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Instagram Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 13 min read

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Do you want to take advantage of a proven Instagram marketing strategy? In this article, we’ll cover proven methods of growing your business on Instagram. This includes affiliate marketing, using hashtags, and brand deals. 

Instagram is a versatile platform that caters to different types of businesses. However, you can also take the wrong path and decrease your chances of success. Therefore, we’ll show you some of the top things to avoid when marketing on social media platforms. 

Finally, read to the end for insight into how we can help grow your Instagram follower count here at Plixi. We are an Instagram growth service that has a proven track history of assisting customers to reach new heights.

Instagram Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

Best Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Are you looking for the best marketing strategies for Instagram? Choosing the right approach can set the stage for success or failure. Most strategies can be successful, but it depends on your strengths and skills. Therefore, we’ll cover a bunch of strategies that you can use and how you can get started.

Build a Brand Around Yourself

You’ll notice that some content creators on Instagram have accounts based on their lives. Once these accounts grow large enough, they utilize their audience through different monetization methods. Here are some of the top tips to consider when building a brand around yourself. 

  • Be natural: Don’t portray a fake lifestyle that you are making up on your Instagram profile. Your audience will notice if you’re not being genuine. This will reduce your ability to market successfully on Instagram. 
  • Research other profiles: Look at the other Instagram profiles that build their brand around the lifestyle. You should start with content creators that are similar to yourself. This will help you get ideas and determine the ideal tone to strike. Likewise, you can find out what’s already offered so you can avoid doing more of the same. This allows you to find a gap in the market and offer something unique. 
  • Let your passion shine: Instagram audiences love content creators who are passionate about the subject matter. Therefore, you should highlight your hobbies and interests. Don’t worry about the people that get disinterested. You’ll naturally end up filtering the people who aren’t your target audience.
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Instagram Hashtags

You need to have a strong Instagram hashtag strategy for marketing your profile. Hashtags on the platform are one of the main methods for searching out new content. You’ll need to start by identifying the most popular hashtags in your niche. You can do this with Instagram Insights, which is offered with an IG professional account. 

Don’t get too excited by adding a dozen hashtags with every post. This is spam and will detract from your audience’s experience. Instead, pick 2-5 relevant hashtags for each post. If you have too many hashtags to cover, you can always create more posts to meet your needs. Consider creating short-form content that’s quicker to create if you want to increase the posting frequency.

Brand Sponsorship Deals

You can focus on getting brand sponsorship deals to generate revenue. This is one of the more lucrative Instagram marketing strategies for those with big audiences. That’s because brands look at an influencer’s audience size to calculate the reward size. 

Here are a few things to consider when trying to get a sponsorship deal from target brands:

  • Focus on a niche: Do you want to get sponsored by brands you’re passionate about? Then, you need to create content that’s related to the brand. For example, let’s say that you want to receive fitness products to promote on your Instagram account. You should share your fitness journey and provide tips to attract an audience the brand wants to target. 
  • Instagram community guidelines: Brands want to work with Instagram influencers that will not reflect badly on them. This means you need to follow the Instagram community guidelines. Also, you need to practice common sense about how to interact with your audience. Saying the wrong thing can deter brands from working with you. As the political climate constantly changes, you should consider the points to avoid. 
  • Reach out: You can be proactive and reach out to brands that you want to work with. Start by looking at what brands sponsor your competitors. This shows they’re actively marketing on Instagram and you could be the next IG account. 
  • Negotiate your cut: Come up with a strategy for negotiating your pay for the brand deal. You should evaluate what you bring to the table, including your audience and skills. Showcase what kind of content you may produce to help promote products. 
  • Research the brand: Research the brands that send you offers. You need to vouch for the quality of the products and avoid the scams. 
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Find Your Target Audience

It’s important to locate the right target audience for the products or services you’re selling. This increases your conversion rate and helps you build the right audience. Optimizing the conversion rate is important to make the most of your marketing budget. 

You can target the right customers by releasing content that matches your product. For example, when selling fitness products, you can show videos about how to exercise. You also need to think about the type of customers that buy your products. These are the types of questions you must answer:

  • How much money do they spend on products?
  • How many products do they buy in a given time?
  • Where are your buyers living?
  • What is the average age of your buyers?
  • What is the percentage of men and women that buy your products?

Once you answer questions like these, you can begin to identify your target audience. Then, you can create a marketing strategy around your target audience.

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Optimize Your Instagram Profile

You’ll need to optimize your Instagram profile as part of the marketing strategy. That’s because your audience will look at your profile before deciding to click the follow button. Start by adding the brand logo as your Instagram profile image. This allows customers to recognize your account when coming from your other online properties.

Also, optimize the text to ensure that it provides a description of what your brand is about. You’ll need to speak to your target audience to ensure that the content resonates. Consider using emojis to convey more information in the limited amount of available characters. 

Finally, you can pin an Instagram story to your profile page. This allows you to express even more information to your audience. You can show off your products and how to use them.

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How To Create Content for Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

You need a steady stream of content on Instagram to increase sales, followers, and brand building. In this section, we’ll share some of the best strategies to market your content to increase your chances of success.

Instagram Scheduling Software

You need to release a lot of content on a consistent basis to succeed with social media marketing. However, you will need to take a break, whether it’s going on vacation or needing time to recover from sickness. 

