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Losing Instagram Followers Isn’t the End of Your Journey

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 12 min read

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It is completely natural to experience losing Instagram followers. Instagram is continually cracking down on bogus accounts that mass-follow other users. Real users’ attention is constantly divided. Concentrate your efforts on improving aspects of your account that are under your direct command. Clamp down on the frequency with which you post. Improve the quality of your content and how well you optimize your profile.

If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Keep reading for our best tips.

Losing Instagram Followers Isn’t the End of Your Journey

You Should Be Concerned About Losing Instagram Followers

It’s possible that you need to fully understand how essential it is to build a sizable audience. We’re not trying to make you panic. We just want to put things in perspective. It is not sufficient to merely own an account. You need to get to the next level in your marketing activities. To do that, you must compile a sizable list of followers. Losing Instagram followers will thwart your efforts.

A lot of social media followers inspire a type of social proof. A potential client will visit your page. They get a positive impression of your business when they find that you have thousands of followers. They are more likely to believe that it’s legitimate. They may not even peruse your page. Having a high Instagram follower count is an effective strategy. It can assist you in expanding your customer base and increasing your sales.

You have the most effective tool for promoting your company or brand at your fingertips. We’re talking about IG. This app gives people platforms they may not otherwise have. On social media platforms, you can communicate with a vast number of people. You can market your company in an organic way to find these people. If you dislike paid built-in marketing services, use systems that allow you to buy likes for your posts.

Building a significant following on social media takes some time. There may even be hiccups like losing followers on IG. The results could justify the effort involved. Create an interesting bio and share fun and educational content to get started. After you have optimized your social media profiles, you can start advertising on those platforms to draw in new users.

How To Stop Losing Followers on IG When Instagram Is Your Source of Income

Users are willing to tolerate a moderate amount of promotional content on Instagram. If you do it every once in a while, they won’t complain. They know you need to eat, and your quality content takes time. On the other hand, they have limits, too. You could lose Instagram followers if everything you post has an #ad. Is this already happening? We can tell you how to stop losing followers on IG.

It’s always a good idea to let people know about new sales, deals, and brand partnerships when you can. We all like to save money. However, if you come across as a salesperson on Instagram, you may lose followers. People may think that you only view them as a money grab. It’s not a good look that you only post when it’s time to pay bills.

Be careful if the focus of your content strategy is on promotional pieces. Users may search elsewhere for information that meets their needs in terms of utility or entertainment. If content creation is your source of income, losing followers on Instagram will be fatal.

If they like you for your personality, you must keep showing that. You can interpolate your ads with some down-to-earth behind-the-scenes content. If you don’t, you’re no better than the commercials we skip through on YouTube. When people see Instagram ads, at least they know upfront. A beautiful photo on the feed with a helpful caption loses its effect when you drop a discount code at the end. You could promote products without being paid. If every product you share is “sponsored,” you lose credibility.

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Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram? I’m Trying Hard To Keep Them!

It can be very demoralizing to work hard and not see results. After building them up, you might ask, “Why am I losing followers on Instagram?” We have some theories as to why this could be happening.

  1. You don’t engage enough.
    You need to keep the followers you already have. If your engagement rate is low, it may be difficult to attract new audiences. The Instagram algorithm gives more weight to posts that receive a lot of likes and comments. If people don’t engage with your content meaningfully, it will have a lower chance of appearing on the Explore page. A lack of engagement across other accounts is another factor that can have an effect. If you do not support other accounts, there is a decreased likelihood that they will interact with you.
  2. Your page needs to be more personal.
    Instagram automation is such a great tool. However, relying on it too much will give people the wrong impression of your page. You could lose followers on IG because you have too many automated tools.

Most individuals are immediately able to identify artificial comments and direct messages. What may appear like a technique to ramp up involvement actually has a negative influence on people’s trust. Current followers will click the “unfollow” button if they don’t think they’re getting your personal response.

When it comes to delivering authentic engagement, there is no fast route. You must experiment to find the most effective strategies for developing your following. Engage with the people who follow you. Read the direct messages and leave comments that add something valuable.

You Could Be Losing Instagram Followers Because of Bots

Seasoned influencers face tremendous competition for the best audiences. They experiment with artsy content to alter engagement levels. Some eventually get in touch with service providers for bot followers. This is the catalyst for why some of them start losing Instagram followers after a while.

The ultimate objective of everything is audience monetization. You must stand out to boost the amount of money you make from operating a business on Instagram. The network has billions of users, so would-be influencers must think beyond the box. A boost in followers helps to get accounts noticed. This is where the temptation lies to get fake accounts in the first place.

Increasing your follower count is the surest way for others to check out your profile. Some people amass a modest number of followers. Then, they started using Instagram follower software to draw fake followers to increase interaction. Sometimes, the sites are tricky. They end up losing followers on Instagram instead.

Thank goodness for Instagram’s growth services. They are trustworthy and provide their clients with real followers. Working with a reputable expansion agency like Plixi is your best option if you have the financial means to expedite your expansion.

You won’t break any of Instagram’s rules using this technique. Plixi is distinct from other companies that offer comparable services. Customers are not required to sign in using their Instagram accounts. There is no danger to the confidentiality of the information you supply.

