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Instagram Notes Ideas To Keep Followers Thinking About You


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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You’ve probably given other apps a try at some point. We can’t even blame you. There are so many. They all seem to do very different things. Well, at one point, they were distinct. These days, they all seemed to have merged into one. Do you like short videos? TikTok would come to mind first before the advent of Reels. Do you like subjecting followers to a constant stream of your consciousness? Twitter seemed to facilitate that with a monopoly-like rule. But not anymore. Instagram now has the Notes feature. When you get some good Instagram Notes ideas, you’ll love the feature.

Armed with a generous character limit and an exclusive list of people who can see, you’ll like this feature. If you’ve ever felt that your stories were getting annoying, this is a great place to go. An Instagram Note can provide the release you need. We can explain it as we go along. Are you ready? Our Plixi experts have all the information you’ll need. Maybe you should take some notes!

Instagram Notes Ideas To Keep Followers Thinking About You

5 Things To Note About Instagram Notes

IG keeps giving us reasons to stay on their app. This Notes feature seemed unnecessary at first. Now, you want to see how it can work out for you or your brand. If the concept is still foreign to you, we can let you see our notes from class. These are the points to note:

You Can Decide Who Gets To See Your Notes

Notes aren’t like feed posts. You won’t be sharing your thoughts with everyone that follows you. IG has made them a little more private than that. Typically, only people who you follow back can see your Notes. However, you can make your innermost thoughts even more private than that. You can limit your Notes to just your close friends. This way, you increase the exclusivity even more.

You Have To Know Your Limits

Some Instagram creators use their stories to type lengthy text. The Notes will not be the place for that. You only have a limit of 60 characters. With this character limit, you’ll have to know how to keep it as succinct as possible. If you have a lot to get off your chest, maybe you should vent in a Close Friends story post.

People Can Reply to Your Notes

This is one way that Notes resemble stories. The people who view your Notes can also reply with their thoughts. If you ask a quick question or opinion, they can talk to you about it privately. Replies are private, just like Direct Messages on Instagram.

You Get One Note at a Time

Notes last only 24 hours. They aren’t like Tweets that live on forever. They disappear after a day or when you replace it with a new Note. You don’t get to have multiple live thoughts at once. 

You May Need To Update Your App To Use It

At first, this feature was only available in certain regions. Now, you should be able to access it everywhere. If you still don’t see the feature on your phone, you may be using an outdated app. Or, you may be using an outdated operating system altogether. To use a new feature like Notes, you have to stay up to date on the app updates.

As you can see, Notes is a fairly simple feature. You should be able to execute your ideas for Instagram notes seamlessly.

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Follow These Steps To Share Your Instagram Notes

This Notes feature is a fantastic method to incorporate nuggets on IG. Tell everyone what you’re really thinking on IG. Do you even know how to share your notes with your followers? Before you even think of all your brilliant Instagram note ideas, you have to get this down.

It’s nothing difficult, even though it’s not second nature, like sharing a story. You’re in luck. The Instagram mobile application works on both iOS and Android devices. There is no exclusivity, as the Notes feature is part of the standard features you can expect on the app. If you’re interested, we can walk you through the whole process.

  1. Pull out your iPhone or Android and launch the Instagram application. 
  2. Next, you’ll be selecting from the icons located in the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll see either the Direct Messaging or Messenger symbol. Tap the icon.
  3. You should see your usual Chat list there. However, you may also see the icons of the Instagram users above these chat conversations. These are the notes from people who you follow but who also follow you.
  4. Tap on your profile picture icon, which should be at the front of this list. Instagram will take you to another page where you can dictate your thoughts.
  5. You can even control who will be able to read your message. You can tighten your viewers to just close friends.
  6. The last step is to click the Share button. Now you’ve let everyone in on your thoughts.
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Check Out These Cool Ways To Use the Notes Feature

Are you interested in Notes but not sure what to use them for? After all, you already have the Instagram Stories feature. What more do you need with Instagram? You have an outlet for both images and text. There is a good reason to use this feature as well. We can give you some ideas for Instagram notes.

You Can Share Your Location

Some of the people who follow you may not be trustworthy. If you have aspirations of being an Instagram influencer, you likely have an open page. In the interest of safety, you may not give live updates about your life. You likely won’t give information out on your whereabouts that easily. The people who view your Notes are just a small subset of this larger group. They are the people you follow back. You may feel increased safety around them.

This means you don’t have to be afraid of sharing where you are and what you’re doing. You can vent about how this new coffee shop ruined your order. You won’t fear an Instagram Stalker popping up out of nowhere. Feeling safe is an important part of using Instagram. Notes give you a safe little nook to be yourself.

Get Information From Your Core Group

Are you planning to release content soon? Do you have an online store and want to make a new product drop in the near future? You may want to ensure that you have at least a core group of customers or supporters confirmed. Your friends and family are sometimes the first people to support you. Drop the idea in your IG Notes. Ask, “Would you support a gym wear line?” or “How many of you like to use candles?”

