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How To See Who Blocked You on Instagram

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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Do you want to find out how to see who blocked you on Instagram? There are a couple of methods that you can use to verify if your Instagram account is blocked. This ensures you can leave the guesswork out of the equation. 

Furthermore, we share the steps for how to see who you blocked on Instagram. We’ll also provide the best practices to avoid getting blocked on Instagram. This will help you keep in the good graces of your Instagram audience so you can continue to grow your account. 

For further ideas on how to grow your Instagram account, continue reading to the end. We’ll share how, here at Plixi, you can elevate your Instagram account to new heights.

How To See Who Blocked You on Instagram

3 Methods for How To See Who Blocked You on Instagram

There are multiple ways to figure out how to see who blocked you on Instagram. This allows you to determine if a relationship has soured and why you can no longer access content. In this section, we’ll share multiple methods, and you can try a couple to verify your findings. 

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that just because you cannot find an account, it doesn’t mean you’re blocked. It might be that the Instagram account in question is deleted or deactivated. You can check to see if a friend on Instagram cannot find the same account. If they are having the same issues, it points to a deleted account rather than you being blocked.

1. Check comments

Consider checking the comments section and looking for the account you want to see that blocked you. Click on their username in the comments section and see what page you’ll be taken to. You might be blocked if you see a page with an error message that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Consider clicking on a few comment entries to verify that you’re receiving the same page and that there’s no error. Also, you can ask a friend to click the same username in the comments to verify. 

2. Search the Account

Search for the account that you feel might have blocked you. For example, you can do a search on a search engine. Can you access their profile page? If the profile page is not loading for your account, you might have been blocked.

3. Check Direct Messages

You could look at your Instagram direct messages to see if you have been blocked. This is a good strategy for checking if you have been blocked by people you had contact with in the past. That’s because Instagram doesn’t delete messages without your input. 

In the messages section, you can click on the username and see if you can view their profile. Also, look at if you can send them a direct message. You will be blocked from sending direct messages if you have been blocked.

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How To See Who You Blocked on Instagram

Now, let’s turn our attention to who you blocked on Instagram. You may want to keep track of your blocked list to review your decisions and perhaps reverse them. Here’s a step-by-step process for how to see who you blocked on Instagram:

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines icon. 
  3. Choose “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Below the “Who can see your content” section, select “Blocked.”
  5. Here, you can find specific accounts and tap the Unblock option.
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How To Avoid Being Blocked on Instagram

Now, let’s look at the top strategies you should consider to avoid being blocked on Instagram. These suggestions are a good idea for personal use and business accounts looking to grow a brand. 

Business Practices To Avoid Getting Blocked

Businesses need to keep on the right side of the community guidelines to ensure they don’t get in trouble with the platform. Here are a few suggestions that you can grow your brand on Instagram and not get blocked:

  • Target audience: Make sure that you are targeting the right audience on Instagram. This ensures your marketing messages and posts don’t come across as spam. Most users don’t mind getting marketing content if it’s for products and services they need. Research your target Instagram audience and find them on the platform. 
  • Too many marketing posts: Don’t add too many marketing posts to your account since users will get bored and block you. You need to provide a mixture of noteworthy and marketing content to keep users engaged. 
  • Uninspired marketing messages: When you post marketing content such as offers or giveaways, make them count. This means only including content that will get your audience excited about using your services or buying products.

It’s not a problem if you are blocked by Instagram accounts that don’t align with your customer base. Instagram is a massive platform with all types of users. As a business, you need your target market to follow your account. The content that makes them happy might annoy other types of Instagram users. This isn’t a problem since effective marketing is specific and not aimed at everybody.

Avoid Controversial Content

To avoid alienating users, you need to post content that doesn’t make anyone’s blood boil. You can have opinions that spark some backlash or get a discussion going. However, don’t push it too far if your goal is to avoid getting blocked by other Instagram users. 

When you want to cover a questionable take or subject matter, the devil is in the details. You need to convey your ideas respectfully. People will be much more understanding if you can show more empathy with your opinions.

