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Instagram Stories Not Working How You’d Like? Read This!

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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The last thing you need is Instagram stories not working to your liking. The IG story is an important part of this platform. It’s great for promoting your page in a plethora of ways. You can put behind-the-scenes content there or extra user-generated content. You can even play story games with your followers there.

What’s even better for your brand is using it to repost other people’s content. Promoting other users is part of being part of the IG community. It’s a great way to secure extra engagement without much work. If you can’t share content on your stories, you might be in big trouble as a content creator. Hopefully, this article sheds some light on the specific issues you might be having. It’s not always just your internet connection! Keep reading to make sure IG tells your story!

Instagram Stories Not Working How You’d Like? Read This!

Instagram Story Music Not Working? Here Are Some Practical Solutions

Instagram stories appeared randomly, but we got used to them. Now, we even like them. IG has improved what they can do over time. Now, we can even add music to our stories. Well, we should be able to. If you’re asking, “Why are Instagram stories not working?” you may be talking about the music.

Instagram’s music and audio capabilities were welcome additions to the platform. They have revolutionized the way people submit content to their posts, stories, and reels. What movie or show works without background music, after all?

However, you may discover that Instagram music no longer works for your posts. Does it seem that you no longer have access to it while uploading an Instagram story? You might not see the necessary “Add music” option, or you may also notice that the music app icon does not appear while making Reels or posts.

We want you to have music in your life at the end of this! This goes for both the Apple and Android device users. Hopefully, these tips will assist you when Instagram story music isn’t working.

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Update Your Instagram App

Some of these new features don’t work on old phones. You need to find your way to the Play Store or App Store to update the Instagram app. If you’re not using the latest version, the “Update” button will appear. If not, the “Open” option is what you will see. Restart the IG app after you’ve authorized the update.

Log Out and Re-Enter Instagram

It may seem like we’re oversimplifying things when we say this. Nevertheless, if Instagram music isn’t functioning on your phone, try starting a brand new session. Check to see if logging out and back in fixes the sound problem by doing this:

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. 
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Log Out.
  5. Log back into that same account to begin a new session.

Hopefully, now you can add music and sound effects. You should see a music symbol icon in stories, reels, and posts.

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Sound Not Working On Instagram Story? Maybe You Should Do This…

It can be frustrating when technical difficulties interrupt your creativity. Imagine having a great idea, only to find the sound not working on an Instagram story.

Did you know that there are different types of IG accounts? We’re not talking about private vs public either. In addition to the usual account that you have by default, there are business and creator accounts. If you want a strong online following, your regular account could hold you back.

An Instagram personal account lacks key capabilities available on professional ones. This may be why you don’t see the option to include music. We suggest modifying the settings for your Instagram account. If you do that, you may be able to gain access to the music button there.

Without further ado, this is how to convert your personal Instagram account into a business account:

  1. Simply tapping your profile image will take you to your Instagram account.
  2. Go to the menu by clicking the three vertical lines at the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. At this point, tap “Settings.”
  4. You may switch to a Professional Account by going to “Account.” Just scroll down until you find it.
  5. Switch to the “Professional Account” and select the “Continue” button.
  6. Choose an appropriate category from the list titled “What Best Describes You?” 
  7. When you’ve chosen it, touch the Next button.
  8. If you are a content creator, select Creator from the drop-down choice labeled “Are You a Creator?” 
  9. Click “Next”.

Changing to a business account can sometimes fix issues you might be experiencing while using a personal account. You’ll also see your Instagram metrics if you upgrade to an Instagram account made for professionals. This is ideal for aspiring influencers who want the cold numbers on how well their content does. You will love having access to these additional features if you are serious about being on this social media platform.

Add Yours on Instagram Story Not Working: This Could Be Why

Instagram created another tool to boost your engagement rate — the “Add Yours” feature. Your followers can contribute their own stories to your sticker if you use the ‘Add Yours’ badge. This creates a sense of community. It’s an interactive tool that enables users to build a series of story posts to increase interaction.

