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How to Repost a Story on Instagram To Get More Views


Plixi Team

Jan 30, 2024 8 min read

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Are you interested in learning how to repost a story on Instagram? In this article, we’ll share how reposting content on Instagram works so you can better understand the limitations. For example, Instagram provides features to repost a story if you’re tagged but doesn’t if you’re not tagged. 

Reposting an Instagram story is a good idea if you want to share something interesting with your friends. Also, it’s great for expanding the scope of your content ideas. We’ll share some of the best practices you should consider when reposting content.

Finally, read to the end of the article to learn more about how we can help grow your Instagram follower count. At Plixi, we specialize in taking IG accounts to the next level.

How to Repost a Story on Instagram To Get More Views

Different Types of Content You Can Repost on Instagram Stories

Now, let’s turn our focus to different types of content that you can repost on Instagram as a story. This is a great feature if you’re stuck for content ideas or want to share something interesting with your audience.

How to Repost a Post on Instagram Story

Using Instagram Stories to post content you come across is a popular feature of the social media platform. Are you wondering how you repost a post on Instagram story? Here’s the step-by-step method for sharing someone’s post from your feed to your story:

  1. Press the arrow button on the photo or video feed. 
  2. Press the “Add post/video/reel to your story” button.
  3. Press the arrow button in the bottom right. 
  4. Press “Share.”

The strategy above works for Android and iPhone.  

How to Repost a Reel on Instagram Story

Do you want to know how to repost a reel on Instagram story? The process is similar to the one shared above for sharing posts on your IG story. Therefore, if you spot cool Instagram Reels content, you can share it as an Instagram story. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Press the arrow button on the photo or video feed. 
  2. Press the “Add post/video/reel to your story” button.
  3. Press the arrow button in the bottom right. 
  4. Press “Share.”
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How to Repost a Story on Instagram That You’re Not Tagged In

If you’re looking to repost an Instagram story that you’re not tagged in, you’re out of luck. The platform does not currently offer a way to repost stories unless you are tagged in them. Your best bet is to take a screenshot of the content to use in your story, or use third-party apps.

However, you use third-party apps at your own risk. That’s because the use of some of them may lead to an Instagram shadowban. You’ll need to research to verify if an app is safe and used by others.

Every app for reposting IG stories is different, so you’ll need to figure out the steps. Usually, the steps required to repost a story take just a few moments once you know the steps. Also, it’s only possible to repost stories of accounts for which you are a follower or are public. That’s because you cannot view the IG stories of private accounts unless approved to follow them.

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Top Reasons to Repost Content as a Story on Instagram

Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the top reasons why you might want to repost Instagram content. This is a viable strategy for increasing the quality and amount of content you put out. However, if you’ve never used the features before, you may lack ideas.

Share Something Your Follower Might Not See

Just because a particular piece of content is in your feed post rotation doesn’t mean your followers will see it. Therefore, the only way your followers will see some posts is if you share them.

This means that by reposting content, you may not duplicate views across the same Instagram population. Instead, you’ll allow the content to reach new heights by attracting a bigger audience.

Increase the Diversity of Your Content

Reposting Instagram content is great if you want to provide a broad range of content ideas. This gives your audience fresh ideas to look at, and that may increase follower retention. However, this means you need to repost content different from what’s already on your account. 

Instagram has a diverse range of content creators, and you can take advantage of this with reposting. It’s especially great if you don’t have the time to come up with new content ideas of your own.

Share Industry Related News

You can use the content repost feature to share interesting news with your customer base. For example, if you sell products in the gaming industry, you can share content relating to game announcements.

Being the source of news is a never-ending source of content. Therefore, you should follow the type of Instagram accounts that release news. Your audience may prefer to follow your account to receive all the news from one place. 

Affiliate Marketing With User Generated Content

Make money on Instagram by participating in user-generated content and reposting as part of your strategy. Note that reusing the content of the account for which you are an affiliate is usually not a problem. You probably won’t get backlash from the original creator since they are actively looking for affiliates.

However, coming up with a mix of new and reused UGC content might be the best approach. After all, if you want the most success with your affiliate marketing, you need to stand out. Usually, this means creating content from scratch instead of using reposting. 

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Why Can’t I Repost a Story on Instagram?

Are you wondering why I can’t repost a story on Instagram? There are different reasons why you may not be able to repost a story. For example, it might be because you don’t have permission from the account holder.

Also, it’s not possible to report a story when you have not been tagged in the original post. Therefore, if you want to repost the story, you’ll need to contact the story’s original creator. You can send them a message using an Instagram DM.

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Best Practices for Reposting Content on Instagram

Now, let’s turn our attention to the best practices that are worth following when reposting content on Instagram. This will help you get the most out of the feature and will also get you the most views. Overall, the feature is easy to use and could be an overall part of your content strategy.

Get Permission From the Original Creator

Do you regularly repost content from a specific Instagram account? Then, it’s a good idea to get permission from the original creator. This ensures you build good relationships with other content creators in your industry.

You can get permission by sending the Instagram account a direct message. Also, if you repost content regularly from many creators, use DM templates. The template will be a request to repost content and will share the reason why it is beneficial to them. Make sure to modify the templates to add something unique. This will increase the chances of striking a positive conversation instead of coming across as spam.

Modify Content To Make It Unique

You don’t have to keep the content in its original state when reposting. In fact, when reusing content on social media, it’s a good practice to make modifications. For example, you can add commentary to a video to give your opinion. 

This shows that you have put some effort into content posting. Hence, it doesn’t look like you’re simply copying the hard work of others. There are many creative ways to repost content on Instagram that allow you to stand out from the crowd. 

Content Scheduling Software

Instead of reposting content right away, you can use rescheduling software to post it at a later date. This is a good idea when the content you post is not time-sensitive. For example, you could look for a few hours on Instagram for content you can repost. Add dozens of posts to your scheduling software, and you’ll have a stream of content releases for months.

When choosing content scheduling software, it’s a good idea to find ones compatible with reposting. Also, look for extra features that help you manage your Instagram account strategy.

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Reposting a Story on Instagram: Is It Worth It?

Overall, it’s a good idea to repost stories and other content on Instagram. That’s because it gives you many more content ideas and saves time. Furthermore, you can improve the quality of the experience for your audience. This can go a long way toward building a large following of your own.

Also, the steps for how to repost a story on Instagram are fast and easy. Therefore, you can quickly post more content than you can manage otherwise. Overall, there are many great ideas for reposting content on the social media platform.

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