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Free IG Followers: Dangers and Alternative Growth Methods

Plixi Team

Jul 08, 2024 10 min read

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Do you want to use services that allow you to generate free IG followers at a fast pace? Then, you’ll need to be aware of the dangers that can potentially cripple your account. That’s because Instagram doesn’t allow you to use services that generate free followers. 

Furthermore, we’ll share the best alternatives to get organic followers. This means you don’t need to boost followers to new heights artificially. Hence, you can enjoy account longevity, and there’s no need to buy IG followers

Continue reading to learn more about how to get followers on IG free. 

Free IG Followers: Dangers and Alternative Growth Methods

What Are Free Instagram Followers Bots?

Free Instagram follower bots are sent from accounts that only exist to follow other accounts. They will not interact with your content and improve engagement metrics in any way. You can usually buy Instagram follower bots from vendors. 

However, as you’ll see in this article, there are multiple drawbacks to using bots that you can get for free. This will give you food for thought to help you decide if they are the right step for your account. 

Get Free IG Followers: Top 5 Dangers To Consider

Do you want to find services that allow you to get free IG followers? This may seem tempting since it can feel like a shortcut to increase your Instagram follower count. However, strategies where you receive followers for free are a poor approach. 

In this section, we’ll share the top five pitfalls of seeking out followers for free.

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1. Quality and Engagement Issues

Free followers are often bots or inactive accounts, which means they do not engage with your content. Hence, you will not generate many likes or shares. Also, this lack of engagement can hurt your account’s credibility and visibility. That’s because the Instagram algorithm may conclude your content is not hitting well with the audience.

Furthermore, a high follower count with low engagement can negatively impact your engagement rate. This makes your account less attractive to potential real followers and brands for collaborations.

2. Account Security Risks

Many free follower services require you to provide your Instagram login details. This can compromise your account security and lead to hacking or unauthorized access. 

Some free follower apps may also contain malware that can harm your device or steal personal information.

3. Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service (ToS)

Using third-party services to gain followers is against Instagram’s terms of service. If detected, Instagram can suspend or permanently ban your account. This can undo all the hard work you have done up to this point to generate followers organically. 

Therefore, given the lack of reward, you need to carefully decide if it’s worth the risk. 

Another penalty is an Instagram shadowban. This limits the visibility of your posts without informing you, which makes it significantly harder to reach genuine followers. Take the time to look at the Instagram ToS to understand the rules you must follow to avoid bans.

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4. Damage to Reputation

If your followers or potential business partners discover that you have inflated your follower count artificially, then it can damage your reputation and erode trust. That’s because users will not trust your content to be genuine and move on to other Instagram accounts. 

People may uncover your strategies for generating free Insta followers by looking at your follower-to-engagement ratio. Instagram users expect large accounts to have lots of engagement on their content. 

5. Financial and Resource Waste

Using a follower service can be a waste of money and resources. Any money spent on buying followers you can spend on genuine growth strategies. These include content creation, brand collaborations, and updating your camera equipment for higher-quality visuals. 

Also, you can spend time managing or trying to gain free followers to engage with your audience, create quality content, and build real connections. Therefore, you need to avoid wasting time on strategies that add no value to the growth of your Instagram account. 

What Are Free Instagram Followers Trials?

Free Instagram followers trials are an offer that services provide to test out their offers. This allows you to get free followers before placing your first purchase order. Therefore, you can judge the quality of the accounts that you receive. Here are some of the top things to consider when using free trials to get free followers:

  • Test follower types: Pay attention to the type of followers you receive and if they have an interest in your account. You’ll know if this is the case when the engagement rate increases due to getting these new followers. 
  • Delivery speed: Note the delivery speed of the service. Ideally, you’ll want to receive the followers shortly after contacting the service. Hence, you can judge the quality of the service at a faster rate. 
  • Accuracy: Note the accuracy of a service to determine whether it’s a good match for its promise. For example, did they send you the right number of followers at the correct pace? 
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Website for Instagram Followers for Free: How To Find Them?

You can seek out a website for Instagram followers for free by looking for them on search engines. Use a few well-chosen keywords or search phrases, and you’ll find multiple pages of services. Then, you’ll need to compare them to find a viable option. 

Ideally, you will choose one that has an excellent reputation so you can trust the service. This is especially important if you must share your account details with the service. However, try to avoid websites that ask for your account details when looking for a boost in followers. 

