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Instagram Profile Views: Can You Find Out Who’s Lurking?


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Your page is open to the elements. Congrats! Put yourself out there as a creator, and you have to have some guts. You have to open your page of the comments from supporters as well as detractors. Sometimes, the detractors speak louder than your supporters. If only they were all loud and proud. Sometimes, people who are against you don’t say a word at all. They simply come around and give your Instagram profile views and then leave. They cannot bear the idea of giving you a like, but they can’t keep themselves away from your beautiful content. 

Is there a way to find out who these people are? They may be giving you profile visits but don’t want to follow. This makes you wonder if they follow you on other social media platforms. How deep does it go? Before you give up on having a public profile, you should read this article.

Instagram Profile Views: Can You Find Out Who’s Lurking?

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile: Asking for a Friend, of Course

Do you have a creator that inspires you? There is a creator who may influence your style. Their formula seems to be successful. Their views get traction. The posts seem to have a lot of likes, comments and shares. It’s not that you want to copy everything they do. But some things could work for your brand as well. And because of this, you are on their page quite often. There’s no shame in that! At this point, you’ve been snooping quite often. No, you want to know, “Can you see who views your Instagram profile?” 

And there is a quick answer to this. No, Instagram does not update creators on who views their profiles. Your secret is safe with Instagram. Just remember that this works both ways. There is no way for you to know if someone has been on your profile. This is unless they leave some evidence. Without a like, comment, or share of their story, you may never know if they ever set foot on your beautiful feed.

We hope that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. If you are trying to expand your follow account, some lurkers may follow. Just take it as a compliment. You still benefit when they watch your reels over and over. You still benefit when they share your post with their friends to laugh at you. For the Instagram algorithm, any engagement is still engagement. So, keep up the good work. Your fans are watching.

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Can I View Instagram Anonymously When It Comes To Posts, Reels & Stories? 

There are so many ways to consume Instagram content. There is photo content. There is video content. There is content that lives on the feed forever. There is content that lasts 24 hours tops. Which category of content can you use Snoop on? We can break it down for you.


An Instagram post could be a picture or group of pictures. They are all over your feed. You swipe past them so easily. You don’t even register that you’ve seen them. If you’re aimlessly scrolling, what could count as a view? It seems almost impossible to tell what counts as a view on a post. Instagram does not share with everyone who has viewed a post. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have their way of telling who viewed a post. They may very well have the technology to get this done. But what is for sure is that they’re not sharing that with us.


Did someone clickbait you into watching a very embarrassing reel? Did you get caught in the first three seconds? Maybe it wasn’t as good as you thought it would be. We’ve all been there. Maybe you were just very curious about that user and what they’re up to. Either way, you don’t want them to know that you saw their content. Will they know, or can you view it anonymously? Instagram does not keep a list of viewers of reels. This makes sense. Some reels have millions of views. Instagram would have to spend a lot of effort keeping track of that list. Then, it would have to make some kind of mechanism for the user to search through the viewers. That already sounds very tedious. 

So, no, Instagram does not display a list of reel viewers. You can view Instagram anonymously this way. However, Instagram doesn’t display everyone who liked the reel. If you truly want to stay anonymous, you have not to like comment, or share the reel.


As you know, you can now share stories that last only 24 hours. They show up in a banner horizontally on your homepage. These little circles are full of information about your favorite creator’s days and innermost thoughts. Can you take a peek without them knowing? Currently, Instagram provides a comprehensive list of every story viewer. And this is available to the creator. However, if you wait until 48 hours have passed, you may have a chance. If they save the story to their highlight, the list of views is only available for 48 hours. After that, you can view it as many times as you want without them knowing.

If they don’t save the story to the highlights, you may never see that story again. This is why some people have secondary accounts to view stories. They may be accounts with profile pictures.