Therefore, you should invest in Instagram scheduling software. This allows you to create a content calendar well in advance. Hence, you can line up months’ worth of content for automated release. This is a reliable and efficient way to ensure there are no gaps in your content.

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Multiple Types of Content

Your content marketing strategy should tackle every type of Instagram content. Some of your potential customers may only come to Instagram to consume specific content. Here are the most popular IG content types to consider:

  • Instagram Reels: You can post short-form content known as Instagram Reels. These are highly popular and allow your brand to go viral. For example, you can show product demonstrations or share ideas. Note that these videos are usually casual and strike an entertaining tone. 
  • Instagram Stories: These are similar to reels but are only shared with your followers. Also, Instagram Stories are automatically deleted within 24 hours of posting. Hence, it’s a good option for time-sensitive content that you only want your followers to know. 
  • Posts: The regular posts will be the bread and butter of your Instagram content. This is typically a photo or video accompanied by text. You can create posts on a wide range of topics. Also, don’t forget to interact with your audience in the comments section. Engaging with the audience can create loyal brand followers for life. 
  • Instagram Live: Use Instagram Live to stream video directly to your audience. This allows you to interact with viewers by reading the comments they leave in the chat. Some viewers prefer to watch live streams and will interact with brands that post them. You can increase your Instagram follower count with Instagram live content, and it’s inexpensive.
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Instagram Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Now, let’s turn our attention to Instagram’s marketing strategy for small business ideas. You can use these strategies to grow your business sales while on a tight budget. Instagram can be a great source of revenue when deploying the methods. 

Register a Business Account

Small businesses should register a business account on Instagram to access a wide range of additional features. This gives you access to the Instagram advertising platform, which includes posting advertisements between Instagram Stories

Note that you can have more than one Instagram account under the same email and username. You can then switch your Instagram accounts between business and personal. This is a good idea if you want to use Instagram for personal and commercial reasons.

Encourage User-Generated Content

As a small business, you may have a limited amount of funds for marketing. However, you can encourage user-generated content with affiliate offers. This means you’ll give a cut of your sale in exchange for marketing your offers. 

Here are a few strategies for increasing the chances that other Instagram users will create content for your business.

  • Good affiliate offer: It’s essential that you give affiliates a good deal for promoting your products. This is usually a cut of the sales expressed as a percentage. For digital products, you can consider giving a high percentage payout. This allows you to scale your business quickly and you can make more sales on the back end. 
  • Promote your affiliate offer: Make sure that potential affiliates know about your program. This means you should market the affiliate offer on your website and social media channels. Also, you could get the ball rolling by informing the top affiliates in your niche. Once they sign up for the program, other content creators in the niche will notice. 
  • Provide content ideas: You can give the affiliate promoting your brand content ideas and resources. For example, you could offer resources such as templates, images, and text. This could be used for marketing your products when affiliates are stuck for ideas. This also gives you some control over the type of content that’s produced.

Some small businesses can grow to new heights by focusing on providing the best affiliate offer in the industry. In fact, it can be the only marketing strategy you use that allows you to save money.

Instagram Advertising

Use Instagram ads to showcase your products in feeds, stories, or both. You can add a copy alongside a video or image and link to your website. The sheer volume of Instagram users means you can find customers with the right approach. Furthermore, Instagram business accounts can set up product pages on the social media platform. This is a good alternative for businesses without a dedicated website. You may have a higher conversion rate selling on Instagram directly if you don’t have a popular brand.

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Instagram Marketing Strategy Top Things To Avoid

There are several marketing strategies on Instagram that you should steer clear of to avoid ruining your business. These strategies can get you in trouble with Instagram, and you can potentially get banned on the platform.

Don’t Buy Too Many Followers

You can buy Instagram followers to boost your account, which can be handy for getting the ball rolling. However, when you buy too many followers quickly, you may get caught by the Instagram detection system. 

This can result in a ban, or you will get shadowbanned, which limits your ability to get new followers. Therefore, buy followers at a slower pace to avoid getting caught. You’ll also need to buy followers that are genuine and not automated bots. That’s because it’s the real followers that will add value to your business in the form of sales and engagement.

Don’t Spam Comment Section

You may have noticed that some Instagram accounts spam comment sections of other posts. They leave messages relating to their products and services and even add links. You need to avoid this since it’s in bad taste and against Instagram community guidelines. Brands that take part in this questionable behavior will have a bad reputation in the niche. 

Instead, consider participating in the comments section of other posts by adding value. The audience may like your answers and click on the user profile to find out more about your account. This is a legitimate way of establishing yourself as an authority in the niche.

Avoid Formal Marketing Content

You may be eager to market your products and services with every post in a way that drives the most sales. However, this can backfire since social media users want to see content that is interesting, funny, or adds value. 

This means you need to merge marketing material with offering something of value to the audience. Instagram is a platform where a casual tone is the right approach to growing the audience.

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Is It Hard To Implement Instagram Marketing Strategies?

To conclude, implementing marketing strategies on Instagram is easy with the right approach. There are several options in this guide that you can apply. Ideally, start with mastering one method to increase the chances of success. 

Now that you have Instagram marketing strategy ideas, add them to your account. New businesses can grow rapidly when they utilize proven strategies that work for other companies. 

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