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How To Become an Instagram Model by Making Content Your Way!


Plixi Team

Dec 21, 2023 10 min read

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Decades ago, only a specific physique could boast of being a model. While IG has made people insecure, it’s simultaneously empowered more body types. Successful models don’t have to have a specific body type. Modeling agencies aren’t the only way to make it a model. Instagram is a platform that gives you access to millions of followers and many opportunities to earn from it. We can help you with how to become an Instagram model. If you have the guts to set up that photo shoot in a public place, you deserve a modeling career!

We can help you reach that target audience, hopefully including some great brands. It’s time to use these social media platforms for good! Keep reading to find out how.

How To Become an Instagram Model by Making Content Your Way!

How To Become an Instagram Fitness Model and Start Making Those Gains

You love your body. Your taste in clothing is pretty good, too. Everyone always asks you where your clothes come from. It’s flattering, but it’s free promo. If you’re good enough to boost people into sales, why not try your hand at being an Instagram model? Are you interested in how to become an Instagram fitness model? We have some tips you might find helpful. Successful models use some of these tactics:

Create a Story or Narrative

Have you ever found yourself hooked on a show you know is terrible? The one where the acting, pacing, and costume design are hard to look at. Somehow, you need to know how the story ends. You need to know how it pans out for these underdeveloped characters and their poor decisions. People love to follow a journey on IG, too. Create a fitness goal, and label each piece of content in chronological order. This way, your followers will know that you intend to follow up on progress. If they stumble upon part 3, they may want to see the first two parts. Watching someone stick to their goals or even fall off their goals is inspirational. Watch your follow count go up because people want to keep up with the story.

Incorporate Lists in Your Content

Lists have a way of simplifying otherwise dense content. If you want to share why your glute exercises work for you, you’re going to have to break it down. The average follower may not want all the fitness jargon. They want to know what works in bullet points. Create Instagram reels with lists that last longer than the 3-second mark on reels. Also, consider using viral sounds and reel templates for ease.

Show Off Your Fashion While You’re at It

Some people motivate themselves to go to the gym by wearing cute outfits. A slick way of attracting the fashion-minded sector of IG is by showing off your gym outfits. This opens your content to a whole new sector of IG.

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How To Become an Instagram Male Model: IG Is an Equal Opportunity Site

Instagram has been a great tool to catapult women to stardom. There are Instagram models of all shapes, sizes, and sexes, too. If you’re a guy who wants to make it as an IG model, you’re at the right place for information.

IG is a great place to use as a portfolio of sorts. Potential clients and agents can make one quick trip to see what you’re working with! If they like what they see, an optimized bio should take it from there. That’s where you keep your contact and booking details.

Maybe you don’t even want to take it that far. You just want to post beautiful photos and crisp reels for brands. That’s valid, too. It’s the popular modern way to earn an honest living. We want it to happen for you. Here are some good tips on how to become an Instagram male model:

Get Better at Using Hashtags

For people to discover you, having a chiseled jawline isn’t enough. (It sure helps, though. Ask Prison Bae.) Being general with a few relevant hashtags is ok. #model or #malemodel should get some traction. However, more specific ones like #houstontexasmodel or #blackmalemodel are great too. There will be less competition when people search for those hashtags. With this hashtag strategy, people who want what you specifically offer will find you easily.

Diversify Your Content

Try out different aesthetics to see what the audience responds to the most. Maybe you’re an island boy and love to take pictures on the beach. Have you considered dressing up in a turtleneck or trench coat? You could be missing out on an entire audience by limiting yourself to one type of clothing. If you are ever booked to model, they want to know you can work in any season.

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How To Become an Instagram Model and Get Paid for Your Content Creator

Posing in nice outfits and exploiting your angles is fun. You’re a fan of the art of modeling. However, it does take up some of your time. Potential compensation is a good reason to keep at this content creation thing. Your concerns are valid. We can share some steps on how to become an Instagram model and get paid while you’re at it.

Make Quality Content

First of all, your content has to be good. Remember, Instagram influencers are taking the place of TV commercials and online ads. Formal ads are usually quite high quality. Your replacement has to be impressive, too. You can’t avoid this part. It has to compel people to want to spend money on a particular brand. So, work on getting good B-roll content. Upload with the best internet connection. Hold your hand steady. Brands love your personality and how down-to-earth you are. They still want the content to have good production value.

