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Influencer Events: Your Guide To Landing That Invitation!

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 10 min read

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You aren’t just creating content for fun anymore. You are on the lookout for a networking opportunity that could change everything for you. It would be perfect to secure influencer events as well. You would love to network and have a good time with other creators. 

Still, that seems like a one-in-a-million chance, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t have to worry about that. We can help you secure the event that you want to go to. Hopefully, it will be a stepping stone to land you part of a brand’s influencer marketing campaigns.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basics.

Influencer Events: Your Guide To Landing That Invitation!

What Is an Influencer Event and What Happens There??

An influencer event is a gathering of content creators and brands for networking. This event could take place for a few hours in a specific location. Some events could span several days at a remote location. These events tend to include interactive activities to foster deeper relationships.

Creatives generally look forward to these events. Let’s discuss some of the activities you can expect if you are ever in attendance.

1. Creatives Film Content

It’s not unusual for influencers to be filming content during the event. In fact, collecting content is usually the point. Brands may expect these influencers to share this content with their following. While filming this content, they show the Brand in a very positive light. It serves as yet another way to advertise the product.

2. Influencers and Creatives Network

These creator events usually involve influencers from different walks of life. Brands like to include a diverse group of creatives. You may find influencers of different ages, races, or body types. This is deliberate. Brands want to cover all their bases in terms of their target audience.

While there, influencers get to know each other. They form connections with other creatives and sometimes collaborate on content. Some may even form lasting relationships. Others may form business partnerships for future endeavors. 

Influencers like to tag other creatives in their social media posts. This way, influencers can share the content with their followers. It serves as effective advertising to a whole new follower base. They earn credibility very quickly because the creator vouches for them.

3. Brands Strengthen Relationships

Brands understand that influencer marketing is the new wave. They know that influencers hold the key to reaching a wider audience. They also understand that they have to incentivize creatives. To keep their influencers happy, they offer full, all-expenses-paid events. 

Influencers don’t usually have to come out of pocket to attend these events. This creates a silent obligation on the part of the influencer to return the favor. They do this by sharing content across their platforms. During a brand trip, followers can expect an inundation of content surrounding that brand. The brands know this, so it is an advertising expense that pays for itself.

Treating influencers well increases the goodwill of that brand with your target audience. When creators are happy, it comes out in how they speak about your brand. Some brands increase the authenticity of their advertisements in this way.

Brands can indirectly learn more about their target audience. The influencers are the people with a direct relationship with the target audience. These brand trips create a space where creatives can give brands the precious information they need. With this information, brands can provide and adjust their products if needed.

Ideally, customers get a better product as well. Brand trips should work out well for all parties involved if done correctly. It’s no wonder they are such a hit for influencers and brands.

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How To Get Invited to Influencer Events as a Content Creator

Do you look at these brand events with some envy? We don’t blame you. It could be a free vacation to a beautiful location, after all. If anything, the payment is to create content, and you’re going to do that anyway. Do you want to know how to get invited to influencer events as well? We can help you with securing your first brand trip. Just follow these steps.

1. Build Up Your Target Audience

Brands contact people who influence their following. They want the people who have access to the target audience they are trying to grow. How much influence do you have over the people that follow you? That is what brands care about. Before you go to an influencer event, you may want to work on your influence.

Do you have a healthy engagement rate? If not, you should work to strengthen that. That is a tell-tale sign that you are influential in your niche area. Look at your Instagram insights. Are you attracting the type of following you would like to? If not, you may want to adjust your content style.

2. Show Brands Your Interest

You need to get on these brands’ radars. There are many influencers out there that want to attend these events. You need to let them know that you are a loyal customer or a fan of their product. You can do this by posting about the product on your Instagram story or a feed. 

You get their attention by using relevant hashtags and tagging the brand itself. This gives the brand a sense that you are a real customer or a supporter of the brand. This way, you won’t take your following by surprise when you show up at an influencer event. They would expect you to be there because you have always liked the brand and promote it to them.

