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Instagram Live Views: It’s Looking Good From Up Here!

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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Lights! Camera! Action! You’re on Instagram Live! Well, you should be if you’re interested in creating a strong online presence and reaching a wider audience. The Instagram live views you get from real users could be just what you need to get IG’s attention. With more engagement, IG will share you with a broader audience.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know that going live on any social media platform can be nerve-wracking. Going live to organic viewers without the opportunity to edit is no easy feat. Still, it’s worth it for your page. Watch as your video views go up as you get more comfortable! We can tell you all about this great feature.

Instagram Live Views: It’s Looking Good From Up Here!

First of All, What Is Instagram Live?

Video-streaming platform stalwart YouTube has it. Newcomer and titan TikTok has it. Not to be left out, Instagram has it, too. When you ask, “What is Instagram Live?” think of these distant cousins. Instagram Live is simply a means to stream video content and interact with creators in real time. 

You can do all that you usually do on Instagram. You can share a like to show love like you would on a post or reel. You can comment, and you can share the livestream with your followers. The creator can see all of this while it happens online. They know it’s coming from you as your Instagram handle shows up beside your activity.

The views on Instagram Live represent all the people who are watching along with you. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for the community. Not only can you interact with the creator, but you can speak to followers who have a shared interest. The shared interest could be the creator, or it can be the topic the creator is focusing on. You don’t have to wait around for someone to see what you said. You can share your views, and everyone watching will be able to see.

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Why You Should Go Live on Instagram

We talk a lot about posting reels and carousel photos. We are big fans of the Instagram story feature as well. Did you think that we didn’t think live streams are important as well? If so, you have misunderstood us. The Instagram live stream is a great tool to achieve the growth that you have been looking for. We can explain why.

IG Loves When You Go Live

You will know someone is live when you look at the area where your stories show up. Do you ever notice how live streams always show up first in your story banner? It could be a person that you hardly ever view the stories for. All of a sudden, they will be first in your story listing for that day. This is because Instagram is prioritizing the live stream for that creator. Instagram once you watch the live stream. It will keep you on the app longer. They likely already sent you a notification that this person is streaming. Still, just in case you missed it, it will be the first thing you see on your homepage. 

This is the kind of visibility that you will get when you go live. That notification will stay there the entire time you’re alive. So if someone randomly opens the app after missing the beginning, they will know that you were streaming and log on if they please.

You Guessed It: Engagement

Unless you’re new here, you know that the engagement rate is king in the Instagram world. You should be trying to rack up as much engagement wherever you can. We are happy that you are liking the comments on your photos. We love that you started doing more pools in your stories. All we ask now is that you get those comments and hearts on your livestream as well. 

A stream is a great place to gain a lot of engagement all at once. You can ask your watchers questions, or they can ask you questions. They can’t even like the video while it is still live. If you leave the video on your Instagram page, people who missed the stream can watch. There, you have another opportunity for commenters and “likers” of your video. The best part is that you only did the work once. 

All this extra engagement grabs the attention of the Instagram algorithm. It’s a great opportunity for your page to reach new people.

It’s More Down-to-Earth

Instagram Live is much more personal than any other form of content sharing. You don’t have the option of editing your videos. You can use a filter, of course, and you can plan out your live stream. Still, everything happens in real-time. There is no time to backtrack on the things that you say. There is no time to make multiple takes to get the perfect shot. Unless there is a moderator, the comments are real and raw. For some reason, IG users love this. The format is more real overall. If you do it correctly, your followers will leave the livestream feeling closer to you.

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Buy Instagram Live Views To Increase Your Social Proof

Have you ever conducted an Instagram livestream before? Isn’t it awkward in the beginning? You’re hoping that people log on to watch you. Unfortunately, these people want to see how many people are already watching. If it’s still empty, they think that it may not be exciting. The feeling is tantamount to walking into a mixer with only one other person there. You automatically assume that the event can’t be that great if no one else is there. This couldn’t be further from the truth since your content is great. You have an engaging presence. You know how to entertain an audience. You just need them to stay. 

Some creators resort to using the social proof trick. In other words, they buy Instagram live views. They just need the appearance that the livestream is popular to keep genuine viewers. Fluffing up the numbers helps with this.