Affiliate Links

One way money ends up in influencer pockets is through affiliate marketing. Influencers will post themselves wearing brands like Shein. In the Instagram caption, you’ll see a discount code. When you use this code, you’ll get a discount. The creator will get a small monetary incentive. For brand deals, the content they produce should convince people to want to buy from that site.

Sponsored Posts

Brands could look at your quality content and want you to create content for them. This time, you could have more than a percentage of sales. You could get paid upfront. This fee would be dependent on your follower count, follower demographic, and engagement rate. Your Instagram Insights will give you an idea of what that is.

Digital Products

This method of earning from IG is not one where a brand pays you to show off its content. Rather, IG is merely a platform to advertise products that you sell through another platform. You could sell your products and use your career as a lifestyle influencer to promote them on IG. These could be physical items, but that involves so many logistics. Consider digital products like ebooks, which outline how to achieve what you have. 

Creating digital products is more feasible than you think. There are things that you’ve done that some people only dream of. Did you move to another country? Sell an ebook on how you did it. Did you quit your corporate job? Start a blog or Patreon and talk about the progress of the journey.

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How To Become an Instagram Model for Clothing Brands: Important Points To Note

You’ve always had a keen interest in clothing. People ask you for advice on their outfits. They know you have an eye for color and can dress people according to their body type. What’s even better is people engage with your fashion content online. They ask you where you get your clothes, and you gladly tell them. You include the sizing and review the quality a little bit, too. Now, you’re interested in knowing how to become an Instagram model for clothing brands.

It’s not too difficult to start. Plixi has gone in-depth on the topic of how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram. We will touch on the main points here.

You Don’t Need To Invest a Lot of Money

Consumerism is running rampant these days. People are buying clothes just to create haul content. They’ll try them on and hate them. Is there any proof that they return or give them away? With this in mind, know that you have to indulge in that as well. 

You already have clothes. Yes, they may seem old or dated to you, but they are new to people who’ve never seen them. You could create content around how to style existing pieces. Tag the brands that you wear. This will progressively grab their attention over time. Brands you haven’t tagged can also see how you treat other brand’s clothing. They’ll want the same high-quality content for them.

You could also center your content around thrifting items. Show off all the clothes that you got at a discount and make them look expensive. There are online consignment shops that may like your content and ask for some promotional content, too.

Find the Content That Works for You

Try different things until you find your niche. Are you interested in luxury fashion? Maybe you want to mix being a fitness influencer with your love of fashion. No, you’re a DIY creator. You want to repurpose your old clothes and minimize waste. There are so many ways to do this Instagram model thing. You just have to find the one you like most and people engage with the most.

Some Instagram models center their content around their body type. You could find your niche audience by being vulnerable about your body. Show how you dress for your pear shape or tall physique. Capitalizing on your unique features and talents will bring a target audience worth having.

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How Much Do Models Make? Use These Factors To See Where You Stand

There is no “influencer union” that can guarantee you a rate. There is also no pay scale notice from Instagram telling brands how much to pay you. If you want payment for your content, there will be a good amount of negotiating. These are your best bargaining tools:

Your Engagement Rate

You’d think that your follow count is paramount. While it does matter, your engagement rate is more indicative of actual potential sales. Some people only follow to spectate. Brands want to see that you can compel people to buy their products. Your engagement rate predicts this better.

Your Demographic

Your Instagram Insights will tell you the categories of people that follow you. It’s broken down by gender, age, and location. Brands will want to know if paying you is a worthy investment. If mainly men follow your account, makeup brands may not take the risk of a big payout, for example. If your audience is mainly under eighteen, that luxury car brand may look elsewhere.

Model Your Growth Strategy Using Our Tips!

So, how much do models make with the right Instagram growth tool? The sky is the limit, actually. Plixi can help you better your bargaining position. Attract followers from your ideal demographic. This could increase your chances of having a better engagement rate. We have sophisticated AI technology that we’ve been working on for a decade. We also have a team of Instagram influencers who know how to navigate Instagram. We can educate you on how to become an Instagram model. Trust us with your growth plans in the short and long term. Start growing your following with Plixi now!

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