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How To Become a Food Influencer and Get a Slice of the Pie

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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Full disclosure: we’re writing this article at lunchtime. If this article won’t convince you to be a food influencer, nothing will. Something about photos of food makes you read full blog posts with recipes. You may not ever try them, but you can’t help but scroll. There is something hypnotic about a burger that you can explain and your followers enjoy, too. Are you a foodie looking for something to make content around? You may want to look into how to become a food influencer.

The experts at Plixi know a thing or took about baking. Start with a base of excellent content. Add a dash of excellent social media marketing. A sprinkle of relevant hashtags should go a long way. Then, bake until you see your followers rise. It may take a little while, but the results are positively delicious! Strap on your apron and keep reading!

How To Become a Food Influencer and Get a Slice of the Pie

What Is a Food Influencer?

By now, you have an idea of what an influencer is. It’s a job that’s as popular as a doctor or teacher now. Their job is to inspire others to purchase or utilize a product. We don’t call them “inspires” — “Influencer” rolls off the tongue a lot better. You can influence on any platform, it seems. They are on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. They can be on multiple sites at once, marketing various products. The followers form the target audience for all these thinly shrowded ads. 

Naturally, a food influencer does this with food as the main product. They influence food-related sales by sharing their content. The content centers around food and everything related to it. For example, some food influencers share recipes they’ve heard of or ones they’ve created. IG is primarily for pictures, of course. Informational content is usually the backdrop to beautiful pictures or stunning reels.

Some aren’t chefs but are huge foodies. They make content from their trips to the local restaurants in the area. This can boost the local economy and expose new people to new eating spots. In looking for how to be a food influencer, some also discover their love for travel. Some travel influencers focus heavily on food.

Some food influencers even narrow their scope by food type. There are caffeine addicts like yourself who love to see you tour the ones in your city. Some new vegans need more variety. Food influencers can focus on specific areas and find their niche following.

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Here Are Some Brand Options for a Healthy Food Influencer

If you’re going to influence people to eat, it would be good if the food were at least healthy, right? People have gotten a lot more health-conscious over the years. Are you one of those people? You may want to know how to be a food influencer to share this information. Becoming a healthy food influencer could be your goal.

Health companies who need promotion will turn to you for content. Any influencer simply will not do. You would have built up credibility by focusing on healthy food. We’ve brought out a list of some of the most popular healthy food influencers on Instagram. You can look at their pages and study how they do what they do. A little inspiration is a healthy thing.

Nicole Modic

You can inspire people to have a healthy relationship with food. Nicole Modic has built a brand on that. She worked as an attorney, so her shift to food influencer could mean this career proved just as lucrative. 

People know her for her tasty and nutritious recipes. You can find these on her website, along with other types of information. You’ll see her sharing her beauty tips and fitness plans. Most importantly, she shares her experience of having an eating disorder. Being vulnerable about a unique experience allows her to find her tribe on Instagram. Perhaps your experience with food will do the same for you.

Rachael DeVaux

Some influencers have a lot of qualifications. If you’ve studied in the area of nutrition, IG gives you a new way to reach clients. Food influencer Rachael DeVaux has a strong and diverse background in food and nutrition. She is a qualified personal trainer and registered dietitian, in addition to being a food influencer. This is a good example of using social media to make the best of formal training. If this sounds like you, think of using IG to bring more clients to you. She understands the joy that unhealthy foods give and provides alternatives. Your brand can be finding or creating healthy alternatives to popular foods!

Hannah (or Any Student Food Influencer)

It’s no secret that healthy food can be expensive. Maybe you’re passionate about the harm that junk food does to the body. Your brand could be finding affordable ways to eat healthier. Hannah is a student in London. Her brand involves sharing recipes with followers who relate to her. Students don’t have the time or money to make Michelin-star meals at home. 

This is where your content could come in. Show off your 5-minute meals with storylines of you wishing out the door. Give meal prep tips to maximize time on school mornings. Like Hannah, you can dabble in being a fitness influencer, too. Share how you work out to stay fit between studying and classes. We’re sure lots of students want to keep off that dreaded “Freshman 15.”

