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What Is a Good Like-to-Follower Ratio on Instagram?


Plixi Team

Mar 26, 2024 8 min read

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It’s handy to know what is a good like-to-follower ratio on Instagram. You can use it to determine if your like count is competitive. You’ll also discover what a good average is so you have a solid figure to compare your ratio to. 

We’ll also share tips for increasing your follower and like count. This will improve your ratio and help grow your Instagram account. Note that you can use many different strategies, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

What Is a Good Like-to-Follower Ratio on Instagram?

Average Instagram Like-to-Follower Ratio

Do you want to know what the average Instagram-like-to-follower ratio is? This figure can vary wildly, but it’s usually at around 1-3%. Therefore, when you hit this figure, you can assume that your like count is healthy for your account size. 

A lower figure means that you have room for improvement. Also, you can expect a lower-than-average ratio if you buy Instagram accounts from fake users. Therefore, you need to focus on generating organic Instagram followers to increase the ratio. 

It’s important to have a good ratio since brands will inspect it when evaluating the performance. Note that you need to look at the like count of many posts to get an accurate ratio. Perhaps you can check out your Instagram Insights data since it provides a lot of data. 

Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram?

You might be losing followers on Instagram because you are not targeting the right audience or have a bad posting strategy. In this section, we’ll explore the top reasons why your follower count could be going down. 

Note that losing some followers is perfectly normal since you can’t expect every follower to stay. However, the problem arises when more people click the unfollow button than the follow button on your account. 

1. Don’t Break the Instagram Community Guidelines

You might be breaking the Instagram community guidelines, leading to a higher unfollow rate. Therefore, you need to review the guidelines to understand what the community expects from you. 

Also, you may have broken some guidelines and received an Instagram shadowban. This limits your visibility on Instagram, so non-followers can’t see your content. This makes it hard to gain new followers. 

2. Increase Your Post Quality

Perhaps the quality of your content is not up to par compared to the rest of the competition. Therefore, Instagram users are leaving your account to make room for watching others. The best solution is to do market research to find out what you’re up against. 

Then, you need to create a plan to create the best content in the niche. At the very least, you must create content that makes your Instagram account stand out. This ensures that users have a reason to follow your account in the long run. 

3. Target the Correct Audience

You need to capture an audience that wants to consume your content. For example, you can’t capture an audience wanting to see fitness content and only share posts about health supplements. This might backfire unless you have a strategy for bridging the gap between the two topics. 

You must research the target audience you want to gather on Instagram. This includes understanding their demographics. Instagram has enough users to provide an avalanche of activity in most niches. Therefore, you can target any audience you need on the social media platform.

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How To Get More Likes on Instagram

Now, let’s tackle the issue of how to get more likes on Instagram. This is an ongoing optimization effort that you need to focus on for improvement. Therefore, you can deliver a better experience for your audience, leading to account growth. 

1. Ask Your Audience To Leave a Like

Increasing the like count for your posts can be as simple as asking. This reminds users that you want a like from them. If they feel the quality of the content is good, they won’t hesitate to leave a like or be bothered by the request. 

However, the request should be easy to spot or at the right time of a video. For example, it can be immediately after a joke’s punchline or a video’s highlight. This increases the likelihood that the audience will love the content and leave lots of likes. 

2. Create and Share Like Goals

Give your audience a goal for reaching a specific number of likes on a post. This can be 1K, 10K, and even 100K. The goal should reflect your account size and be just above average for what you get. This ensures the goal is realistic, but there’s still a challenge. 

To incentivize the like goal, you can reward the audience for helping you reach the milestone. For example, you can promise to release a specific type of post or host a giveaway. This creates a sense of challenge and reward, which is highly engaging. 

3. Analyze Data To Improve Content

Look at your data analytics and inspect the post that receives the highest number of likes. Look for commonalities between these posts that help you figure out the secret sauce. Therefore, you can replicate the success of the posts with a high like count. 

The fixes you need to make might be as simple as improving the quality of the photos or adding more text. However, this optimization process can take a lot of time, so you need to be patient.

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What Is a Good Like-to-Follower Ratio on Instagram Myths

One of the biggest myths about like-to-follower ratios is that they are the most important metric. In reality, it’s only a guideline for the success of your account. You need to look at other factors, such as how much your business makes from sales. 

Also, the follower growth rate is a good indicator of account success. You can also conduct surveys with polls that ask about the user’s perception of content quality. This information can be more useful instead of relying on the ratio. 

How To Gain Instagram Followers

We’ll now tackle the topic of how to gain Instagram followers. A wide range of strategies exist to complete this task, and using a mixture is the best approach. That’s because you need to increase your odds of success by implementing as many methods as possible. 

1. Create High Quality Content

There’s no substitute for creating high-quality content that others want to see more of in their feeds. This ensures they click the follow button to view more of that content. Therefore, you need a detailed approach to win over your audience. 

Start by researching competitors to see what content they produce to evaluate the standard. Then, you must think of ways to create better content or offer something unique. This gives users a reason to follow your account instead of the competition. 

2. Buy Instagram Followers

You can buy Instagram followers, but there’s a risk involved since it’s against Instagram’s rules. Therefore, you must be discreet about purchasing only from reputable vendors. This increases the chances of getting organic followers that add value to your account

However, if you buy fake followers, your like-to-follower ratio will worsen. That’s because the followers are fake and don’t interact with your posts. Ideally, buy Instagram followers at a natural rate that makes sense for your account. 

3. Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

You can strike up mutually beneficial relationships with other Instagram content creators. This includes featuring each other in posts and doing joint content. Therefore, your audience is exposed to theirs and vice-versa

This can lead to a large influx of new followers because your Instagram channel reaches new audiences. Using this strategy is particularly great when you collaborate with large Instagram influencers. 

However, you need to ensure that the target audience of the other account matches your own. This ensures you get followers who will stick around and buy products or services. 

4. Use Other Social Media Platforms

Do you have a presence on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Then, you can funnel those users to your Instagram URL page and get more followers. 

However, you must give them reasons to join your Instagram account. This might be because you provide exclusive content or a bigger library of videos. Instagram is a popular platform, so many people will organically join because they use it anyway. 

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Is It Possible To Improve the Like-to-Follower Ratio?

Yes, you can improve the like-to-follower ratio, but it can take a long time. Typically, this shouldn’t be a goal but a byproduct of other goals. Therefore, focus on creating high-quality content, and most things will fall into place. 

Now that you know what is a good like-to-follower ratio on Instagram, calculate your own. This will give you insight into your likes and followers ratio to understand your content’s reception better. 

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