The 4 Best Tips for How To Get Views on Instagram 

The reason you’re concerned about who is viewing your profile is not about safety. You want to know that your page pulls a crowd. How do you tell if people are coming to your page after viewing your content? A comprehensive list of viewers would help. This is true. Unfortunately, Instagram does not tell you this information. But since you’re in the business for more views on your content, we can help with that. Here are our best tips on how to get views on Instagram:

Catch Them at the Beginning

Let’s talk reels. You have three seconds to catch a viewer. That’s it. Just three seconds for IG to register it as a view. Make sure the beginning of your reel is compelling. Some people like to use thirst traps or innocent clickbait. When Instagram notices that people are watching the reels past three seconds, it shares it with other people. You should make the whole thing great, but ensure the beginning is extra great. The beginning is crucial.

Use That Popular Sound You Hear Everywhere

A sound came to mind when you read that. That audio is taking over both Instagram and TikTok. Yes, it’s annoying. Still, there is a reason that everyone is using it. Instagram is pushing that audio to their users. We hate to break it to you, but you have to use that audio, too. Trending sounds are a great way to have new users see your content. If you take a chance on a viral sound, you could get some extra views, too.

Share Your Stories

Maybe they missed it the first time. Things get lost on the Instagram feed so easily. There’s a lot of content on the feed every single day. You could refresh the feed, and everything disappears in the blink of an eye. This is why sharing the content on your Instagram story is so important. It gives your viewers another chance to see your work. A reel view in your stories still counts as a view.

Keep It Short and Use a Loop Visual

Reels are short-form videos. Making them even shorter will be great for you. The shorter the video, the higher the chance that people will re-watch. You can even make sure they watch repeatedly by using a video that loops easily. This is a great trick. Viewers won’t know when a video started or ended. IG will take note of this and share the obviously addictive video.

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Tips on How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Have you ever felt that icky feeling that someone has been on your page? They didn’t leave any evidence either. There were no likes, no comments, and no shares. Somehow, you still know that someone was here. Now, you are incredibly curious. You are itching to find out how to see who views your Instagram profile. Is there even a way to do that? Does Instagram tell me how to do that? 

You won’t like what we have to say. Instagram’s proverbial lips are tightly sealed. What if a user comes to your page and does nothing to show that they were there? Instagram will not let you know. If your page is open, anybody could visit it. Of course, this should exclude accounts that you blocked. However, for the most part, your page is a free game to any account holder.

It Used To Be Different

There was a time when Instagram would let users know who their stalker of the day was. This sounds extremely messy, and I’m sure we are grateful that those days are gone. One simple mistake can land you on someone’s public account. Think about how humiliating it is to watch someone’s story accidentally. Being a page lurker could affect your reputation.

IG Only Notifies Re Some Activity

You can trust Instagram to notify you when someone likes your photo. If someone reacts to your story, you are the first to know. You are the only one to know. On the other hand, if you restrict a user, they will know that you read their messages. People know that you have restricted them from seeing your stories. They don’t even know if you’ve blocked them. Yes, Instagram is silent when it comes to these activities. How does it choose what activity to protect? Who knows? It just remains that profile views are not a notification that they deem worthy to send.

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Avoid the Instagram Stalker With a Private Account 

An Instagram stalker could be a person with innocent curiosity. An Instagram stalker can also be a person with very dark intentions for you. You may not think you have enemies, but the truth may surprise you.

An excellent and effective solution for you could be to use a private Instagram account. Yes, if you’re trying to grow your page, it may seem counterintuitive. However, it could mean a better way to protect your safety. 

You shouldn’t trust third-party apps. Yes, we are aware that third-party apps claim to be able to view private profiles. Always be wary of external sources that promise these things. They may be very dangerous for your account.

In the same way, you shouldn’t trust sites that promise to tell you who looked at your profile. You could end up giving sensitive information away to faceless people. That leaves you in a very compromising position without any help from Instagram.

You should only worry that someone in your private follower list leaks information to outsiders. The chosen few still have the power to screenshot your content and share it with other people. Overall, when navigating the internet, understand that little is as private as you think.

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