When you pay to get views on Instagram Live, you can choose the delivery time. Some platforms give you the option of viewers, which will last half an hour to 480 minutes. You just have to pay accordingly. How many views do you want? If you’re on the conservative side in terms of followers, you can start with 10 viewers. If you want to make a big bang on the live-stream scene, you can get up to 20,000 viewers. 

Remember to keep your follower count in mind. Legitimate viewers can be a little suspicious. Having a few hundred followers but tens of thousands of people on a livestream doesn’t match. It will look even more suspicious when the comments don’t match the viewership. Here are some sites you can consider:

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Who Has the Most Views on Instagram Live? It May Surprise You!

There are over half a billion accounts on Instagram. That means that a livestream has the potential to have this many viewers at one time. Has anyone ever even remotely cracked this number? Not even close. With users all over the world, it would be quite a coincidence that everyone would be online simultaneously. It would be more convenient if they were all available to hop on a livestream at the same time.

The Current Title Holder

So, who has the most views on Instagram Live? Take a wild guess. We’ll wait, but we bet you’re wrong, though. The record holder is currently Acun Ilicali, with approximately 3 million live viewers. If you weren’t part of that 3 million, we can tell you who he is. He’s a Turkish producer who is well-known in his home country. He owns production companies and television channels, so he knows a thing or two about viewership.

So, what caused everyone to flock to his page on this particular occasion? A popular and longstanding TV show, Survivor, went live. If you know the show, you’d understand the level of suspense and tension it inspires. The established fan base just couldn’t stay away.

A Close Second

Are you wondering who holds second place? It’s a name that is no less easy to pronounce. Rapper and gang member Tekashi 69 went live to talk about his prison sentence after his release. His fans seemed to be pretty intrigued. His deflectors must have shown up as well to raise the total to an impressive 2 million viewers.

It should come as no surprise that two of these streams happened in 2020. People were at home and looking for some entertainment during the pandemic. This is where Verzuz’s battles rose to the height of their popularity. So many people resorted to live streams to connect with their followers. It just goes to show that timing matters.

Instagram Live Views: It’s Looking Good From Up Here!, image №5

How To Increase Instagram Live Views: 3 Tips You Should Know

Are you feeling inspired after seeing those numbers? You might be wondering how to increase Instagram live views. We have some tips that might help your views go up.

Collaborate With Another User

Instagram is a community first. You don’t have to do this growth thing alone. You can lean on other Instagram users for help, too. Maybe they could use your help, too. You do this by going Live together. We don’t mean that you should be in the same room physically and share a phone camera. No, you both should go line from separate accounts. This way, each group of followers will get a notification that you are Live. This is double the chance of viewership! If they like what they see, they will engage with the content. When it’s over, they may want to keep up with your account by following you, too.

Name Users as They Join the Stream

This tip could be a little awkward for your viewers. Instagram notifies you of the people who join as they join. As a good host, I could acknowledge them publicly. It may surprise them to hear you say their name. This could make them want to stay longer because you put them on the spot. Or it could make them feel seen and stick around to hear what you have to say.

Use an Engaging Title

You get to give your streams a title. Use this opportunity to get creative. Think of something that will entice viewers to watch your livestream.

Instagram Live Views: It’s Looking Good From Up Here!, image №6

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Live? I Want To See Who’s Watching Me

Part of the anxiety that comes from people you know are watching you. We get it. You’re trying to create a new persona online and put yourself out there. You have a fear of being too “cringe.” But are the naysayers watching you on the live stream? Can you see who views your Instagram live? You actually can do this. 

Instagram may not tell you who views your posts or who watches your reels. It tells you who is spying on your Live Stream, though. You just need to know how to find who gives you the views on Instagram Live. Follow our tips.

The next time you go Live on Instagram, direct your attention to the “eye” icon. This tool constantly updates the number of people watching your Instagram Live. To see the handles belonging to these viewers, click the eye. Now you can see who’s watching you. You may see a familiar name in there.

Are you ready to boost your following overall? Your Instagram live views should go up along with your following. We can help you with these goals. The experts at Plixi have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers and a propriety AI targeting algorithm. Together, they produce unbeatable results. You can get the targeted followers you’ve always wanted. Contact Plixi and start growing and gaining Instagram followers today!

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