciding what to do as well. They could be waiting for you to make the leap first to know what they should do. 

This is great for fitness influencers. What about that new fitness trend? Ask your followers if they want to see you test it out. This way, you know you have a built-in audience for when you do your reel review. 

Seamoss was all the rage once. A new health trend will take over soon, too. When it does, ask your followers if they want to see content on it. Before you follow a trend, ask your followers if they want to hear your views on it. This builds up anticipation and helps you gauge whether the content is worth your time.

Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide, image №5

Instagram Poll Ideas for Businesses Who Want Answers From Followers

Okay, we have some other ideas. But this time, we mean business. Sometimes, polls don’t have to be that serious. Other times, they do have to be that serious. If you are running a business on Instagram, you should make use of this feature as well. Here are some Instagram poll ideas for business accounts.

1. Ask Them if Them Would Wear Something

Fashion boutiques, listen up! Do you have a unique taste in fashion? You may not always want to buy things you would wear to sell to others. Sometimes, you need to do a temperature check of your followers’ taste. A quick poll asking them if they would wear a certain clothing item tells you what you need to do. Suppose they show interest in a certain product. 

Consider buying that product in large numbers. If they aren’t biting, maybe you shouldn’t invest that much money in stock. The level of interest will also indicate the price points that you should use. Naturally, high demand should attract a higher price point.

Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide, image №6

2. Start a Brand War

This is where you ask your followers which brand they prefer. A brand war will tell you a lot about your next move. If your business involves buying items to resell, a poll will let you know which brands to focus on. Sometimes, this may be too pricey, of course. This is how you use this trick, anyway. 

Think of those brands with very distinct looks. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci all have strong brand identities. Chances are, if someone gravitates to a certain brand, they lean towards a particular look. If you find out that your audience leans towards the Chanel aesthetic, focus on acquiring stock that mimics that aesthetic. 

Yes, the tweed and pearl faux pearl look are what you’d focus on. This is just one example. Nike and Lulu Lemon offer distinct athleisure options. Have your followers choose one.

We may have focused on fashion in these examples. However, these are methods that all businesses can take inspiration from. Use these polls to find out what your followers want to see, own, or use. The emoji slider is good for this as well.

Instagram Poll Ideas Will Have You Winning by a Landslide, image №7

Share Your Good Poll Questions With Your New Following  

Your engagement rate will thank you if you use some good poll questions. Polls are just another way for your followers to interact with you. You may get likes, comments, and shares, but why not get more? Jog the attention of Instagram’s algorithm with some good poll responses. We want you to make the most of this app. 

Polls are another quick feature to involve your followers in your content. Why not use it more? You can use it for playful situations or to get good content ideas for your brand. You can even use it for market research. It simplifies a lot of the work you’d outsource to a professional.

We’ve given you some good Instagram poll ideas. Use them. While you do that, we can help you increase your engagement in other ways. We want to see your following grow. As you attune your content to your target audience, let us help you find them. 

Plixi is a growth site with a knack for getting higher numbers. We don’t need to host a poll to know that. We are confident because we have an in-house platform of Instagram influencers and a propriety AI targeting algorithm. Put it to the test for yourself. Together, we can start growing and gaining followers for your Instagram page!

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