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Instagram Photo Editor Apps and Hacks for the Best Content

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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Some people say nature is beautiful as is. They think it needs no filter. Well, others would beg to differ. These modern cameras are a little too accurate in picking up natural imperfections. Maybe you don’t want to share your most recent breakout. You’ll share a photo of dinner, so there’s no need to display the pudge as well. You’re not trying to deceive anyone. You just want to put your best foot forward. This is where a good Instagram photo editor comes in handy.

Gone are the days of the ‘gram where people would post #nofilter. The filters are here, and they’re helpful. Let’s take the photo-curating content to the next level with a photo editor for Instagram. Your experts at Plixi will give you all the tips you need.

Instagram Photo Editor Apps and Hacks for the Best Content

Why You Should Care About the Quality of Your Photos

We can tell you all day that you need to post consistently. You’ve heard that the IG algorithm favors a regular poster. This doesn’t mean you should ever take it to mean that you should forgo quality. Your photos and reels still need to be aesthetically appealing.

You’re Competing With Other Photos

You may not think you’re in a competition, but you are. Every day, users inundate their followers with photos and reels. Some so many creators may produce the same content that you do. Yours needs to stand out.

Instagram Will Boost You Even More

If IG sees that people engage with your content, they’ll suggest it to other people who may like it. Therefore, it’s important to make a good impression with your subscribers.

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You May Need an Instagram Photo Editor Hack To Help

Your photos could be so much better. There is no one-size-fits-all to this IG editing thing. However, there are a few tips that go a long way. Feel free to incorporate an Instagram photo editor hack to improve your finished product. Here are a few:

Start Off Strong

We hate to be the ones to say it, but your phone’s camera quality is holding you back. It’s hard to see the beauty in your photo with so few pixels. Even a sophisticated photo editing app will struggle to enhance a poor-quality photo. It may take a financial investment, but investing in a phone or camera for your content is a good idea. It may cut down on time and potential editing costs.

If purchasing a new camera or phone is out of the question right now, there are options. For one, you could take photos from many different angles. Snap until you find the “money shot.” This could cut down your editing needs significantly.

Additionally, you could make blurry, rustic, or carefree photos of your brand. It may sound counterintuitive, but if you make the photos artsy, you could get a pass. One of the popular editing apps could even help you achieve this. Some Instagram pages post polaroids with the contrast settings off the charts. The followers they attract come to expect this style and engage with it.

Don’t Over-Do It

An over-edited photo is worse than an under-edited one. We all edit, but it doesn’t have to be obvious that we do. Teeth whitening is popular, but the optic white just screams fake. If you get the chance to collaborate with a brand that sells makeup, using a filter is pointless at best. (At worst, it’s dishonest.)

Finished photos should look like the best version of themselves, not cartoon animation. With the advent of the self-love movement, it’s a good idea to be authentic. This hack could even create a close relationship with you and your followers. The impression of authenticity could take you far.

Follow This Formula From TikTok

We are focusing on IG, of course. Still, everyone can learn something from their younger sibling. If you’re the millennial sibling that goes to their Gen-Z sibling for the meaning of slang, this is for you. We know that not everyone uses both Instagram and TikTok. Lucky for you, we have the specs on the new photo formula that took the app by storm.

TikTok content creator anaugazz did it best. Here is a breakdown of how she achieved her final product:

  • Exposure: 100
  • Brilliance: 100
  • Highlights: -32 
  • Shadows: -26
  • Contrast: -30
  • Brightness: -15
  • Black point: 10
  • Saturation: 10 
  • Vibrance: 8
  • Warmth: 10
  • Tint: 29
  • Sharpness: 14
  • Definition feature: 23

The last step is to move exposure and brilliance to 0. What you have in the end looks professional.

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Hit the Lights

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of modifying a picture. It can significantly affect both the atmosphere and the overall quality of an Instagram post. It can be your worst enemy or best friend. There is a reason that Golden Hour is so popular.

Unfortunately, Golden Hour isn’t always available when you can take photos. It could be overcast, or you may live in a temperate place. If this is your curse, invest in some diffusers, ring lights, or reflectors. They can be of assistance in moderating the intensity of the light and eliminating shadows.

Deciding on the kind of lighting is important. You want to create a unified look for your Instagram feed. Remember to keep the color temperature of the light in each of your photos the same.

Go to the Upside Down

This might sound crazy, but turn your phone upside down. Not now! Do it when you’re about to take a picture of that lovely martini and the bar. Taking photos with your phone upside down may be one of the strange things you’ve heard, but it’s effective.

