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Instagram Comments: Make It Exactly What You Want It To Be


Plixi Team

Oct 09, 2023 11 min read

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Instagram comments can be a warzone or a safe space. Fortunately, it can be exactly what you make it. Did you know that? You don’t have to look through comments with bated breath. You can feel like your tribe is here. You don’t have to run from IG like other social networks. Not sure what we mean? Keep reading to find out!

Instagram comments can be a warzone or a safe space. Fortunately, it can be exactly what you make it. Did you know that? You don’t have to look through comments with bated breath. You can feel like your tribe is here. You don’t have to run from IG like other social networks. Not sure what we mean? Keep reading to find out!

Instagram Comments: Make It Exactly What You Want It To Be

Here’s How To Delete a Comment on Instagram to Keep Your Feed Peaceful

Luckily, Instagram allows you to curate the comments on your content. You disagree with other users’ opinions about your images and videos. That’s fine. Maybe you want to control how people perceive your brand. You may have changed your mind about what you’ve already said. We will walk you through how to delete a comment on Instagram.

You can delete comments on Instagram that other users have left on your posts and reels. You may delete comments under the Instagram accounts of other people. However, you can only delete comments you have posted.

You may remove a comment from an Instagram post by opening the post on your mobile device or laptop. The choice is yours.

Using a Smartphone

  1. Go to the desired post.
  2. Launch the area for user comments. 
  3. Press and hold a comment on Android for a few seconds; on iOS, swipe left over it.
  4. Pick the Delete option.

Using a Computer

  1. Go to the comment in question.
  2. Click on the three dots.
  3. Simply press the Delete button.

You can also delete real comments from an Instagram user in bulk. When you block another Instagram user, all their remarks on your profile will be gone. They will not leave any more comments beneath your posts.

  1. Android users should hold down the comment button. Swipe it to the left if you’re using iOS.
  2. Select the symbol that looks like an exclamation point. 
  3. Select the user you want to block.

Now, your social media comment section is a healthy place again.

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This Is How To Pin a Comment on Instagram So Your Followers See It Immediately

By “pinning” a remark on a post, you may ensure that a particular comment remains at the very top of the post. You’ve likely seen the feature before. There is a particular comment fixed at the top of the section. You also want to know how to pin a comment on Instagram. We can show you how. Read our step-by-step guide to pinning comments on Instagram:

On Instagram, “pinning” a comment is a straightforward operation. You can do it using either the mobile app or the online version of the platform. The following are the steps you need to take to pin a comment on Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device, or navigate to on your desktop.
  2. Proceed to the post where you wish to pin a remark and navigate to it.
  3. Find the remark you want to pin by scrolling through all the comments left on the post.
  4. Hold down your finger on the comment. Swipe left on iOS.
  5. Choose the “Pin Comment” option from the menu. On iOS, click the icon that looks like a thumb tack.
  6. The remark will remain at the top of the post even after you add others.

This is how to get the most out of this feature. You may use this tool to interact with those who follow you. Create a feeling of community among your followers. Answer a question that they ask regularly and pin it. Ensure that your most essential comments are displayed at the top of your post. Follow the procedures outlined above and make use of the helpful hints.

Why People Decide To Buy Instagram Comments

Linking is easy. Saving is too. These are just clicks of a button. People are more likely to leave a comment if they are interested in your material. Your call to action may be effective. Maybe the quality was good. Regardless, getting Instagram comments is significantly more difficult than getting likes.

Instagram’s algorithm also rewards comments more highly due to the extra work they need. This makes them far more appealing to companies and influencers. Thus, the temptation to buy comments cheaply increases Instagram visibility. It could lead to more followers.

Influencers may opt to buy comments on Instagram because of the ripple effect it could create. The more purchased comments on Instagram you have, the more organic comments you are likely to receive.

The decision to buy Instagram comments shouldn’t make you lazy, though. I am still developing content that entices people to interact to the point of leaving a remark. There is so much competition on Instagram that it may be tough to stand out. Using a similar service might help you stand out.

Do You Want To Know How To Edit a Comment on Instagram? We Have Some Bad News for You

Ugh. Typos are a nightmare. They can mean something different from what you intended. Like most of us, you want to know how to edit a comment on Instagram. You can only change your Instagram captions once you publish a post on the platform. You can’t manage Instagram comments that other users leave on your postings or the posts of other users.