How To Get IG Followers Fast and Free

Do you want to learn how to get IG followers fast and free? This increase allows you to quickly experience a follower count increase so that you have more commercial success. Here are a few methods for the fastest way to generate more followers naturally:

  • Leverage existing assets: You can send traffic from your existing digital assets. Hence, you can potentially send an avalanche of traffic to your Instagram account. This ensures that you can make the most of the current audience you have online. 
  • Instagram collaborations: You can collaborate with Instagram influencers and expose your account to new audiences. Also, it will improve the variety of your content, which engages your Instagram followers for longer.
  • Instagram Live: you can create hype around an Instagram Live stream where you release unique content. This can transform large segments of the audience into loyal followers of your account. You’ll see that it’s possible to get an impressive amount of organic growth in a short time.
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5 Alternative Methods on How To Get Free Instagram Followers

Do you want to learn how to get free Instagram followers? In this section, we’ll provide a few alternative strategies that you can use to get Instagram followers free of charge. This means you’ll need to put in the work to get followers from real accounts. 

1. Use the Best Hashtags

You can generate more traffic to your Instagram posts by making use of the correct Instagram hashtags. You can research these by using your Instagram Insights dashboard. This tool provides data on various metrics, including hashtag search volume. 

However, you’ll need to sign up for a professional Instagram account to access the feature. This is ideal for brands or content creators serious about improving the follower acquisition journey. 

2. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

You’ll naturally generate more Instagram followers by improving the overall quality of your profile page. Start by choosing a profile image that allows you to express your account vibe. 

However, when growing a brand, it’s best to stick with a company logo. This ensures your target audience will instantly recognize the account they are viewing. 

Don’t forget to optimize the caption section of your Instagram profile page. This means you need to create a welcome message that informs the audience of what to expect. Also, include a call to action (CTA) that suggests viewers can benefit from clicking the Follow button. 

3. Engage With Your Target Audience

Social media platforms like Instagram are all about engaging with other users. It’s not enough to post high-quality content and ignore the community. That’s because audiences will flock to the account that makes the effort to engage. 

Here are some of the top strategies to engage with your target audiences:

  • Understand your audience: You’ll need to know more about what drives your IG audience to know how to best interact with them. However, this process is likely to be natural if you have done in-depth research on your niche. 
  • Stay authentic: Don’t forget to stay authentic to ensure you can better engage your audience. That’s because authenticity resonates well with audiences. Hence, be honest and transparent in your interactions. Also, let your brand’s personality shine through your content and interactions.
  • Leave comments: Take the time to leave comments by responding to user questions under your posts. You can then pin the top answers to increase the visibility of those interactions. This can be a time-consuming process, so you’ll need to create a schedule to hire freelancers to complete the task.
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4. Analyze and Adjust

You’ll always need to analyze and adjust your strategy to improve the follower growth strategy. Therefore, you’ll need to use different analytical software to gather data and provide suggestions for improvements. 

Nowadays, there are many different tools that can assist with optimizing content to generate new followers. Focus on adding AI-based tools to automate the process of creating many posts. These tools are also great for helping beginners catch up with bigger accounts. 

5. Create High-Quality Content

You’ll need to create high-quality content that resonates with your audience and causes them to follow naturally. Here are some of the top things to consider when creating high-quality content:

  • Consistency: Post regularly to engage your audience regularly. Hence, aim for a consistent posting schedule, whether daily or a few times a week.
  • Visual appeal: Use high-resolution photos and videos from excellent equipment. Furthermore, pay attention to lighting, composition, and editing to ensure your content is visually appealing.
  • Variety: Mix up your content with different types of posts, such as photos, videos, carousels, Reels, IGTV, and Stories. This will help prevent your content from becoming stale. 
  • Value: Provide your followers with informative, entertaining, or inspirational content. Consider sharing tips, tutorials, behind-the-scenes looks, or user-generated content (UGC).
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Free IG Followers: Do You Need Them for Growth?

No, there is no need to look for IG followers free of charge because they will not lead to genuine interactions. That’s because these accounts lack targeting and will not interact with your account in a meaningful manner. 

Furthermore, free IG followers can land your account in hot water with Instagram. This means you need to avoid using free followers and use some of the alternatives outlined in this article. 

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