Firstly, putting the camera into “portrait mode” tightens the shot. Secondly, flipping enables you to take the picture from a frontal rather than a top-down perspective. Somehow, put together, this makes a huge difference. Things go from simple to cinematic very quickly!

Why does it work? Find your phone’s camera at the top of the device. Automatically, the camera tends to be above the object you’re taking a picture of. Dropping the camera down is the best and easiest way to take a photo in line with the object.

When you do so, your camera is now facing directly opposite the subject. Additionally, it enables you to achieve a more focused photo.

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Find the Best Instagram Photo Editor for Your Brand

Having a good photo editing app in your back pocket is worth the inevitable learning curve. A great Instagram influencer is typically a great mixture of stunning photos and compelling captions. Don’t focus too much on one that the other one falls through the cracks. So, how do you get those gorgeous finished photos? You could start by finding the best Instagram photo editor out there for you. Start by considering these options.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

You don’t need to delve too deeply into advanced tools to get your desired look. Yes, Instagram has its own filters on the platform. However, the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is great if you want something new. This a great tool if you want to use their color mixer or curves. Check out their presets and see what you think. They may save you some time and give you an aesthetic Instagram page.


The secret’s out! Your favorite IG creator is using Picsart. With this popular photo editing app, you can throw your bid in the ring with other IG creators. If you get this app, you may not need any other. You can use stickers, filters, and unique effects to get your desired look. This app can open you up to an aesthetic you may not have even considered for your brand.


Google is responsible for this gem of a photo editor. If you’re interested, check out the saturation feature. Those vacation photos from Bali are already gorgeous, but this feature will make the colors pop. Give your tan the best chance to shine. Mesmerize your followers with this tool.


Speaking of presets, VSCO has these on lock. You can access a lot of features for free. If you’re intrigued, you can pay for more features. Something about the editing tools will give off an air of “influencer.” That’s what you’re going for, right? The more you have in your budget, the more access to advanced editing tools.


The remedy for every photo won’t be a beautiful overlay. A filter won’t fix everything. Sometimes, you need to put on your surgery gloves and get to some fine-tuning. Facetuning, that is. Facetune is so popular that the word has become a verb in itself. This likely means it’s worth a try. Acne, yellow teeth, and sallow skin are just a few imperfections you can sentence to your Facetune app. The result should be you putting your best face forward.

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Instagram Aesthetics To Consider With Your Instagram Photo Editor App

Now that you have the tools in mind, what will you create? Committing to a good Instagram photo editor app can help streamline your IG page. If you’re stuck on what theme or aesthetic you should go for, here are a few.

Simple and Classic With Desaturation

It sounds like a weird word, but it’s pretty simple. This indicates that you take away all of the colors from the underlying elements and layers of the image. This makes the backdrop black and white. Then, certain elements of the photo are in bright colors. This contributes to the creation of a clear-tone backdrop and bright whites. It also does a good job of bringing out the contrast between the colored focus points and the image backdrop. If you put this design on a grid, you can have a clean-cut and crisp design. It’s excellent for highlighting outfits for a high-fashion boutique. It also works great for a food blog page.

High Vibrancy With Color Correction

“The pictures don’t do it justice” or “It’s showing up weird on camera won’t be your Instagram caption. Pictures deserve to show up on camera the way you see them (maybe even better sometimes.) Find sophisticated editing tools that simplify the process of adjusting the brightness and contrast in your photographs. A good app will only need you to upload your photographs and let its color correction magic do the trick. Your grid can be non-stop vibrancy if you do it correctly. You could even focus on a specific few colors.

Create a Digital Photo Album With Picture Frames

Framing is not just for physical photos. Your online art can get them, too. It can be the overall aesthetic of your page. You could use actual Polaroids or edit photos for Instagram using frames. Making the photographs black and white is an additional step you may take to take this concept even further.

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Picture Extreme Growth With Plixi

You can have that picture-perfect IG influencer life you’ve been dreaming of. Using an Instagram photo editor creates more appealing content on your feed. Upping your content puts your brand is in a position where growth is both attainable and feasible. You just need the Plixi team to assist in securing growth. 

How do we do what we do? We have a platform here in-house comprised of Instagram influencers. They are well-versed in the industry into which you are venturing. Our artificial intelligence targeting technology also provides us with the statistics to make good on our promises. 

We intend to assist individuals naturally. We won’t just get you any type of followers for you, we promise. These followers are going to interact with the stuff you post. Begin expanding your Instagram audience and collecting followers right away.

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