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Instagram Growth Strategy: Our Top Secrets!


Plixi Team

Mar 05, 2024 11 min read

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Learning how to improve your Instagram growth strategy can skyrocket your followers and like count to new heights. This allows businesses to improve their social media marketing, which is a great way to generate extra sales and customers. 

However, developing a successful growth strategy on Instagram can take a long time—especially if you have no experience with social media marketing. That’s why our strategies are a great shortcut to success. You’ll receive proven methods to save time and resources to figure things out independently.

Instagram Growth Strategy: Our Top Secrets!

5 Instagram Growth Strategy Advantages

You might be wondering why it’s worthwhile to bother growing an audience on Instagram. After all, there are many other methods of attracting attention on the internet. In this section, we’ll share five reasons why using Instagram growth strategies is a good idea and will pay off in the long run.

1. Instagram Growth Strategies Will Push Your Boundaries

Social media is a numbers game—how many followers, likes, and comments can you get? Watching the number increase as part of an organic growth strategy can get addicting. At first, you may receive 10 likes for a post, and it can quickly become 1,000. The rate of increase depends on your Instagram Growth Strategy. 

Paying attention to the metrics in the analytics console is interesting and allows you to learn how to improve. Hence, mastering Instagram growth is about improving your strategies, and that’s one of the core advantages.

2. Use Instagram Growth Strategies To Get Brand Endorsement

Getting brand endorsement allows you to receive rewards for taking the time to perfect your Instagram growth strategy. These brands want to use the following you’ve built on the platform to sell products or complete other objectives.

Brands might ask you to share a marketing message or try out products and provide an honest opinion. In return, you’ll get free products and money. The size of the rewards you receive typically varies based on your audience. Also, brands are selective about the target audience, making you more likely to get requests from products that align with your audience.

3. Instagram Growth Strategies Lead To Authority

Amassing more followers results in having a more prominent voice on the social media platform. Therefore, your messages and posts will have a more significant impact since more people will hear what you have to say. This can be one massive benefit of improving your Instagram growth strategy. 

For example, sharing your opinion with 1 million followers is more likely to impact the community if you only share with 1,000 followers. It depends on the kinds of content that you release and if your ideas resonate with the audience.

4. Targeted Instagram Followers

Getting targeted Instagram followers allows you to sell products to a specific group of users. For instance, companies selling pet products to cat owners should aim to get a following that consists of cat enthusiasts. This includes owners of cats and anyone else who is the target market for such products. Using this Instagram growth strategy increases the likelihood of meeting business objectives and sales.

5. Build a Community

You can build a community where you can engage on topics you love. Let’s say you enjoy cooking and want to show off your recipe ideas. You can do this with a community dedicated to exploring new recipe ideas. It could be a generic Instagram recipe community or one focusing on specific foods.

Creating a community allows you to explore and share your passion. Also, you can monetize the community in the future or use the followers to get more ideas. There are many reasons to build an Instagram community, and the growth strategies in the article help you achieve that aim.

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5 Top Ideas for Your Instagram Growth Strategy

Now let’s explore some Instagram growth strategy ideas you can use to increase the number of followers and engagement on your account. These strategies have worked for countless successful Instagram accounts, so you can count on them.

1. Instagram Metrics To Aim For

Start by setting a few Instagram metrics as goals so that you have an aim. This ensures you can set milestones and pace yourself when growing your Instagram profile. Without a drive, even the best Instagram growth strategies might fail because you have no idea of the progress you’re making.

Take advantage of the Instagram analytics tools to monitor progress. Set deadlines for reaching milestones to add a sense of urgency to your growth. However, the rate of generating followers is unpredictable, so you may find that meeting growth targets isn’t in your control.

2. Collaborate With Other Instagram Accounts

Do background research and figure out the top Instagram profiles in your niche to improve your Instagram growth strategy. You need to send an offer to other profiles where they share your content, and you can return the favor. While your profile is small, you may need to pay for the endorsement. Generally, the size of the IG profile you’re targeting correlates to the amount of money you need to spend. 

Forming relationships with other content creators also gives you more content creation ideas. This allows you to mix things up when you need ideas for giving your audience something new. For example, if you have an IG profile sharing dog photos, you can add ones of dogs and other animals. 

3. Set an Instagram Growth Strategy With Different Content Features

There are multiple Instagram growth strategy tools that you can use to boost the number of followers. Here are some top ones you should consider as part of an overall content strategy.

  • Instagram Reels: These are short videos comparable to YouTube Shorts or TikTok videos. Social media users love digesting this content and can reach a wide audience. 
  • Instagram Story: You can post photos or videos with the Instagram Story feature, and they will last for 24 hours before getting taken down. You can use these stories to share thoughts, updates, and quotes. However, because of its short-term nature, it’s not the best tool for building a large content base for your audience to consume. 
  • Videos and photos: You can post regular photos and videos on Instagram. Note that photos are the main content type on Instagram and that its people use the social media platform. 
  • Live broadcasts: You can create live broadcasts to add authenticity and engagement with your audience. Your audience can leave comments during live broadcasts you can answer. However, there are no second takes during a live broadcast, so make sure you are prepared with content so there’s a good flow. 
  • Instagram posts: These are the main tools most accounts use to share content with your audience. For example, this can include advertisements that share your products and services. Posts are a great way for brands to grow their audience while meeting their marketing strategy. 