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If Your Brand Is Too Niche, You May End up Losing Instagram Followers

When people look at your profile, they wonder if you have anything to offer. Is your content intriguing? Is it relatable or useful for my current phase of life? You are likely losing Instagram followers because your posts are not interesting to your target audience. The interest might die if your audience came out of a unique event.

Did you start a page after the Barbie movie went viral? Did you make custom swimwear after The Little Mermaid swam onto the big screen? That hype isn’t sustainable. Is your brand specific to seasons? It may only have a shelf life of a few months. People who had previously shown extreme interest in that subfield lose that interest. As a result, they decide to stop following you. Your business will decline when your specialized market no longer enjoys the same level of appeal as it once did.

You can pivot when you get to this dead end. Your only choice is to transform your account into one that caters to a specific specialty. You have a greater chance of attracting new followers through this follower development. Slowly transition from Barbie content pillars to a pink or girl-centric brand. Do you have an overstock of swimwear at the close of summer? Focus your target audience on countries that have sun year-round.

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You’re Losing IG Followers Because They Never Wanted To Follow in the First Place

Some people follow you, hoping that you follow them back. They don’t have a genuine interest in your content. When you don’t follow back or do a purge of your page, they take it personally. This is when you start losing Instagram followers.

Follow-for-follow strategies are still widely used by IG users. Yes, even in this day and age. It’s a longstanding tactic to increase their followers on social media. To do this, you must follow other accounts and then select “unfollow” when those accounts follow you. This is a bit childish, don’t you think? You see an increase in your numbers, but at what expense? It won’t last. You’ll find that you’re losing followers on IG when they unfollow you in return.

This isn’t the game of a serious IG influencer. There are ways to grow your follower count on Instagram organically. Followers who are not actively participating in your content may eventually leave. Good riddance to them! These are not engaged followers anyway. It’s possible that they don’t even positively impact your engagement levels.

You can quickly attain a follower goal by participating in a follow-for-follow scheme. But, the followers you get through participation in such a scheme will not stick around. Instead, you should focus on developing your following using more genuine methods. It could be helpful to optimize your IG aesthetics and develop an Instagram theme.

You’re Losing Instagram Followers Because You Don’t Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

You need to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Unsurprisingly, you’re losing followers on Instagram if you post here and there. When you do post, people wonder who you are. You don’t have to bombard your followers with content, but you must remind them why they followed.

Not posting reduces the potential for engagement. People won’t be able to interact with your material if they can’t locate it. This will make it more challenging for you to earn their loyalty and trust over time. They can’t get used to your content.

Your Instagram followers may enjoy the posts you share. If you only post once every few days, the app’s algorithm won’t show them your content. You can also experience difficulties if you post too frequently. Don’t post in a manner that deviates from your typical posting technique. You could annoy your followers if you are too active with video content on the forum.

It’s possible that you’re uploading at a time when none of your audience is online to see it. For instance, do you have an Instagram account geared towards individuals in your nation? You can expect those people to be more active on the platform during certain times of the day. Your audience, industry, and even your time zone can significantly impact the optimal posting time.

Lean on Instagram Insights to locate the times of day when users are most active. Be bold and experiment with Instagram stories and blog post content. Do what you can to determine the most successful posting times for you. Ensure your content gets in front of your follower’s eyes at the right time.

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This Is Why You Should Grow Your Brand to Its Full Potential

Every brand on social media should aspire to have a sizable following. Well, if they want to make a career out of it. Losing Instagram followers will affect how many customers you get. The more engaged followers you get, the more people will learn about and engage with your brand. This will cause a ripple effect that will lead to the following:

1. More Brand Relationships

A large social media following will lead to relationships with like-minded brands. Yoke yourself with respected brands. You will begin attracting other companies in your niche once your brand awareness increases. People will increasingly begin to recognize your company as credible and respected.

2. Prospective Clients

Brands want to increase their potential client base. More potential clients will learn about your company if you have a large following. Just remember, people aren’t dollar signs. Engage with your audience regularly. Post anything relevant to your company or even yourself on your social network accounts.

Gain Reputation

Searching a brand’s social media is the best approach to learning more about them. Anyone who checks a company account and notices a sizable following will view it as more legitimate and genuine. This is without you having to do much at all. If your follower count catches them, keep them with quality content.

Losing Instagram Followers Won’t Affect You With Plixi’s Help

If you are keen on Instagram follower growth, this post is for you. There are a few different reasons you’re losing Instagram followers. This includes sharing low-quality content or an excessive number of promotional posts. An irregular posting schedule or a shift in your audience’s content preferences could cause this, too. You can post about hashtags all day; there are many moving parts to consider. Let the social media experts at Plixi help you.

No need to fear losing followers on IG! Over the past ten years, Plixi has developed its proprietary AI targeting algorithm. We even have a skilled platform for Instagram influencers. This is how we attract interested, engaged, and targeted users. They will follow your page organically. Stick with us, and you’ll have a sustainable Instagram following despite our unique methods. It’s time to get serious about expanding your Instagram audience. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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