How do you use it? We can give an example. Start off the thread with the tag “Your favorite summer outfit.” Your followers will be able to contribute their own favorite outfits to your story. If you own an online boutique, this is a great way to find out what women like to wear. Do you see how this could be great for you? Don’t let this trend pass you because “Add Yours” on Instagram Story isn’t working.

It’s possible that this function on your phone needs some bug fixes. IG is a work in progress, so some features won’t operate properly now and then. You shouldn’t feel alone because there have been reports from many users. They see their counterparts taking part “Add Yours” sticker trend, but it is missing from the app for them.

You won’t have to feel left out for long. We have solutions for you. They aren’t severe, either.

Time To Use That Burner

Yes, your fake account. We all have one. Use that one to start the sticker trend. This is a solution where you can’t make one on your device. You might be thinking that this account will not have the same follower count as your primary account. This is true, but that is why you should be the first one to add to the sticker. Then, your followers will see it and begin adding to it.

So, launch Instagram. If you double-tap your profile picture, you switch to your other account. There, hopefully, you have better luck creating a sticker.

Know Your Account Status

We’re not talking about network settings here. Instagram could be punishing you, and you have no idea. When you’re on the outs with IG, the experience is not as good as it could be. Did you breach any of IG’s Safety Guidelines? If so, IG may flag your account. Then, you won’t be able to use functions you may like on the platform. Who knows? You may check your status and find that your account is in violation. Instead of being sad about it, here are some troubleshooting steps.

  1. Launch your Instagram app.
  2. Tap the Profile picture icon in the lower-right-hand corner to access your profile.
  3. Tap the menu icon.
  4. Make your selections under “Settings and Privacy.”
  5. Select the “Account Status” option under the More Info and Support heading.
  6. Navigate to the option labeled “Features you can’t use.”
  7. Check the Features menu to see if there is an “Add Yours Sticker” option. You should have your answer there.

Maybe you’re still asking, “Why is Instagram stories not working?” If IG hasn’t blocked you in this way, your solutions could be because of other issues. This could range from a mobile data connection to having an outdated app.

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Is Share to Story Not Working On Instagram? Do This.

Sharing on Instagram is a necessary part of growing your online brand. You need to be able to post the content of other users on your story. Also, they need to be able to post yours. Yes, the struggle to share a story is one that you go through, but the other person may as well. Here is an option when sharing to story is not working on Instagram for you:

Reset the Toggle for Resharing

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to the profile section.
  3. To access the settings and privacy options, select the three horizontal lines symbol.
  4. Tap “Story,” then toggle it. This disables sharing.
  5. Turn your phone off and on.
  6. Repeat the steps to allow resharing.
Instagram Stories Not Working How You’d Like? Read This!, image №5

Make Your Account Public

Is someone trying to share your content to their story but failing? That’s unfortunate because sharing helps your page. Is your Instagram account private? If so, your friends and followers won’t be able to repost your reels or photos. Having a private account is counterintuitive to being an Instagram influencer. You can’t reasonably sift through follow-up requests forever.

Tell your friends and followers to sit tight! We can tell you how to make your account public. This is how you fix that:

  1. First, launch the Instagram app. 
  2. Access your profile for Instagram.
  3. Press the symbol that looks like three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  5. Select the “Privacy” option.
  6. After that, select the option that has the label “Account privacy.” It is inside the “Connections” section of the app.
  7. The “Account privacy” toggle button will appear gray when you click it. This means you’ve officially gone public.
  8. At this point, you’ll see a pop-up. Just affirm that you want to proceed with this process of going public. Select the “Change” button.

Welcome to the light. Now, your friends, family, and followers can share your content. At least, they should be able to. You may feel vulnerable right now, but this is the best move if you want to be an influencer. More people will find your page, increasing your chance of gaining followers.

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Instagram Stories Not Working Correctly Should Be the Least of Your Worries

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