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How To Get More Followers on Instagram—Top Tips Uncovered!

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 12 min read

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Discovering how to get more followers on Instagram is a rewarding process, and there are many ways to get the job done. More followers mean increased authority, more brand awareness, and allowing your message to reach a wider audience. Also, it can get addictive and exciting watching your subscriber count increase.

We’ve included only the most effective and proven strategies in this article that any type of Instagram account can use to grow its follower count. These tried and tested methods work for the biggest Instagram accounts, so it’s a great starting point for anyone.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram—Top Tips Uncovered!

Why Figuring Out How To Get More Followers on Instagram Is Worthwhile?

You may wonder why discovering how to get more followers on Instagram is a good use of your time and resources. After all, there are many other marketing channels out there for you to grow your audience. That’s because increasing your Instagram follower count has massive implications for user engagement. For example, accounts with 1 million followers command more respect than those with just 10,000.

Additionally, you’ll need to boost your Instagram follower numbers to increase the odds of big brands noticing you. Hence, you’ll get more opportunities to make money from sponsorship deals as the follower count increases. That’s because brands want to take advantage of Instagram accounts with higher follower counts to get more for their money.

Since Instagram is one of the more competitive social media platforms, you’ll need to use every strategy to tilt the odds of success in your favor and get quality followers.

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram For Free

Are you wondering how to get more followers on Instagram for free? We will share many free strategies in the section below to help you save your marketing budget.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are comparable to TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts, so they are quick and to the point. The 15 second time limit challenges you to share your message quickly, and the platform offers many tools to edit the video. Also, you can improve Instagram Reels sharability by using hashtags, the cover image, and captions. Hence, it’s a great strategy for how to get more followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Through Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy that shares something interesting, funny, and educates. Mixing these content types is a good idea to cater to different audiences and keep things fresh. It’s one of the easiest strategies to execute when learning how to get more followers on Instagram. That’s because you can combine it with content repurposing to take advantage of the content you have on your website.

Furthermore, you can use user-generated content and content creator contributions to develop your content strategy. Finally, don’t forget about tools like Instagram Live to mix things up.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram With Hashtags

You can use hashtags to let users know what your post is about and increase their searchability. Users may be more willing to follow an IG account if they notice many of the hashtags match their interests. Learning how to get more followers on Instagram using hashtags is one of the easiest and more effective methods.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram With a Consistent Calendar

Your Instagram account needs to have a consistent social media content calendar. The goal is to get viewers used to interacting with your content so they expect it at specific times of the day and week. Eventually, they will follow your Instagram account, thus helping you with how to get more followers on Instagram. Also, you’ll need to figure out the best times to post on Instagram for the best results.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram With an Optimized Profile

Learning how to get more followers on Instagram with an optimized profile should be one of the first strategies to implement. That’s because you want to leave a good impression on anyone that views your account. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Search-friendly username: make sure your username is easy to find and memorable. 
  • Optimized picture: use a picture you are proud to attach your name to, and brands can use their logo. 
  • Description: the description is the perfect place to share with your audience directly what the account is about.

Instagram Stories Highlights

The Instagram Stories Highlights feature allows you to pin the story to your IG profile. This is ideal for users that want to bring more attention to a specific Instagram story that aims to increase the number of followers. For example, Instagram Stories Highlights can include a welcome message for new users and explain what they can see on your account.

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram Faster

Learning how to get more followers on Instagram faster might be required when you need to hit goals. This can include business goals, or you might have personal ones, such as getting 1 million followers. You’ll need to make the most of the assets and resources available to you to get followers faster.

The type of resources you want to consider includes your email list, social media channels, and website. You can utilize existing subscribers on other platforms by funneling them to your Instagram accounts. Depending on your audience size on those other platforms, you can receive a massive follower boost.

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Instagram Followers App For Tracking

You can use the Instagram followers app tracking options to monitor the rate of followers you’re receiving. These apps are a good choice if you want more analysis on how quickly you get new followers and from what kind of events.

Additionally, you can use these apps to find unfollowers. This allows you to create a campaign to get those followers back. For example, targeting unfollowers is the best first step if you’re rebranding. Then use Instagram Analytics to see what’s working.

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram With Business Accounts

Business accounts may want to take a different approach or use more effort to ensure their make the most of their potential. This section shares some of the top methods of how to get more followers on Instagram with business accounts.

Reference Other Instagram Accounts

Within your posts, you should mention other Instagram accounts, and they may do the same. Hence, this strategy works well if you get other high-profile IG accounts to send a mention your way. This can lead to big follower boosts—especially if the account is related to your industry.

