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Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 12 min read

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Let’s play a game. No, not that kind of game. This isn’t a Scream movie, but you could get some pretty raucous laughter. Who doesn’t like a quick game to take their mind off of things when they’re online? Even better are the games that you may add to your Instagram stories to engage your followers. Instagram story games are a multipurpose dream.

Although it might not seem conceivable at first glance, it is possible to play games online. Will you allow us to demonstrate?

Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!

How To Play Games on Instagram Story

You’ll never be too old for a little game here and there. In fact, there are no losers in some games, and the prize is just sheer enjoyment.

Well, enjoyment and more engagement for your brand. Yes, we had to sprinkle a little work in with play. But how else are you going to make money on Instagram?

What are Instagram games, anyway? Well, they are an interactive way to connect with your followers. They are very inclusive and flexible for any user. You might be thinking of Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty level gaming. No. These are likely games you’ve been playing your whole life, just on IG. We will show you what we mean by that. After reading the next few sections, you’ll know how to play games on Instagram Story. The biggest learning curve will happen when it’s time to mention and tag other individuals in your post. The more people interested in this game, the better.

We’ll Show You How To Tie Engagement Into These Games

The pandemic taught us that we don’t need to be next to someone to play a game with them. People had to come up with game ideas to feel connected with the rest of the world. It’s human nature to be adaptable. Now, some of the most classic games went through revamping with Instagram story game ideas.

Of course, the end goal is engagement. We will show you how to make sure that even the funniest games generate serious leads. 

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Number Instagram Story Games Can Help Pass the Time

Getting to know what your followers and supporters want is so important to your growth. Connecting online on a deeper level is possible with the aid of Number Instagram Story games. How does it work? You should have your followers choose a number from a defined list. Between 5-10 is ideal. You share the answers publicly. This way, they will see that you are answering and possibly react as well.

Trendy Instagram Story Games Are Both Fun and Useful

There are so many things you can do with the poll sticker. It’s no wonder it’s so popular. Trendy Instagram story games tend to be. The Poll sticker is a great way to engage followers and get information. We are sure this is a feature that your followers will like. If you’re interested in this accessible game, here are some pointers:

How To Execute the Poll

Open up your Instagram stories. Go to the stickers and look for polls. All you have to do is type a short question. Then, give several possible options. You get to control the answers. A nice background photo makes the game more appealing to an audience. It could even encourage a response.

Use the Data to Your Advantage

Polls are a great way to find out all you need to know about your followers. Find out what they like and what you need to do differently. With the information, you can curate your information to what they like. What appears to be an interactive game is a data collection tool. The best part is that the defined answers make for easy statistical representation and reading.

You Have To Start the Conversation Right

Create a story that prompts people to respond. Asking people about their summer vacation plans is a good way to preface a poll about travel. Then, you can go on to share your best travel tips or what to expect at certain destinations. You could share a picture of yourself in a bentonite clay mask and talk about self-care. A poll about their favorite self-care practices is a great follow-up.

Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!, image №3

Ask Me Anything Instagram Story Games Give Your Followers the Say in What You Post

Being aloof online can be part of the brand. When people can’t quite place where you live or how old you are, you can drum up some curiosity. If you mind exploiting your obscure online presence, this isn’t for you. We think you should play up your privacy with Ask Me Anything Instagram story games. We bet you’ll enjoy it.

Consider using an “Ask Me Anything” prompt in your stories. It’s an effective way to spice up your Instagram stories.  They are a smashing success for your followers to get to know you. You can answer some burning questions in a vague way or simply have an enjoyable time with your Instagram following. Don’t let these popular Instagram Ask Me Anything questions pass you by. They are key if you want your stories to stand out.

Categorize Your Questions

You don’t have to open the floor to just anything. You can narrow it down to a specific area of your life. Maybe you are doing a lot of travel. An “Ask Me Anything” prompt is a great way to educate your followers with travel tips. This opens the floor for discourse. You just have to wait for the necessary prompt first. You could also share about your mental health journey. Then, the prompt would only apply to that topic.

Your Relationship With Followers Will Increase

Opening the floor can do wonders for your brand. Your followers will love your openness and feel closer to you. Vulnerability can be alluring to your followers. It fosters a close relationship and inspires followers to support your content.

Increase Your Engagement

Additionally, you guessed it. This helps with engagement. Consider what your followers ask about. That is what they want to see more of. Curate your content to what your followers ask about the most. They will likely engage with the reels and posts you share on the topic.

Would You Rather: Bringing a Party Staple to Your IG

It’s possible that “Would You Rather” may end up becoming one of Instagram Story’s most-played games. That makes perfect sense. In actuality, it has achieved cult classic status. It has made an appearance at everything from the sleepover to the bachelorette party. Adding it to the story page of your Instagram account is another way to attract people’s attention to it.

