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Free Instagram Comments Will Get People Talking About You


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 8 min read

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You’ve heard that it goes down in the DMs. While that’s true, it really goes down in the comment section. The drama, the oversharing, and the scandal are in plain sight. Forget those private text conversations. Everyone sees the worst of the worst these days. These creators don’t mind, though. Comments are comments to the algorithm. Free Instagram comments could just be the promo they’ve always needed.

Are comments that serious? We are here here to tell you that, yes, they are. Your account could benefit from a fresh influx of babble. If you don’t know how to get them, we can give you some tips. This article will tell you why Instagram comments are important and how to get free Instagram comments.

Free Instagram Comments Will Get People Talking About You

Why You Should Know​​ How To Get Free Comments on Instagram

Comments matter on IG. They matter to the algorithm. If they don’t matter to you, they definitely should from now on. Likes are important, too. But there is something a lot more intentional about a person leaving a comment on a post. It takes way more than a double-tap, that’s for sure. It’s so important that some people buy it. Suppose you can find out how to get free comments on Instagram. Let’s talk about why.

It Brings Social Proof

First of all, what is “social proof“? It’s easy to just describe it as using big numbers, large followings, and affirmation from peers to influence others. While we would all like to believe we are more mature than giving in to influence from our peers, we’re not. Their opinion matters, even a little. This isn’t to say that you’re some impressionable child. It just means that you defer a lot of your decision-making to the masses.

If you were to scroll and stumble upon an IG handle casually, you may visit the page. You don’t have enough time to see if the content is great. You may not even read the Instagram bio. You have a cursory glance at the IG feed and another at the follower count. From there, we decide if it’s worth a follow. Yes, we all do it. We look at the numbers and think that all those people must have a good reason to follow. 

The same applies to comments under a post. A high number of comments draws you in to read. It could be a long spat over nonsense or something serious. More comments make a post more intriguing. It also boosts users to voice an opinion of their own.

It Makes People Trust You More

If the brand sells any kind of product, consumers will want to know that people are happy with the product. It’s very sketchy to see a brand with a huge following and no comments under posts. Potential consumers will begin to think that the customers hate the product. Worse, they may think that the account owner is removing comments. A reasonable number of comments show that the page is active and the owner is responsive.

Comments Promote Your Page

IG users don’t stumble upon the profile pages of users anymore. The algorithm recommends to them a photo or reel. If this is your first impression, it may not tell the whole story of who you are. It may have gone viral for being incendiary or provocative. Luckily, comments on the post usually explain important facts about the user. They can clarify repetitive questions. Comments are a great way to have other people promote your page.

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Try These Tricks To Boost Comments on Your Page

There are organic ways to get more comments on your page. When you get real people to make real comments, it feels rewarding. Don’t get us wrong- you’re free to try to get free Instagram comments. Still, it pays off to secure real engagement from real people. If you’re in a growth slump, we can help you. Here are some ways to secure real comments:

Use a Call-To-Action

A CTA goes in the caption of your post. It is a prompt that inspires followers to share their thoughts in the comment section. You may have seen it in the form of, “What do you think?” or “Can you relate?” This assists followers in knowing how to respond to posts. 

Some creators get creative with their calls to action. A fashion influencer, for example, may post a reel or carousel with several photo options. They will prompt their followers to comment on which one they like the most for the occasion. A food influencer could post four popular meals and tell the followers that one must go. This will surely get some discourse in the comment section, as people are very passionate about their food! However you decide to spin it, a good call to action could provoke a comment and stimulate your engagement rate.

Use Instagram Hashtags

IG still allows people to search content using hashtags. This means it is still a great way for people to find you. They have to find you first to comment on your content. Our advice is to use hashtags in the best way possible. We’ve addressed how you can use hashtags here at Plixi. You can incorporate it into your content creation. This, along with other methods, should bring some extra attention to your page.

Reply to Comments

Talk back to the commenters who take the time to leave a comment. It’s great that someone decided to engage with your work. You can promote more comments by replying to the ones you have. When followers see that you reply to comments, they may feel more compelled to reply. Keep the conversation going!

Host Contests and Giveaways

It could be the thrill of the win. It could be these harsh economic times. People love free stuff. Humans love the idea of a chance to have something. The lower the investment, the better. While some raffles require that you spend money to enter, you don’t have to with IG giveaways. This will only make it even more intriguing to followers. Their entry could just include a comment, like, and follow. If you choose, you require a share as well. These steps to entry are free to the entrants but benefit you greatly. The algorithm will recognize that a post has an influx of comments. It recognizes that as a boost in engagement.

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How To Get Multiple Instagram Likes and Comments for Free

Of course, organic methods to get comments on your page aren’t overnight solutions. It may take trial and error to find out if a method works. Sometimes, the results will trickle in. Other times, you’ll see a flood of followers. The inconsistency may throw off your growth plans. It can discourage you at times. This is why some people look into buying Instagram comments instead of earning them. Some creators don’t want to shell out the capital for such risky behavior. They look into how to get multiple Instagram likes and comments for free. Let’s discuss what a service like that would look like.

Sites like Getins+ promise free comments when you source your followers from them. They assure potential clients that their followers are real accounts. They say that they don’t supply bot accounts. This should assure you that IG won’t purge them from your account. The prospect of real comments should entice social media influencers. There is no assurance that these will not be random comments from accounts without profile pictures.

You Have To Be Extra Safe When You Access This Service

Is it safe to buy followers? If you want to get free Instagram comments, you put your account at risk. When you buy likes, comments, or followers, you must remember that Instagram does not sanction the service. They don’t offer any protection if something were to happen to your account. Because of this, you should remember that you’re on your own when you use these services. 

You shouldn’t have to give over your password to access growth tools for your page. Giving an unseen entity that kind of power with limited recourse could mean losing your whole page.

You May End Up on Instagram’s Radar

The IG algorithm is very sensitive to bot activity. It’s becoming more sensitive every day. Have you ever noticed a random decrease in your follow count? Sometimes, IG purges accounts that it deems to be a bot. Your comment section full of generic comments isn’t fooling everyone. The account using them may face some repercussions, too. Don’t let this be you. You’ve worked too hard to jeopardize your account this way.

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Free Instagram Comments Aren’t the Only Way To Grow Your Page

We want people to like your content. We want them to share it, too. We definitely want them to leave their comments on all your hard work. Unfortunately, people can be a little reluctant to share when they like something on the internet. It seems to be easier to spread. You need to get free Instagram comments for all your hard work. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

We have AI technology on our side, as well as a platform for Instagram influencers. They have experience on the ground and have solutions to growth problems. If you’re interested in expediting your growth, let’s talk. If you want to have a sustained increase over time, you are in the right place. Free Instagram comments are on the way when you stick with us. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers right now!

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