When you tag these brands in your stories, they show up in their direct messages. This is how some influencers get sponsorships. This could also be how you get an invitation. You could also take the direct approach and simply ask these brands for sponsorship.

In addition to creating content around their brand, you could comment underneath their posts. You could be an active part of the conversation to show that you have an interest in their products.

3. Have Your Passport Ready

The influencer industry is very fast-paced. Some creators do not get an invitation until the very last minute. Some of them are on standby in case someone else drops out. If you want to go to a brand event, you will have to be ready and be flexible. This can be hard to do if you don’t have proper travel documents. 

Some of these events take place outside of the country. Some of them are outside of a comfortable driving distance. You don’t want to lose an opportunity because you don’t have travel documents. In addition to being flexible, you have to be accessible in this way. Some creators have it easy as they live in influencer event hotspots.

Make sure that you regularly check your emails and Instagram DMs. Things can happen very quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on opportunities.

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Choosing the Influencer Marketing Events Worth Attending

The world sees that influencer marketing is here to stay. Brands are buying into it in droves. They want to find out more ways to capitalize on this form of marketing. To encourage the creation of more relationships, some regularly attend influencer marketing events. These are conferences with leaders and speakers from various facets of marketing.

This is not a coveted brand trip to Fiji or Joshua Tree. It is a serious gathering of professionals who want to capitalize on this type of marketing. Here’s what you should consider regarding these three events:

1. Other Attendees

It’s useful to know who is going to be at the event. You may not spend your time getting massages by the beach with your new influencer bestie. Still, these events are excellent opportunities for networking with other creatives. 

It’s a great space to talk business with people who you know have a similar mindset. People who attend these events typically care about more than just creating content. They also want to monetize it most efficiently. To make the best out of this event, you likely want to make connections with people in your field. 

Keep your ear to the ground. Find out about which influencers plan to attend as well. This event could be a great opportunity for you to learn more about how they gain success in this field. Maybe some brands will be in attendance as well. You could speak to a representative from the brand and build a connection. 

2. The Speakers

It’s not every day that you get to hear from industry experts on the future of social media. It’s not often that you hear from people with their own success stories. If you’re going to attend one of these events, make sure the speakers are worth hearing. 

There are so many different content creation niches. A weekend conference may cover several topics that don’t apply to you. Feel free to pass up a marketing event that won’t serve you overall.

An expert in a field you are not interested in may not be worth your time. Popular conferences will typically let you know the speakers beforehand. It’s best to have a good understanding of your brand identity and goals. With this information, you can decide which marketing events deserve your attendance.

3. Accessibility

Not all aspiring influencers live in major cities. Some live in remote countries but have a knack for content creation. This makes physically attending these events difficult sometimes. Find out how accessible this event is before you book a plane ticket to visit. 

Perhaps there is an online influencer conference platform that will allow you to watch the panels and speakers. This way, you save yourself the hotel and travel fare. Of course, you may miss out on some serious networking opportunities. It’s up to you to decide whether that aspect is important for your brand. 

Always keep your eye out for local events. You may get information that is more appropriate for your region. Some speakers may not understand the culture of other countries. They may offer tips that your country’s laws do not allow. 

Social media platforms don’t operate in the same way everywhere. You don’t want to spend money just to get advice that does not apply to your style of content creation. Hopefully, this helps you narrow down the choices of your influencer marketing events.

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This Is How To Find Influencer Events

You are going to only increase your skills by getting together with like-minded individuals. This is why knowing how to find influencer events is so important. These are the platforms that you should look out for these events on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

You just need to know which events to join.

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Let’s Secure Your First Creator Event!

You want to get on these brands’ good sides. We can help you with that. It will take a little bit more elbow grease than you’re used to. There is so much competition these days for sponsorships and influencer trips. We need to work on making our page more competitive. 

Luckily, Plixi is very qualified to do that. It helps that we have such amazing tools at our disposal. 

We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. We give them amazing support with our AI targeting algorithm. We have been perfecting it for the last ten years. You can secure some invitations to influencer events after you revamp your page. 

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