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Instagram Trends: Helping You Keep Up With Everything New!

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 11 min read

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We’re not Adam Mosseri, but we think we know a thing or two about Instagram trends. The type of content trending on Instagram at any given moment varies. Like with all social media platforms, current trends change often.

Keeping up with these trends is a whole second job. Fortunately for you, you have the help of your social media gurus at Plixi. If you keep up with our blog posts, you’ll never miss an Instagram trend again.

Instagram Trends: Helping You Keep Up With Everything New!

You Could Participate in the Instagram Notes Number Trend

So, let’s talk about another trend on Instagram. So you’ve heard about the “Notes” feature on Instagram, right? It’s like Twitter in the sense that you are letting people in on your thoughts. However, your thoughts are a privilege only for people you follow back. You should reserve it for only some of your Instagram following

If you want to share your thoughts with everyone, go to Threads for that. It’s supposed to foster a sense of community, in a way.

Even though this feature is for a smaller group than usual, it has attracted some trends as well. Have you heard of the Instagram Notes number trend? It’s essentially a little game that Instagram users can play with each other through the Notes feature. The numbers are a code for the first letter in someone’s name. That person could be your crush or significant other.

You already know you can respond to Notes. The person who thinks you’re talking about them will respond to your exclusive content on Instagram Notes. The conversation continues in the direct messages. If they tell you that they weren’t talking about you, no one else has to know. Here are the letters and corresponding numbers:

  • A – o22
  • B – o76
  • C – o99
  • D – o12
  • E – o43
  • F – o98
  • G – o24
  • H – o34
  • I – o66
  • J – o45
  • K – o54
  • L – o84
  • M – o33
  • N – o12
  • O – o89
  • P – o29
  • Q – o38
  • R – o56
  • S – o23
  • T – o65
  • U – o41
  • V – o74
  • W – o77
  • X – o39
  • Y – o26
  • Z – o10

If you don’t see this trend circulating right now, it may flair up again. The next time, you’ll be ready!

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It’s Not as Simple as Using Trending Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags have become such a normal part of social media. They are a language for themselves, don’t you think? But just how powerful are they? Do they have the power to make a page go viral? Well, they could be responsible for a boost in reach. 

Admittedly, you can’t just throw in some trending Instagram hashtags in a caption and expect magic. There is a science to the hashtag thing. Luckily for you, your Plixi social media experts have their beakers ready.

Instagram Has Banned Some Hashtags

Let’s talk about why you can’t bank on trending hashtags. Some people don’t know this, but IG has banned some of these hashtags. When you type in some hashtags, the post attached to them doesn’t achieve much reach. This is because Instagram may have blocked this hashtag. It may not even be a hashtag that seems vulgar or nefarious. 

It could be the most random phrase that you can think of. Unfortunately, some people have previously attached questionable content to that hashtag. As a result, IG will stifle the reach of any post that uses that hashtag.

There are tools online that you can use to check if IG banned a hashtag. Before you make a post, you can plug in the hashtag that you want to use. If you’re in the clear, you should go ahead and post. This way, you can implement some popular hashtags attached to trending topics without fear. That leads us to our next point.

You’ll Need Niche Hashtags, Too

You’re going to have to use some hashtags that not that many people use. If you use popular hashtags, your post will be competing against many other posts. If you use more personalized hashtags, you can have a fighting chance to show up in a hashtag search result. 

You might be wondering how you choose these niche hashtags. Pick out particular things in your reel or post. Think about the clothes that you’re wearing and your style of hair. Think about your location. You can make hashtags out of so many things. This is your chance for people who are searching for what you’ve posted to find you.

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Trending Instagram Reels Songs: The Fastest Way To Get Exponential Growth

Reels are the Instagram trend that is standing the test of time. Because of this, you need to know how to use trending Instagram reel songs. Our Plixi experts have told you all about how to make IG reels, but here are some tips:

This Is How To Find Trending Audio on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app. As you can see, it’s decided to give TikTok a bit of competition. Their version of short-form videos is the “reel.” You don’t have to be on Instagram for a long time to catch yourself watching a few. IG is promoting them.

So, if Instagram promotes reels, you must start making reels. But don’t just start uploading random videos. There needs to be a method to how you do this. If growth is what you want, you should be focusing on the audio that’s trending on Instagram.

How do you know which audio is part of an Instagram trend? We can tell you how to find trending audio on Instagram. The easiest way to know is to get on that reels tab. Start scrolling. Is there a particular sound that you hear over and over? Chances are that audio is trending on Instagram.

Instagram is currently promoting reels that use trending audio. If you use that audio in your reel, IG may promote your reel, too. This is how you make the algorithm work in your favor.

