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Instagram Growth Hacks To Skyrocket Your Follow Count


Plixi Team

Mar 18, 2024 9 min read

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The Instagram growth hacks in this article will help elevate your account in any niche. Some of the top brands use the strategies we’ll share.

We’ve got you covered, from posting a wide range of comments and using hashtags to hosting giveaways!

So, without further ado, keep reading for our top tips and tricks for growing your Instagram account!

Instagram Growth Hacks To Skyrocket Your Follow Count

What Is Instagram Growth Hacking?

Instagram growth hacking is the process of using strategies to increase the size of your account. You can use different metrics to evaluate growth depending on the reasons for your IG account. Here are some of the top metrics you can use to measure Instagram growth:

  • Followers: You can measure your Instagram follower count to monitor the account growth. Having milestone goals for reaching a specific number of followers is a good idea. You can then release milestone content to reward the community for helping with Instagram account growth. 
  • Viewers: It’s important to track the number of views you receive with different content types. This will help you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your content strategy. You can analyze your Instagram Insights dashboard to get more data and insights. 
  • Likes: Take note of the like count for your content. This gives you a clue about the user engagement levels and interest. Try replicating the posts with a higher like count since that’s what users enjoy. 
  • Comments: Pay attention to the number of comments left for your Instagram posts. More comments indicate higher engagement levels, which is a positive metric. You can also increase the comment number by engaging with the audience. Answer questions and post some yourself to kick-start a discussion. 
  • Referral traffic: More referral traffic means that your account is growing. Also, you can monetize referral traffic. This includes building an email list or selling more products on an e-commerce store.
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3 Instagram Hacks for Organic Growth

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Instagram hacks for organic growth. These are widely accepted methods that work for some of the biggest Instagram accounts out there. You can beat competitors in any niche and dominate the marketplace using these tactics. 

1. Add High Traffic Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the primary methods that your audience uses to find posts. Therefore, you need to add the right hashtags to your posts. These must be relevant so that viewers landing on your content will stick around. 

Also, don’t use more than a small handful of hashtags on a single post. Aim for about 4-5 well-chosen hashtags. You can spread hashtags around by creating more posts instead of spamming a single post with many. 

Additionally, you can view the traffic generation number for hashtags in your Instagram Insights console. This will help you better understand the best hashtags for growth-hacking Instagram.

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2. Use the Right Approach for Each Content Type

Instagram provides you with different types of content you can post on social media. It’s important to utilize each one to capture a wider audience for organic growth. However, you need the right approach for every content type, and here are a few suggestions:

  • Instagram Reels: Focus on giving the most information you can in a short time. Reels must be snappy and get to the point. Also, do a lot of editing to make the content stand out. This includes adding captions, stickers, and much more. Look at competitor Reels to get an idea of what’s already working in your niche.
  • Instagram Stories: The Instagram Stories content you publish should cater to your followers. This includes giving exclusive content you wouldn’t share outside the member’s area. This will make them feel special when clicking the follow button. It will also increase your follower retention numbers. 
  • Instagram Live: The trick with live streams is to bring a lot of energy and engage with the audience. In fact, you should make viewers feel as if you’re speaking to them directly. You can achieve this by taking the time to read the live chat and respond. 
  • Instagram posts: This is the regular type of content that you see Instagram accounts publish. It’s important to mix up the IG post strategy to offer variety to potential customers. Also, make sure of all the features, which include using the best Instagram hashtag strategy

3. Host a Giveaway

Consider creating a giveaway that rewards customers for taking part. For example, you can include free products, samples, discounts, and more. Also, you can get other brands to sponsor the giveaway by providing the products. This allows you to grow your Instagram account without spending much money. 

When hosting an Instagram giveaway, you must share the rules with the audience. Also, be transparent about the chances of winning. This ensures that your audience can set realistic expectations. 

Consider running a promotion during the giveaway period to ensure everyone will benefit. This will also increase your account’s follower count. That’s because users will want to avoid missing out on the next promotional period or giveaway.

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Instagram Story Hacks

Instagram Stories is a short-form media format with videos of up to 90 seconds. They are different from Reels since only followers will receive stories in their feeds. Furthermore, Instagram deletes stories automatically within 24 hours. 

To ensure your audience continues to consume this content, take advantage of the following Instagram story hacks:

  • Quality over quantity: It’s important to post content often, but it must be high quality. Therefore, you need to add value to each post instead of putting in little effort. Otherwise, your audience will benign to tune out your stories and perhaps unfollow the account. 
  • Unique content: Don’t post the same stories you might see on competitor accounts. Consider adding a unique spin to cover the same news story. This could be sharing your opinion or adding interesting editing. 
  • Behind the scenes: consider posting behind-the-scenes content for your business. This might be showing your physical location or your content creation setup. This makes audience members feel like there’s exclusive content to consume.
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How To Get More Followers on Instagram

Are you interested in learning how to get more followers on Instagram? There are many methods to get more Instagram followers; using them all increases your chances. However, get started with only one from the list and master it before moving forward. 

1. Instagram Influencer Collaborations

Forming a network of influencers is an excellent growth hack for Instagram. You can hijack large audiences and accelerate your growth process. However, the Instagram influencers you contact must have the same target audience. 

This ensures your account and brand will be of interest. It’s especially important when you have a limited budget, and making the right investment is key. 

To speed up the process, you’ll need to use Instagram direct messages (DMs) when contacting influencers. Also, use templates to contact a large number of influencers in a short amount of time. Take advantage of a spreadsheet to organize your list and update the status of your collaboration

2. Engaging With Your Audience

Take the time to interact with your audience to provide an overall better experience. After all, many users log into social media platforms to communicate with others. You can start by answering comments to increase the engagement rate. This shows those in the comments section that you’re active after posting content. 

Creating live streams is another way of engaging with your audience in a way that adds value. For instance, you can host Q&A sessions to help inform your audience. This is especially useful if you have complicated products that need an explanation. 

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3. Using Other Digital Assets

You can take advantage of your hard work to build other digital assets to grow Instagram followers. This allows you to take advantage of large audiences elsewhere and funnel them to your Instagram URL. Here’s a summary of the digital assets you can use to drive traffic to your Instagram account:

  • Website: You can divert traffic from your website to social media profile pages (like Instagram). Do this by adding social buttons in your footer and other locations. You can even add links to your blog posts if that makes sense. A high-traffic website can drive a lot of new followers. It also allows users to interact with your content and communicate via DMs. 
  • Email list: Do you have a large email list that’s responsive? Then, you can send members of your email list directly to your Instagram profile page. You can also add buttons in the footer of your emails. Also, include a link to your Instagram account and give them a reason to click the follow button. This can include unique content and promotions. 
  • Social media platforms: You can send followers to Instagram from your other social media profiles. This is an excellent idea when you are active elsewhere but new to Instagram. Some users will want to follow you on different platforms, so it’s a good idea.
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Instagram Growth Hacks To Help You Beat the Competition

Growing on Instagram is fun since you can watch the numbers increase and you can use many viable strategies. 

However, with so many competitors in most niches, you must give others a reason to follow you. Therefore, you must use our growth hacks to get an edge and stand out. 

Now that you can access the best Instagram growth hacks, use them to improve your account. Make sure that you master one strategy before moving on to others. Otherwise, you’ll spread yourself too thinly and get no results. 

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