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Instagram Growth Tool Tips To Set You Apart



Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

10x Faster Instagram Growth. Automatically.

How many Instagram pages exist at this point? There have to be a few hundreds of millions. How many of them are trying their luck at influencing? We can’t be sure of that, but we can assume that it’s quite a bit. By the day, the prospect of being an Instagram influencer becomes more appealing. However, with everyone trying to make it, it becomes harder to stick out positively. You may need the help of a good Instagram growth tool to stay the course.

Your target audience won’t just type your IG username one day. You have to let them know you exist. A good growth tool could be the promo that you need to do that. We would hate to see that high-quality content go to waste. Even if you have mastered other social media platforms, IG has its own rules. You’ll need a good growth strategy. Luckily for you, this is right up our alley. You have nothing to worry about if you follow our tips. Let’s get started!

Instagram Growth Tool Tips To Set You Apart

Let’s Zone In on One of the Best Instagram Growth Tools in the Business: Plixi

If you truly believe that your brand can make it, you want to give it the best chance at success. One way you could do that is through using one of the best Instagram growth tools out there. We can help you find the one that will work for you.

Not to toot our own horn, but Plixi is an excellent growth tool. We think investing in our tool will pay off for you ultimately. We could help you save the time it would take to research growth tactics. If you don’t know how to grow a page on your own, you’ll face quite the learning curve. This is where we would come in. You wouldn’t have to worry about learning all of that new material.

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We Find the Followers That Actually Count

The end goal is to find IG users who will want to follow you and stick around. There is a specific kind of follower that your brand needs, and we can find them for you. Your content should matter. In addition to followers, you should see overall engagement increase as well.

We Have Sophisticated Tools

Good Instagram growth tools don’t use guesswork. Plixi is no different. We have a balance of human and technological expertise. Imagine all the time that you’ll have on your hands if you don’t have to obsess over growth. You can focus on content creation. Focus on your strengths. Plixi can focus on this part.

In the meantime, we can learn about your brand and formulate the best way forward. Our primary focus will be on more organic growth strategies. These will likely be more successful for your corporate enterprise.

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Path Social Has Entered the Chat

If you’re comfortable with familiar names, consider Path Social. It boasts an impressive track record of growing content creator pages. Perhaps you can benefit from it as well. Do you want to grow your page organically but need a little extra assistance? Well, this tool could be the one for you. They prioritize a rate of growth that is sustainable. This applies to you even if you have a niche brand. Your following is there regardless. You just need a growth tool like this one.

Like Plixi, they boast an artificial intelligence tool to research the best course of action for your brand. They match this with a team of in-house influencers. Together, they can promote your content to the kinds of followers that would like your brand. Path Social claims that you can have real, engaged followers. 

As you know, Instagram is constantly on the lookout for fake accounts. You need a growth tool that will bring you real followers, not faceless accounts. Path Social seems to be promising real accounts. If you need an alternative to Plixi, Path Social may be a viable option. Keep these Instagram growth tools on your radar.

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You Can Also Use Free Instagram Growth Tools To Make More Progress

You don’t have to pay to have access to some useful growth tools. They may not be a quick avenue to new followers. Instead, they may be how you have produced content that will attract followers. Here are some free Instagram growth tools you should look out for:

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Picking the right hashtags can be the hardest part of making a post. You have high-quality content, but you have to delay posting. Do you need popular ones, niche ones, and customized ones? It can be overwhelming. If this sounds like you, consider finding a good Instagram hashtag generator. You can even verify whether IG has banned hashtags that you plan to use. This quick tool could save you a lot of trouble.

Engagement Rate Calculator

It’s important to know where your content stands in the algorithm. Is your engagement rate impressive? Is your target audience interacting with your content? You’ll have to know how to negotiate if you want to reach out to brands for collaborations. Your engagement rate is the most important bargaining tool. Make sure it’s always in good shape with a good tool like this.

