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Instagram Pods Provide a Community of Like-Minded Creators

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 8 min read

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Getting ahead on these social media platforms can be such an uphill battle. A post that uses Instagram pods will likely receive a respectable level of engagement shortly after publication. This is great for your overall reach on the messaging app.

Initial engagement boosts Instagram to put the post on the “Explore” page.  If a post ends up on the “Explore” tab, it will often receive enough exposure to achieve some amount of virality. This will help an aspiring influencer with the question of how to gain more Instagram followers.

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Instagram Pods Provide a Community of Like-Minded Creators

What Are Instagram Pods?

Instagram users who come together to help improve the engagement rates on each other’s content in an engagement pod. They do this by using following, likes, and comments.

So, what are Instagram pods good for? Instagram engagement pods might work in your favor if you get access to a specialized pod. Ideally, find a niche pod with fellow pod members interested in your brand. This is especially important to keep in mind if you run a new or relatively unknown business. A group of fellow Instagram influencers can help you engage with its target audience.

Speak to people with experience and find out from them what your target audience is looking for. That way, you can increase content quality and potentially make money on Instagram.

Small pods, much like specialty pods, have the potential to provide a more authentic engagement experience. What if you end up in a pod with social managers who have similar perspectives and goals? Many of the members may be willing to provide feedback on your content.

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How To Find Instagram Pods With Your Ideal Group

If you’re convinced that you need to join an Instagram pod group, here’s how to find them. You can locate engagement pods on the most prominent social media and group chat platforms. These include Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Yes, they’re hiding in plain sight.

You may simply join any one of the many pods spread out over the many platforms. There is a tiny percentage of free pods for effective engagements. Therefore, you’re bound to find that the majority of them require payment to use them.

Get ready for a journey! Pods can include hazardous content and spammy material and can be difficult to locate. It’s possible for someone to hack you, too. 

To join an Instagram engagement group, you might need to know someone active in the group. You may have to approach people you trust since some tiny specialist pods are harder to find.

When you search, make sure you know the three primary types of interaction, which might be:

  • Likes only: Members of the group only like postings from one another.
  • Comments only: Members of the group only leave comments on each other’s postings.
  • Likes and comments: Members give each other likes and comments on one other’s postings.

Additionally, the majority of interaction groups are on websites other than Instagram. Search the following platforms:

  • WhatsApp: Another platform with pods is this messaging tool.
  • Reddit: The r/IGPods subreddit focuses on Instagram pods.
  • Telegram: This is a popular platform.
  • Twitter: Search for relevant Instagram pod hashtags on Twitter.
  • Facebook: Numerous public and private groups are on Facebook. On Facebook, you may start by looking for groups devoted to Instagram Pods.
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How To Join a Pod on Instagram and Make It Worthwhile

Creators use Instagram engagement pods to notify others of their most recent posts on the platform. The participants of pods show solidarity with one another. They do it by liking and commenting on posts they share with the group. When it succeeds, ideally, the joint effort is spectacular. It makes each member of the group’s profile better because they participated. This all sounds great. It’s no wonder people ask how to join a pod on Instagram.

Engaging with individuals in your specialty and sector might lead you to invitation-only Instagram DM groups. There, pod members share official invitations. Send an invitation to people with similar interests to come together and establish a pod.

Consider the group size, the degree of activity, and the need for involvement while you are looking at possible pods. Larger pods may give more opportunities for likes and comments. Unfortunately, they may require a lot more in reciprocation. You may wonder if it’s truly worth it. Learn the regulations of the pod, and do your best to abide by them. Failing to do so may result in expulsion. Sounds a bit heavy, doesn’t it? If you are unable to locate a pod that meets your needs, you might want to explore making your own.

Instead of Searching for One, Find Out How To Create an Instagram Pod Yourself

You might have a bad pod taste in your mouth after joining one. Now you’re searching for how to create an Instagram pod. Remember that you still have to put in some rules to succeed. The following are some of the regulations often observed in an Instagram pod. They ensure that everything operates equitably.

The following is an example of some of the general rules:  

  1. For more credibility, your responses should contain more than a certain number of words.  
  2. Engage with the most recent post to maximize engagement.
  3. Let the poster know that you completed the task.
  4. Avoid making generic comments, but ask questions to spur further engagement.
  5. When commenting, you can tag other IG users to bring eyes to the post.
  6. Members have to follow the user whose account they intend to interact with. This makes the liking seem more authentic.
  7. Complete all your commitments within the allotted amount of time. This gives posts the best chance at virality.

If you are thinking about creating your own Instagram pod, you can keep these guidelines at the forefront. You can make some of your own as needed, too. Just make sure you communicate them clearly right from the outset.  

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Do Instagram Pods Work or Are They Just a Waste of Time?

Are you a little intrigued by joining an Instagram pod? If you’re undecided, you may be asking, “Do they work?” It wouldn’t be fair not to speak about the drawbacks of joining these Instagram engagement pods. So, let’s discuss them.

Potentially Negative Associations

You have to like and comment on content that does not relate to your brand in any way. You’ll have to interact with material that you wouldn’t normally align with. If the content is of poor quality or promotes something adverse to your brand, your followers might get confused.

This is more likely if you are not in a specialized pod where the quality of the people is greater. Your followers will be able to view your interactions promoting pages that may be competing with yours. Therefore, you need to take into consideration how they will respond to the random stuff that you engage with.  

The Numbers May Be Off

Your followers may not match the likes. Anything artificial on Instagram sticks out like a sore thumb. Current fans or new fans coming to a brand page that has utilized a pod will see something is off. This is the case regardless of whether they are existing fans or fresh fans.

This would give the same impression as if you buy likes on Instagram. The target audience of your page probably wants to have a transparent connection with your brand. They expect a level of organic engagement. Fake engagement might be off-putting to them and discourage them from following your account or product.

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No Matter What, You’ll Still Need Plixi

Using pods is often concealed from the general public. Brands don’t necessarily want people to know they use them. It may damage the credibility of your brand because it may imply that your participation has not been genuine.

An Instagram pod could be worth the investment in the long run. They provide an initial lift, but they cannot replace actual engagement. This is especially true if you are experimenting to determine which types of content are most effective with your following. To achieve long-term and feasible growth, you should consider a growth tool like Plixi.

Plixi wants to help you grow. You’ll gain a following for your material. They will respond to organic growth strategies. We’re interested in your platform’s development and evolution because gaining a large Instagram following is possible.

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