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How To Go Viral on Instagram With That One Lucky Post

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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You may love creating reels and posting picturesque content. Still, you’re praying for that viral moment to change everything for you. All you need is one good hit, right? Even the frequent poster dreams of this moment, so you’re not alone. You would have made it happen by now, but you’re unsure how to go viral on Instagram. Is there a science behind it? Is it purely up to chance? Is there a way to trigger the Instagram algorithm in your favor? IG is a tricky thing to figure out for even the most experienced creator. In this blog post, we’ll try to shed some light on how to go viral on Instagram.

How To Go Viral on Instagram With That One Lucky Post

What Is Considered Going Viral on Instagram?

You’ve heard of the expression “going viral” if you’ve used any form of social media. Since the early days of YouTube, you’ve probably used it. But what is considered going viral on Instagram? To put it simply, it’s when you share material on Instagram that quickly becomes popular throughout the platform. Usually, the content goes out to thousands of users in a short amount of time, thanks to sharing content. If this happens, it may achieve viral status on Instagram. 

IG hasn’t issued any official benchmarks or standards for what is “viral.” Some would say that going viral is subjective. When determining whether something of yours has achieved viral status, use your usual content numbers as a measuring stick.

When determining virality, there are some metrics you can consider. Here’s what you should look for in your Instagram Insights:

  1. The overall reach of the post, specifically to new users.
  2. The number of times users have shared your photo or reel to other users or their stories.
  3. The total number of likes that this post attracted from IG users.
  4. The rate at which people responded to the content.
  5. The number of comments your call to action attracted.
  6. The new followers you gained from the reel or post.

There are a lot of numbers involved in this. IG does notify you when posts are doing better than former posts. This could be a good starting point for you. A feature on the Explore page is a good indicator as well. It means IG is assisting in garnering further reach. Usually, as a content creator, you can just tell when your post is racking up numbers. Instead of wondering whether you went viral, work to improve per post.

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How To Go Viral on Instagram: Reels Edition

Are you an independent social media content creator, or do you manage social media for a company? Either way, you need to adapt quickly to capitalize on these IG trends. That way, you can produce the types of content that have the potential to spread over the internet.

Everyone knows about the new trend on Instagram, known as “Instagram Reels.” They are short-form videos that contain clips and photos. Because reels have a higher level of user engagement than your standard photo, they often become viral content. If you want to know how to go viral on Instagram, reels specifically, you’re in the right place.

Upload at the Best Time

Timing is extremely important in the sphere of reels. You have the best chance to go viral on Instagram when you share your material at the appropriate times. The initial seconds that your reel is up are crucial. Use your Instagram insights to find out your optimal posting time. This way, you’ll find the breakdowns per day and hour. Now that you know this, capitalize on those times. Use your content calendar to organize your posts so that they take advantage of those times and days.

Use Hashtags

Hashtag use is a crucial component of Instagram video posts. This is how the app’s algorithm categorizes the video material you upload. Then, they show it to users who are interested in seeing it. 

Don’t throw popular hashtags on a post. This is not how you go viral on Instagram. Carefully consider the hashtags you want to use. To make your Instagram posts go viral, mix in some niche hashtags. The more popular ones often have too many reels and posts attached. You don’t want to get lost in that sea.

Reel Them In With the Intro

The first three seconds matter. This counts as a view. They are crucial. Use that time to catch your audience’s attention. If you get them to watch longer than that, it’s a plus.

Keep It Short

Not all reels can be short. But where they can be short, capitalize on it. The shorter they are, the more likely people will repeat it. If IG sees that a reel is getting replayed, it may suggest it to other users.

A better chance at virality may mean uploading at better times and experimenting with different formats. Trending music in your Reels is also key. Attune your mind to get on board with the viral trends happening. 

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How Long Does It Take To Go Viral on Instagram? I Want It To Happen Now!

Some creators seem to think that going viral is like winning the lottery. They think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing that changes their life forever. There are some tips to help skew the odds in your favor. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Post as often as you can. This will assist in guaranteeing that more people see your high-quality content. It will give you a greater chance of landing on the Explore page.
  • IG users like to be entertained. They also like to learn from the app. If you can create content that does both, you’re on your way to virality!
  • Check to see that your posts and reels are of high quality. You’re competing against a lot of other aspiring creators, so make sure you edit them well. 
  • If you want engagement, you need to engage first! Do this by commenting on other people’s content and liking and sharing the content they post. 
  • Consider using captions for your videos. Making your material more accessible to the hearing-impaired and those who use IG on mute is a good plan. It increases the possibility that people will watch your reels the whole way through.