The following are some steps for modifying your caption on Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and access your profile.
  2. Find the content containing the caption you wish to alter, then click on it. 
  3. Press the three dots that appear horizontally at the top right of the post. 
  4. Click on Edit and make the desired change.
  5. Select the Done button. 
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Animate Your Life! This Is How to Post GIFs on Instagram Comments

You’ve seen them. We’ve seen them. GIFs have made their way to the Instagram comment section. Like them or love them, people are using them. The comment sections of static articles, carousels, and Reels now support the addition of GIFs. Including GIFs in comments opens up new avenues for user participation and helps comments stick out more. This means you can’t get left behind. You need to know how to post GIFs on Instagram comments.

Both users of Instagram on Android as well as iOS may now use this functionality. They just need the most recent version of the app. Additionally, the only option is to select one from Instagram’s library of GIFs.

This is how you add a GIF to a post that is in the comments section:

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account and go to the profile tab.
  2. Locate the post on which you would like to comment. 
  3. Click the ‘GIF’ button to search the library using the Giphy search tool. 
  4. Select the GIF you want to upload, then press the Send button to send it to the comments section.

That’s all you have to do. What if you don’t like the GIF in your comment section?

It is not difficult to remove a GIF posted in the comments section of your site.

Simply dragging the comment or GIF to the left will reveal a symbol that looks like a garbage can. If you select this option, the GIF will go away immediately after you make your selection.

Like the meme, GIFs are a small yet crucial element that lends Instagram a lighthearted, comical air. It enables users to communicate with one another in a variety of methods.

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Stop Them in Their Tracks! This Is How To Turn off Comments on Instagram

Do you want to prevent users from leaving comments on your Instagram posts? Sometimes, you just know when a certain topic will garner the wrong kind of engagement. We will show you how to turn off comments on Instagram for each post.

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing problems with comments on a photo or video you’ve already posted. You have the option to disable comments on posts that are already live. This is how to do it:

  1. Launch Instagram. 
  2. Navigate to the post that contains the comments you wish to block
  3. To access the drop-down menu, select the symbol that looks like three horizontal dots. It’s in the top right corner.
  4. To disable comments, choose “Turn off commenting” from the drop-down option that appears on the screen.

There is another tool you may not know about. The social networking service has a keyword screening mechanism. It will automatically remove comments that may contain terms regarded as inappropriate or offensive.

The application has a default set of restricted terms IG has deemed offensive. Suppose a remark on your profile contains any of these terms from another user. In that case, the program will remove the comment immediately. In most cases, the setting is already in its active state. On the other hand, you can handle it.

  1. Navigate to your user profile.
  2. Use the wheel in the display’s top-right corner to adjust the settings.
  3. Choose “Comments” from the list of options in the privacy settings.
  4. To enable the “Hide Offensive Comments” option, simply check the box next to the slider button.

That’s it! This is just one of the many quality services of the app!

You Can Preserve Your Peace When You Learn How To Hide Comments on Instagram

A strong social media presence comes with some negatives as well. Some comments won’t be from people in your target audience. If they don’t like your content, they may have something negative to say. Is there a comment on Instagram that bothered you? Maybe you’re concerned that there will be more comments on Instagram like that one. Are you an Instagram user who wants to know how to hide comments on Instagram? You can follow our steps.

It is conceivable that offensive remarks contain terms or phrases that the program neglected to include. Maybe some comments are offensive to you, and IG just doesn’t know. They would bypass the filter, displaying the words on your profile.

In this scenario, Instagram allows users to designate particular terms as offensive. This designation will cause the remark to disappear immediately. You may immediately enable this functionality by doing the following:

  1. Go to your user profile tab.
  2. Use the wheel in the display’s top-right corner to adjust the settings.
  3. Navigate to the settings for comments.
  4. Engage the “Manual filter” option.
  5. In the “Custom Keywords” area, enter the terms that you would want blocked.

After activation, Instagram will filter out any terms you have previously marked as inappropriate. You can modify or add new phrases to this list at any moment. This will have an impact on the visibility of the comments located underneath the postings.

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Watch as the Instagram Comments Come Flooding In

Having a significant following on your social media platforms will work to your advantage. Having a thriving engagement rate is even better. This may result in financial as well as social benefits. 

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