Use Your Website To Promote Your Instagram Account

Your website is an easy source of new Instagram followers. Simply add Instagram follow buttons all over your website in places where it will catch viewer attention. This works especially well if you have a high-traffic website.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram by Asking for the Follow

Being direct with your audience is the best way how to get more followers on Instagram. Asking users to follow is a great strategy because it has proven to work. Also, during your request, include the advantages of following your channel. This includes setting expectations of what content they can expect to receive.

Make sure that the follow requests blend with your content strategy so that it doesn’t come across as spam. Also, you can add follow requests on all types of content, including picture posts, reels, and stories.

Use Brand Ambassadors

Utilizing the massive audiences other Instagram accounts have built is a shortcut to growing your follower count. Find industry-related IG accounts with big audiences and ask them to mention your account. This could be via a paid sponsorship, and often the rewards outweigh the costs. Making sure you’re on the social media content calendar of top influencers is a great idea.

Create Content in Advance

To avoid disruption in your post frequency, consider creating content in advance. Therefore, you guarantee a consistent schedule when your day-to-day list of things to complete gets long. Setting a schedule also allows you to create a mix of topics so you don’t post too much of the same content type in a row.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram Using Content Repurposing

To increase the ROI of your IG account follower acquisition consider taking advantage of your existing resources. You can modify your existing content for your IG posts when wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. The modifications must address your target audience’s Instagram needs to ensure optimized engagement.

For instance, let’s say you have a large library of YouTube videos. You can use the content for these to make short videos on Instagram Reels. Content repurposing can help you develop content ideas if you’re stuck.

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How To Get More Instagram Followers on Instagram By Cheating

If you’re wondering how to get more followers on Instagram by cheating, you’ll find a few options available to you. These strategies have upsides and massive downsides, so we don’t recommend participating. After all, we have already outlined many legitimate methods of increasing your follower count.

Buy Instagram Followers

You may think that choosing to buy Instagram followers is a good option at first glance. However, there are several reasons why this is not a good method for how to get more followers on Instagram:

  • Money waste: The funds you allocate for buying Instagram followers you can spend on creating quality IG posts or other methods of growing your follower count. 
  • Instagram may notice: It’s against the rules to buy followers on Instagram, and the platform actively policies the practice. Therefore, you may get caught and banned. 
  • Fake followers: In most cases, the followers you buy are fake accounts. Hence, they won’t engage with your content, so you won’t benefit from natural followers. 
  • Trust loss: If your audience discovers you have bought followers, your Instagram reputation is tarnished. 
  • No engagement: The fake followers won’t buy products or take advantage of offers you may share on your posts and Instagram reels.


Spamming your audience is another strategy that should be avoided. You may think that more posts lead to a higher follower count, but that’s not always the case. Once you notice the engagement rate decreasing, it might be time to decrease the post frequency.

Using Too Many Hashtags

Don’t use too many hashtags since that also looks like spam. It makes posts look ugly, and users will get the impression that you don’t care about providing a good user experience. You’ll see that the top IG accounts on the platforms use just a few hashtags in their posts.  

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram With Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is an important component of how to get more followers on Instagram. This increases the effectiveness of every bit of content you release and has the biggest impact. Also, it ensures that you are communicating with a specific person in mind, which helps create the right posts.

Additionally, your posts should include pictures since Instagram users expect this from posts. In fact, the quality of the pictures is more important than the text, so that should be the focus of your optimization efforts.

Here are a few other things you can do to improve the quality of your audience targeting:

  • Demographics: Analyze your audience more intimately by analyzing your demographics. This includes things like age and location. 
  • Engage in the conversation: Interact with your audience in every post by responding to comments. During this process, you’ll better understand the makeup of your audience. You can use this information to determine how to make future posts more relevant. 
  • Geotagging: Are you interested in targeting users in a particular state, city, or town? That’s where Instagram’s geo-tagging features are handy. You can target users in particular areas to laser focus your targeting. 
  • Competitive intelligence: You can spy on your competitors to see how they approach audience targeting. You’ll get the most help from competitors that have spent years researching, and you can take advantage of their hard work.
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How To Get More Followers on Instagram by Boosting

The boosting service on Instagram allows you to utilize and spend money to grow the follower count. This is one of the best strategies for how to get more followers on Instagram quickly if you’re willing to spend the funds. 

The speed and size of the boost varies based on how much money you’re willing to spend. When using this method, it’s a good idea to include many hashtags so you can make the most for every dollar spent.

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How To Boost Followers on Instagram Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many strategies for how to boost followers on Instagram. Some of those are proven methods that the biggest brands in the world apply with good results. While others, like buying IG followers, are not a good long-term solution.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of strategies discussed above. Start with one, and after getting the hang of it, move on to the next.

Here at Plixi, we’ve built an in-house platform of Instagram influencers that combines with our custom AI targeting algorithm. This is our special recipe for finding targeted, engaged, and interested users. Hence, we are industry leaders for growing Instagram audiences to new heights. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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