4. How To Grow Your Instagram With Hashtags

Hashtags are a big part of a successful Instagram growth strategy. You must combine the smaller niche and popular hashtags to increase your coverage. However, you shouldn’t cram every hashtag you can think of in a single post. This looks spammy and detracts from the user experience.

Hashtags should be among the top strategies for growing your Instagram. Therefore, create a database of hashtags and keep track of the ones used in your posts. Spread them out across multiple posts so that you use every hashtag somewhere in your content.

5. Instagram Organic Growth Strategy With Interaction

Improve your Instagram organic growth strategy by interacting with your audience. Here are some of the ways that you can achieve this using your Instagram profile:

  • Comments: Viewers will leave comments on your posts, some of which are questions. You can engage with and answer these questions so that users feel heard. Even if you don’t have an answer, responding to the comment shows you have acknowledged the question. 
  • Live streams: You can look at comments during a live stream and answer questions verbally. This increases the number of users asking questions since there is a good chance of getting an answer. 
  • Post based on feedback: Customers love seeing the content they requested. Hence, you should cater to your audience if you receive many requests for a specific content type. This increases the chances of getting more followers and might stand out compared to other IG profiles that don’t take this step. 
  • Instagram Threads: You can use an app called Instagram Threads to improve the quality of the interactions from your mobile device. This allows you to reply to comments while on the go.
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Instagram Strategy For Business Growth

Now let’s look at the top tips regarding an Instagram Strategy for business growth. These Instagram growth strategies can increase the number of new customers and sales. Also, you can receive more brand recognition, which can indirectly result in more sales overall.

You should learn how to use user-generated content to maximize your existing resources. This means contacting other social media influencers on Instagram and getting them to endorse your product. For best results, you should look at influencers in your niche to target an audience in the market for your product and services.

You should also use the Instagram ads platforms to get more sales. Your marketing efforts will pay off once you can make more from the ads than the cost required to purchase them. It can take time to master this aspect of promoting your business on Instagram while you improve profitability. 

Don’t have time to work on the Instagram strategy for your business? Then you can hire professionals to complete the process on your behalf. This ensures you can increase your odds of success since they will use proven strategies. However, look into their background to ensure you pick a good quality service. 

Usually, the amount of money required to spend on hiring services or paying for Instagram influencers pays for itself in the form of more sales. Look at your analytics to determine what’s working and what needs improvement for your business.

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Instagram Growth Strategy Top 3 Things To Avoid

We have mentioned several tips you can implement today to improve your Instagram growth strategy. However, there’s also a list of things you must avoid to ensure you don’t go down the wrong path. Otherwise, you might do more harm than good, leading to going backward with your Instagram growth ambitions.

Here’s a list of things to avoid when growing your Instagram profile:

1. Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

You can buy Instagram followers and likes to increase the size of your profile. However, this is counterproductive because most of the accounts could be fake. These followers will not add to engagement user metrics. This means you’ll pay money without getting much back in return. 

There are several penalties for buying Instagram followers, such as getting your account shadowbanned. Furthermore, if your audience finds out you bought followers, they may lose trust in your voice and stop consuming your content.

Therefore, the money you waste on buying more followers could be better spent organically growing your IG profile.

2. The Best Instagram Growth Strategies Don’t Rush The Process

Are you trying to create the best Instagram growth strategy fast? That’s great and shows ambition, but you might make crucial mistakes. For example, you might target the wrong audience for your purposes. This is especially important to consider if your IG profile has a commercial intent. 

Let’s say you’re trying to get more sales for vegan products, yet many of your posts target non-vegans because of their broad nature. You may need to look at your content calendar and reconsider the audience targeting of each post.

3. Stick To Growth Strategies Without Misleading Giveaways

Is one of your Instagram growth strategies to host giveaways? It’s a great idea that can create a lot of buzz in your community. That’s especially true if the quality of your giveaways is impressive and you deploy the correct marketing strategies. 

However, you must be honest with the giveaways and not create confusing rules indicating you’re giving away more than what will really happen. You should overdeliver by giving away more as the size of interest grows. This is a great way to make a solid first impression with viewers coming across your Instagram channel for the first time.

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Instagram Growth Strategy Final Thoughts

The Instagram growth strategies discussed in this article are a comprehensive start. Execute each of these individually to compete with some of the biggest competitors in your niche.

Also, experiment with your own strategies to figure out more ways to increase your Instagram following. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, so generating large amounts of growth in a short time is feasible.

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