Username Generator

Some people stall creating an Instagram page because they can’t come up with a good page name. We get it. It’s going to be the name that people share and talk about for years to come. You want it to be a good one. Put it in the hands of a good username generator. It can give you options. Maybe you just need a burst of inspiration.

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How To Grow Instagram Followers Using the Content You Post

You don’t want just to be posting content for the sake of it. You want to take active steps towards growing your page. You want to see the follower count rise along with the number of posts. That will take some deliberate action unless you get very lucky. Here are some tips on how to grow Instagram followers.

1. Incorporate More Reels

Instagram loves reels. You can tell, can’t you? That’s what most of the content on your feed is. You can’t escape the short-form content. It’s over here on IG as well. To that, we say, if you can’t beat them, join them! Come up with your very own Instagram reels content. IG would be happy to boost this kind of content. We think this could be because it keeps people on the app longer.

To increase your reach, there are some specific steps that you can take, for example. Use trending audio. Do you repeatedly hear a specific song, edit, or sound bite on IG? The app is likely promoting that audio. It would be a good idea to jump on that train as well. Use the audio while IG is still promoting it in hopes that more people will see it.

You can also use reel templates. You may not have the time to edit a reel to your liking. Templates make things easier. You can use these to maximize your time.

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2. Collaborate

Rally the troops! You can’t do this on your own. Lots of creators access more followers through collaborations. When you collaborate with someone else, they are effectively endorsing your content. This is a shortcut to another creator’s following. It could be through user-generated content or just a joint trip.

If you need an idea for an IG collaboration, consider a giveaway. Offer followers the opportunity to win something if they enter a contest. To enter a contest, they will have to engage with your content. They could do this by liking, sharing, and commenting on a post. This will increase your reach exponentially. Both you and the other creator’s followers will share with their followers. This places your page in front of many other people.

3. Schedule Your Posts

Timing is everything. You can have the best reel ready to share, but it falls flat. Where was everyone when you needed them? You don’t have to take a risk on when to post. If you go to your Instagram Insights, you’ll see when your followers are online the most. 

Yes, you want to reach more followers. However, it’s the existing followers that help to get the attention of the algorithm. When you find out when people are most likely to be online, schedule Instagram posts accordingly. This could increase the chances of the reel’s success by getting it in front of followers.

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4. Use More Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is a science that should be a class in schools. This is such a powerful tool that every creator should have a working knowledge of. New followers want to see the exact content you create. They just don’t know where to find you. Help them find you by using hashtags. IG has become somewhat of a search engine. Because of this, you can use Instagram growth tools like this one to your advantage. Feel free to peruse the information Plixi has on hashtags for Instagram reels.

5. Engage With Your Followers

Have you ever heard of being the change that you want to see? Yes, it may sound corny, but it’s factual. Do you want more likes on your post? You should like more comments. Do you want more comments in response to your calls to action? Reply to the comments you have now. Respond or react to more DMs. Try being a present user on the app when you aren’t posting. The IG algorithm is watching to see if you take part in the engagement on the app, too. Take it as a reward when they push your content to other people in response. You can increase your engagement rate with your actions.

6. Pay for Instagram Ads

One school of thought is that you have to pay to play this game. Ads on Instagram are a great way to find your ideal Instagram following. The platform has a very intuitive setup. You can choose the type of IG user you want to see your content. Ideally, this is a user who will follow and engage. You can decide for how long you want the ad to run and stick to a budget. While other Instagram growth tools may be free, this is the one that requires some capital.

7. Make an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

People may not follow you because your feed does not appeal to them. There is no one aesthetic, and the content seems disjointed. People like beautiful things, and they come to Instagram for just that. If you want some new followers, maybe you need to work on your Instagram aesthetic. Consider using some post templates and coordinating your highlight covers.

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You Don’t Have To Wait To Grow Your Page!

You don’t have to do this growth journey on your own. The experts at Plixi are ready to walk you through it. In fact, let’s start growing your page now. We have an AI technology and influencer platform here. This means we have the tools needed for the job. Plixi is the only Instagram growth tool that you’ll need. Trust us with your page. Start increasing your following with our help today!

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