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Tricks To Putting Food on the Table: How To Make Money as a Food Influencer

Food isn’t going out of style. People have to eat no matter what. It’s not a matter of whether being a food influencer is lucrative. It’s a matter of which avenue you’ll take to make money on Instagram. You just need the right knowledge and influencer skills. Knowing how to become a food influencer on Instagram could be a decision that pays off. Believe us. There are people who are doing this full-time. So can you. Do you want to know how to make money as a food influencer? Here are a few ways to get to the grocery bag:

1. Partnerships With Industry Brands

Food influencers don’t differ much from other influencers when it comes to making money from brand deals. Sponsored content is the bread and butter of food influencers. It’s not uncommon for a food blogger to feature brands in their content. This could be a grocery app, cooking tools, or a cookbook, to name a few. A company may pay the content creator to share a story, post, or reel about their product.

Maybe a food brand wants the food influencer to make a unique dish with the food. There are so many ways to place the content before their following. A lot goes into the pretty pictures we all see on IG. The traction the picture brings will justify the payment ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. For some influencers, the free food could be compensation enough.

2. Affiliate Linking Programs

Food influencers get affiliate links from brands, just like other creators. While they post their photos of food, utensils, and crockery, their caption has a “gift” for their followers. This is a discount code for them to use if they want to buy the product in the post. The code works to track how many sales the influencer is responsible for. This means that influencers have to put out compelling content. Showing how the product improves their life is a good tactic.

3. Merchandise with a Brand Logo

When influencers make a name for themselves, they may put that name on some merchandise. It could be high-quality crockery or quirky aprons. The items for sale usually match the audience. IG just provides the platform to advertise the content. Their bio may have the link to the actual store for products. 

The capital needed to invest in your brand could be significant. While it’s risky, it could pay off if your consumer base is supportive. And you wouldn’t have to share profits with a big-name brand.

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Food Influencers on Instagram Follow These Tactics

So, you want to enter the most mouth-watering industry on Instagram. That sounds fun, but it still sounds like hard work. Successful food Influencers on Instagram have to invest in food, tools, and rising electric bills. The idea of having to shell out money for your side hustle may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Here are some tips to make sure your capital doesn’t go in vain.

Brand Creation

You need something unique. There are a lot of people who know how to be a food influencer. We want your brand to stand out. What will your niche be? Quick ways to prepare high-quality meals? Secret recipes from well-known restaurants? Maybe you want to do food reviews without any accreditation at all. People will follow you if your high-quality content is entertaining enough. Give people a sense of expectancy with your content by honing in on a niche.

Quality Content

Remember that your followers have no idea how your food tastes. All they can do is look at your videos and photos of food and trust you. Since they will be solely eating with their eyes, your camera quality has to be outstanding.

The main task for food influencers is to convince their followers by posting images of dishes we assume are great. While using natural light is ideal, it’s not always reliable. Seasons and the time of day affect lighting. You may have to invest in some good equipment. A ring light and a camera are just a start. Food is something that people need to look at the details for.


Even if your content is top-notch quality, you still need to make sure people see it. Effective promotion of your content is key. Relevant hashtags are a must. Scope what your favorite food blogger is doing and see if it works for you. You could get on the explore page, where IG does the promoting for you. You can reach people you didn’t know would like your content. You could also consider purchasing Instagram ads to reach your target audience.


IG is so much more fun when you don’t think of it as a competition all the time. Think of that favorite food blogger of yours. Think of their following. Maybe they’ve tapped into a market sector you’d love to access. If you work together, you can reach more people. IG has made collaborating with other users so easy. You can be the one to reach out first. You could do it organically by commenting on their posts or liking or sharing their content. Then, reach out via DM.

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How To Become a Food Influencer: Plixi Has the Recipe

To become a great food influencer on Instagram, you have to know the recipe. No, not to your homemade pasta. You need to know all the ingredients to grow your page. If you love cooking, you may enjoy creating something from nothing. The social media experts at Plixi love it, too, and we can help. Just call us your sous chef!

 When you make use of our services, we are confident that you will achieve the success you desire. The artificial intelligence targeting technology and platform of Instagram influencers can help with all you need. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but we have just enough here. Together, we will be able to make progressive and sustained growth a reality. Hopefully, the article sheds some light on how to become a food influencer. Let Plixi help you execute. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers with us today.

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