The Premise of the Game

If you aren’t familiar with the game’s basic guidelines, we will be able to assist you. Your most devoted and active Instagram followers will appreciate the possibility “Would You Rather” provides to pick between a few challenging alternatives. The options may be all so appealing that it’s impossible to pick just one. Alternately, it might suggest that the person making the decision is caught between a rock and a hard place.  You can put it into action by adding a poll to each of your stories.

The results show up immediately for the participants. They can observe the selections made by everyone else.

You Can Choose a Theme

You have the option of deciding what the overarching theme will be for your “Would You Rather” quiz. They might be about everything, from clothing to technology to cuisine to hobbies. Your followers will have the opportunity to choose one of two possible responses to each inquiry. Tapping a pick might be all that is required to indicate your preference for it.

Make It Good, and You Can Be Famous

Would You Rather be an enjoyable game that has the potential to have your audience members giggling uncontrollably with amusement? If they tell other people about it, there is the possibility that it may become popular. It’s not going to hurt to try. This is one of the less wild suggestions for a game. If you don’t want it to be sexual, you don’t have to make it such. Use your imagination! Would you rather have a boring page?

Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!, image №4

This Game Doubles as a Tool To Get Insight on Your Followers

In “This or That,” followers choose between two options. Don’t confuse this game with “Would You Rather.” The game is supposed to be amusing and lighthearted first. It also provides some insight into audience taste. There is no correct answer. It’s just a list of questions encouraging followers to tell you about their tastes. It can’t always be business with you, but getting two tasks done at once is a social media growth steal!

Use This Game To Make Business Decisions

Asking followers to share their preferences simply is so basic. A game is a great way to trick them into it, so make sure you make use of it! Maybe your brand or business is trying to enter unchartered territory. You don’t want it to be a complete shot in the dark. A simple this or that game will show what your followers want.

Are you dabbling between two options? Consider passing that dilemma on to your followers. Let them decide for you. It’s essentially asking them to take a survey, shrouded as a game. You can comfortably move forward with content ideas with these preferences in mind.

This Is How You Play the Game

Are you on board with the plan? Great. Now, you just need to know how to execute. You can find templates online. Or, you could make them yourself. This is one of those trendy Instagram games, so there is a large selection available online. Some are blank, and others have the options already created. Since you want to promote your Instagram page at the same time, we suggest that you create a template. This way, the content can be specific to your brand and bear your IG account handle.

Organize the content into two distinct columns. You could preface them with a question. An example of a question is, “What are you having with breakfast?”  The answer could be “coffee or tea.” Honestly, this needs no question, as the answers are self-explanatory. Your online brand will know what content to focus on more.

Add a blank template to your feed and share your story. Your followers can add text, stickers, and circles to the template and share their stories. Ideally, other users will see the game and want to participate. All the while, you are garnering information on the best course of action for your brand. Encourage people to tag a friend at the end, too. A simple prompt, “Who would agree with you?” could do the trick.

Keep the Game Going by Reposting

The last step is up to you. Repost their story to show that people are engaging in the game. This keeps it going and builds interest. People may play along with the hope of a feature on your story. Save the stories, too. An Instagram highlight is a great place to keep all the data in one place for easy finding.

Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!, image №5

A Good Instagram Story Game Is Multi-Purpose

Instagram games for story posts are a good method to establish a company identity. They can help to keep the appearance of your Instagram account cohesive. In addition to this, they provide essential statistics. These are two wonderful features of your brand. If any of these aspects pique your curiosity, consider the following advice:

Maintain Your Color Scheme

You can make your template by using an online resource. It is in your best interest to keep to the Instagram aesthetic for your brand. Canva is an excellent platform to use for accomplishing that goal. You can change the look of an Instagram story game for holidays. Keeping consistent use of the same font is another way to help retain brand identity.

Record Your Stats

The Instagram analytics that you have from your Instagram account are already a valuable resource. The results of these polls will not be incorporated into your IG analytics anyway. This means you will be responsible for recording it on your own.

Instagram Story Games: Let’s Mix Business With Pleasure!, image №6

We Don’t Play Games With Your Growth

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As soon as possible, you should start gaining followers on Instagram and expanding your following. We will apply our targeted techniques to gain organic Instagram followers. They are going to genuinely be interested in what you have to offer. Instagram story games will help, but we have to grow in other ways. Your metrics, such as shares, likes, and comments, will increase! You can build an active community on Instagram if you follow our advice. With our assistance, you ought to start growing your Instagram following right away!

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