Stick to the Short Audio Clips

Audio clips come in many different lengths. Some are entire songs, while others are short phrases. Whichever you choose to use, a shorter clip might work out better for you. You want Instagram to notice that a reel is getting a lot of replays. You have a better chance of a replay if the reel is short.

You increase your chances of getting a replay if the video plays on a loop. This means that it’s difficult to tell where the video ended and started again. If IG sees people replay your reel, it may show it to other IG users.

Instagram Trends: Helping You Keep Up With Everything New!, image №4

How To Use the Instagram AI Trend to Your Advantage 

AI is here. Despite our best efforts, the robots have won us over. They let us research random questions with voice automation. They play music for us on demand. Now, they can turn us into cartoon-like graphic figures within seconds. 

You’ve definitely seen the Instagram AI trend online. You see these photos of your friends on Instagram. They look like your friends but also look like a character from a cartoon you grew up with. Aw, they look like a much younger version of themselves that you don’t recall knowing.

Some image creations are very obvious. Others are subtle. Instagram has always welcomed the filters. Now, they’ve taken it a step further to transform you into a “better” version of yourself. Still, we are not here to judge. The Instagram AI trend is popular and could help your brand.

Here are the top two ways to use the trend in your content.

1. Professional Photos

If you have a business account, Instagram isn’t all fun and games for you. It could be a place for you to build a following that you can convert to an income. For that reason, you may need some professional headshots. 

How are you going to do that? You could put on your best blazer and get a fresh cut. Depending on how talented you are, you may do your makeup or get it done. After all the grooming in preparation, you head down to your local photo studio. You take your photos, and you hope for the best.

Or, you could use an AI tool that changes regular photos to professional headshots. Yes, this is an option for the creators who simply don’t have the time to take photos the traditional way. You can upload the photo to your LinkedIn or Upwork profile, and no one will know!

2. Create Promotional Content

We would never talk down on Canva or Postermywall. They are great for creating beautiful graphics for events or notices. Still, there is AI technology that can do this even more efficiently.

You can turn regular photos of your children or pets into fake movie posters, for example. This is a great way to make your content a little more interesting for your followers.

We know that AI makes some people a little uncomfortable. Lensa came out of seemingly nowhere and hooked everyone. Still, the fun you can have with it is undeniable.

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Things To Note About How To Go Viral on Instagram

With some Instagram influencers, you know exactly the reel that put them on the map. They pinned it to the top of their profile. You, too, wonder about how to go viral on Instagram. Let’s talk about this phenomenon that people dream about.

Hook Them in the First Three Seconds

We’ve already talked about the power of using trending audio. That is a great way to go viral on Instagram. Now, we’re going to throw in another great tip. Did you know that it counts as a view when you watch a reel for three seconds? This means that the first three seconds are crucial to your virality.

Do you know what you need to do in the first three seconds to keep our viewers watching? You don’t want to click-bait your followers constantly, though. Some creators have a creative way of keeping viewers. The secret is in the caption.

They may type something in the end like, “The ending was crazy!” This keeps the viewer watching to find out what happened in the end. This easily takes them past the 3-second mark.

Instagram Trends: Helping You Keep Up With Everything New!, image №6

Going Viral May Not Be the Answer

Going viral on the Internet seems to be the prayer of so many creators. It’s almost like playing the lottery. They just want one moment of pure luck. That’s all they need, and they will do the best they can with just that.

We don’t want to burst your bubble. We are a big proponent of growth on the Instagram platform. Still, you need to know that getting a viral moment is not the best goal to have. There are much better sustainable goals that you can aim for.

The content that went viral may not be the overall type of content you share on your page. You may have to keep that same type of content for a long time. If these new followers realize that you went back to posting your usual content, they may not stick around.

If that travel vlog to Paris went viral, can you financially sustain delivering travel content? Maybe you posted bikini photos in the summer. Now it’s December, and you can’t take those pictures while it’s snowing outside. Instead, you want to make sure that your followers genuinely appreciate the content you have to offer.

Instagram Trends: Helping You Keep Up With Everything New!, image №7

A Good Growth Plan Is Better Than Following Instagram Trends

Be honest with yourself. Do you have time to do it all? Keeping up with Instagram trends can take a lot out of you. You still have to come up with a good content strategy and maintain an organized content calendar. Making deliberate steps to growth is more than regularly updating your Instagram stories.

We would know this at Plixi. If you’re serious about your online growth, you’ll need to stick with us. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers who know the ropes. We also have a propriety AI targeting algorithm. Trust your growth to us. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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