So, how long does it take to go viral on Instagram? A reel that you post today might take weeks or months to take off. Don’t give up if they still don’t receive a lot of engagement in the first 24 hours. You might find that a reel you posted weeks ago is just now getting the traction you think it deserves. You just have to be patient. You never know which reel will be the one to go viral. You increase your chances when you keep uploading.

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Use These Hashtags To Go Viral on Instagram

Hashtags are a great tool for your material on social media. Users will find your content much easier to locate with the aid of good hashtags. They may also work well at expanding your content’s reach on IG, thereby making it more popular. This doesn’t go just for posts. It works for IG reels as well. You should definitely consider including hashtags in your Instagram Reels content planning. It’s an important step to take if you want to give your content the best chance at virality.

The term “viral hashtag” refers to a trending hashtag on Instagram. It has the potential to increase a user’s standing in a particular subject. You already know that hashtags that go viral increase your content’s exposure. In addition to this, they help establish your brand’s relevance in that field or category. They improve how searchable your posts are by users.

Naturally, you will want to know that your tactics are successful. Is there a way to know whether a hashtag is going “viral” on your social media platforms? It may be trickier than you think. Attaining IG virality is relative. 

Where content falls into a specific, small niche, it may take lower numbers to regard a post as going viral. One thousand likes and shares could mean virality for you. Now, we are going to provide you with some suggestions for hashtags to go viral on Instagram:

  • #explore
  • #viral 
  • #viralpost 
  • #explorepage 
  • #followforfollowback
  • #follow 
  • #instagram
  • #reels 
  • #reelsinstagram
  • #insta 
  • #comment 
  • #viralpost 
  • #trending 
  • #techhouse 
  • #technology 
  • #techwear 
  • #influencer 
  • #influencermarketing 
  • #influencerstyle 
  • #fashiongoals 
  • #fashionoftheday 
  • #fashioninfluencer
  • #beautyworks 
  • #beautyinspo 
  • #pet 
  • #dogsofinstagram 
  • #petsofinstagram 
  • #animal 
  • #instadog 
  • #dogstagram 
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How Many Views To Go Viral on Instagram

It’s hard to give you a specific number for virality on Instagram. In certain circles, you’ll hear that you haven’t achieved viral status until you receive at least 100,000 likes and views. But is it reasonable to have a general guideline? An arbitrary number does not consider that one niche may be less popular than another. A post could be doing extremely well compared to others in its category. If it hasn’t attained 100,000 likes and views, does that mean it hasn’t gone viral? It’s hard to say how many views it takes to go viral on Instagram.

You Could Be Viral in Your Niche

Have you heard the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy?” Apply it here. It’s possible that what becomes extremely popular on Instagram generally differs from what becomes popular in your specific specialty. It would be a shame to see a big increase in engagement on a post and ignore it. It would ungrate to that because it’s not as popular as someone else’s post. Virality can be subjective. What if you or your competitors routinely obtain 1,000 likes per post? Getting to 5,000 likes or more on Instagram could be a viral moment.

Reasonable Metrics To Use

You don’t want to experience your viral moment and not know it’s happening. Let your brand determine what viral means to it. For example, when one of your posts on Instagram goes viral, it could look like this:

  • More people are following you as a result of your reels.
  • A higher reach to more IG pages.
  • More comments on your posts than usual.
  • An increased number of shares.
  • A notably higher like count compared to the average likes on previous posts.

These metrics are manageable for smaller pages. If you were to get 100,000 likes on a post, could you manage that influx? Could you respond to all the comments and DMs? How will you deal with the pressure of maintaining that level of social media content? If you can’t handle it yet, maybe that level of virality isn’t for you.

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Don’t Ask How To Go Viral on Instagram Overnight — Aim for Sustained Growth

Bringing your brand or personality to social media is a great decision. IG keeps creators in businesses in mind when it configures its algorithm. If you know what to do, your content strategy will attract your target audience in droves. Of course, a good growth strategy should include the Plixi social media experts.

You can’t just bank on a viral post to catapult your success. You have to put time and effort into your brand overall. Like anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of work to establish a strong and enduring online reputation. A developing brand uses growth tactics to increase its reach. We can help to determine those tactics.

We believe hiring a Plixi social media expert might help you progress more rapidly on Instagram. With us, your brand undergoes a major transformation. We assist our clients in increasing their brand visibility and original content. If you want to gain passionate, engaged Instagram followers, you’re in the right place.

Plixi’s specialists facilitate exponential development with the aid of our team of highly competent Instagram influencers. In addition to that, our in-house AI targeting technologies provide the empirical data we need. Instead of focusing on how to go viral on Instagram overnight, focus on sustained growth. Use Plixi to get more Instagram followers right now!

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