Follow Instagram Community Guidelines

It’s essential that you follow Instagram community guidelines. This helps avoid getting an Instagram shadowban or getting blocked by other users. Here’s a list of the top Instagram community guidelines that you must follow to reduce IG user blocks:

  • Appropriate content: Make sure that you only post content that’s appropriate. This includes avoiding photos that have nudity or promote controversy. The content must be a good match for a diverse audience. 
  • Follow the law: You need to follow the law while using Instagram. This means you’re not allowed to harass other users or make threats. Not only will you get blocked by the offended users, but you may also get in trouble with local law enforcement. 
  • Respect other community members: You need to be respectful of other Instagram members. This means that you can disagree, but it must be expressed in a respectful manner. You may receive a wave of account blocks from users who notice your disgraceful behavior. This includes even if you have never interacted with them before.

These are just a few of the main talking points regarding IG community guidelines. You should read the complete list of Instagram community guidelines for yourself to learn more. 

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What Happens To Blocked Instagram Accounts

Now, let’s consider the negative effects experienced by blocked Instagram accounts. This will help you understand what kind of restrictions are placed when blocked.

  • Messages: Once Instagram users block you, you can no longer send them messages. You can still see the message history since Instagram doesn’t delete messages without input. However, if you are part of a group chat with someone who has blocked you, then you can message them. This only works if the user in question has decided to continue taking part in the group chat. 
  • Mentions and tags: Once a user has blocked you, they can no longer use mentions or tags to reference you in posts. This means you will be out of the loop for content that might have been relevant before. 
  • Likes and comments: Your likes and comments will be automatically removed from their content. Also, if they decide to unblock your account in the future, then your likes and comments remain removed.

Alternatives To Blocking Instagram Users

Did you know that you can use alternatives for blocking people on Instagram? Understanding the alternatives will help you understand if you have one of these restrictions placed on your account. Therefore, even if you are not blocked, you’ll see that you can be severely restricted. Continue reading for the top alternatives to blocking Instagram users.

Remove Them as a Follower

Instead of being blocked, you could be removed as a follower. This can severely limit the content you see if they have a private Instagram account. For example, you may no longer have access to their posts. 

Furthermore, you won’t see Instagram Stories from the account, even if they have a public account. That’s because only Instagram followers get to see stories’ content. Instagram Stories is a picture or a video that automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. Therefore, Instagram accounts can use stories to provide news and other time-sensitive content.

Blocked From Commenting

You could be blocked from commenting, but the feature is only available when using the Instagram app. This means users can severely restrict how you interact with their content without blocking you. Here are a few tips to avoid being blocked from the comments section:

  • No foul language: Do not leave comments that have foul language. This includes hate speech, banned words, and curse words. This is against Instagram community guidelines, and you may get your account banned. 
  • Don’t leave marketing messages: Are you growing your brand on Instagram? Then, don’t use the comments section of other people’s posts to leave marketing messages. This is in bad taste and not what the comments section is for. This includes instances when leaving a marketing message that may seem in line with the discussion. 
  • Don’t go off-topic: If you constantly talk about things unrelated to the post, you may get your posting privileges removed. It usually depends on the degree to which you mention unrelated topics. 
  • Don’t spam: Make sure that your posts are unique and put some thought into them. You might get removed from commenting if you are spamming the same messages.

Other Restrictions

There are a variety of other restrictions that Instagram users can deploy to block your interaction with their account. For example, they may remove visibility from being able to see when they are online. Also, they could remove alerts when you send them a direct message. 

Furthermore, Instagram continues to innovate and add more features in the way users can protect themselves. This means you can expect other restrictions, so make sure to keep updated on new features. 

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Should You Keep Track of Who Blocks You?

To conclude, it’s a good idea to keep track of anyone who blocks your Instagram account. This ensures you can figure out when you have alienated other accounts and caused them to block you. Therefore, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. After all, if you want to grow your Instagram account, getting blocked is undesirable. 

Now that you know how to see who blocked you on Instagram, give it a try. You can speed up the process if you keep in mind the several methods discussed in this article. Also, don’t forget to behave on Instagram to avoid getting blocked in the first place. 

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