These people are closer to you than the average follower. That is why you mutually follow each other. You can reach out and use them as a temperature check of sorts.

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Everything You Need To Know About the Instagram Notes Number Trend

It doesn’t take long for a social media trailblazer to make a new feature more interesting. We’ve talked about getting involved in Instagram Story games before. We’re not against playing around with the Instagram notes number trend for a little fun, too. Maybe you’ve heard rumblings about the trend but don’t quite get it. We can explain it to you.

The Numbers Mean Something

Have you seen random numbers in the Notes of some of your friends? Do you think they are random? We can assure you that they are not. They are part of a semi-anonymous game that people play on Instagram. Seeing “077” randomly seems like something out of Squid Game. Don’t worry. No one is going to eliminate you.

According to Distractify, this is what the numbers mean:

  • A – o22
  • B – o76
  • C – o99
  • D – o12
  • E – o43
  • F – o98
  • G – o24
  • H – o34
  • I – o66
  • J – o45
  • K – o54
  • L – o84
  • M – o33
  • N – o12
  • O – o89
  • P – o29
  • Q – o38
  • R – o56
  • S – o23
  • T – o65
  • U – o41
  • V – o74
  • W – o77
  • X – o39
  • Y – o26
  • Z – o10

This Is How the Numbers Work

So, what are these letters hinting at? Apparently, the numbers refer to the first letter of your crush’s name. If you’re in a committed relationship, they could be hinting at your partner’s name. Responses to Notes are confidential. If you’re brave enough, respond to someone’s Notes as if you’re the crush. You won’t have to worry that everyone sees you asking.

If your committed relationship is private, you can hint at your lover’s name this way. It’s a cute way to give them a shoutout. 

More Instagram note ideas like this may come up in the future. Don’t worry if you missed this wave. Get creative and start one of your own in your community.

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These Funny Instagram Notes Ideas Keep Your Followers Laughing

Notes don’t have to be too serious. You could use it to spread a little laughter with your followers. In fact, you don’t have to be so politically correct here. These are people that you know relatively well. You can really let your sense of humor take over here. You can even drop some semi-controversial thoughts. Who’s going to stop you? This is your safe space, after all. Here are some funny Instagram Notes ideas:

  • Burgers are just okay. 
  • Acai bowls are just expensive smoothies.
  • Life is too short to wear boring socks.
  • Time for a cheesy deal!
  • Sushi is not that great.
  • E-books are better than paperbacks. 
  • Taco ’bout delicious! 
  • Salad won’t fix this. 
  • Running on caffeine & chaos! 
  • Fry-Yay vibes! 
  • Burger lovers unite! 
  • Sweatpants: our dress code! 
  • Coffee: our daily grind! 
  • Minimalism is not for everyone. Overpriced gym memberships. 
  • Donut-kill my vibe! 
  • Procaffeinating: join us! 
  • Brunch is not worth the wait. 
  • Black coffee is the best coffee. 
  • We’re tea-riffic!

Of course, you can make up whatever you want to put in your Notes. Just keep it aligned with your sense of humor. Poke fun at pop culture. Weigh in on trending topics. Make your Instagram Notes something people look forward to reading!

Instagram Notes Ideas To Keep Followers Thinking About You, image №6

Best Instagram Notes Ideas for Your Page

Is your lifestyle influencer brand about self-care and self-love? The best Instagram Notes ideas should stay true to that. Here are some examples of how you can share your approach to life:

  • Want to be happy? Careless.
  • Always traveling
  • Shine bright like a diamond
  • Peace over Pleasure
  • Never underestimate your power
  • You never fail, you try, or you win
  • Manifest success
  • Hustler
  • Life is giving, receiving, taking, and sharing
  • Look in the mirror and smile
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Today is your day, beautiful!
  • You are the only you, and that is your power
  • You are doing your best!
  • No pain, No gain
  • Seize the day
  • Work Hard, Play Harder
  • Be your reason to smile.
  • Don’t give up. Not yet.

Do you have a business? You can make Instagram Notes the best new advertising tool for your page. The best Instagram Notes ideas involve promoting your products.

  • New drop! Tell me your favorite!
  • 50% off on all items!
  • New drop tonight!
  • Flash sale!
  • Mother’s Day Special drop
  • Flash sale alert: Limited time, exclusive deals!
  • Early bird sale this week!
  • Treat yourself to our limited-time offer! 
  • Weekend sale alert!

Even great Instagram note ideas need a growth plan to accompany them. You’ll need a strategy that guarantees steady growth over time. Plixi can help you with that. With our team of Instagram influencers and AI technology, you can make your growth dreams a reality. Give us a chance to take some notes from your IG page. We can take you to new heights. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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