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Instagram Highlight Covers: Organize Your Page in Style!

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 10 min read

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The question is, what precisely are Instagram highlight covers? Highlight covers are a visual label applied to each highlight on Instagram. Do you publish informative or helpful information or content on your Instagram stories? Maybe you’ve dedicated some stories to answering frequently asked questions. You will find the highlight function to be an absolute godsend. Why not use some Instagram highlight covers to wrap up this info nicely?

Don’t just give each highlight its unique name. You can also include an Instagram highlight cover to provide followers with improved brand clarity. You can upload a new image or use an existing one from one of your stories. Highlight covers for Instagram offer some information regarding the content of each highlight. Your followers will love you for it. They make it easier for readers to find specific information. They shouldn’t have to sift through your feed to learn about your brand.

An aesthetic Instagram highlight cover is more than just pretty. They also function well if your Instagram feed’s looks are your priority. With all the highlight cover templates available, you should have many options!

Do you run a company that has a specific brand image and colors? Adopting the appropriate highlight covers will give your profile a cohesive flow. You’ll give the appearance of being professional and on-brand with your company. Potential collaborators will take you seriously.

Instagram Highlight Covers: Organize Your Page in Style!

Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers Will Bring Your Page Together

It’s possible that a visitor’s first impression of your Instagram will determine whether or not they decide to follow you. If people find your feed difficult to understand, they may leave your profile altogether. Think about the fact that you just have a few seconds to present yourself and demonstrate why you are valuable. Aesthetic highlight covers are your first line of defense and an important consideration.

You could increase levels of engagement with highlight covers for Instagram. Determine the proper color scheme, voice, and visual motifs for your Instagram theme. Then, match every Instagram highlight cover to it. It is a fantastic, naturally occurring strategy for increasing the number of likes on your content.

In addition to this, it helps to bolster your brand. That is necessary to set oneself apart from the myriad of other Instagram accounts. This is of the utmost importance for aspiring Instagram influencers. Do you wish to present their work on Instagram in a manner that is logically arranged and aesthetically pleasing? I hope your answer is a yes! Take care with the appearance of your Instagram account.

This article will assist in making an influence that will last. We will provide information on how to grow your community.

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Free Instagram Highlight Covers Are a Great Way To Adorn Your Best Moments

The Instagram highlights feature is a very useful tool. Maybe you’re not convinced you even need to use it. What is the need for free Instagram highlight covers? We can’t let you miss out on this feature. You may already know that Instagram stories are only viewable for twenty-four hours.

Instagram created a tool that allowed users to save specific stories. Additionally, they made sure that people could see them by adding a pin to their profile. You do this by using the Instagram Highlights feature.

The highlight feature on Instagram Stories is a great way to draw attention to your best stories. On your Instagram profile page, these are your most significant stories. Sort through your archive of Instagram Stories. All you have to do is use the highlights feature to designate the various categories. Select the particular Stories that your audience sees when they visit your profile. Selecting them from this section allows you to create your first impression.

You can keep particular stories on Instagram and share them indefinitely using highlights. Think about the questions people constantly ask. They are an excellent way to provide important information about your business. Visitors to your page will be familiar with your brand right away. Here are some Instagram highlights cover ideas:

  • FAQs
  • Payment Options
  • How to Order
  • Opening Hours

Because of Instagram’s highlights feature, users can complete all these tasks. The content of your posts on Instagram stories can now stay on your feed for however long you like.

When To Use Black Instagram Highlight Covers

People and businesses create Instagram themes, often known as visual styles. It helps to give their page a consistent look throughout the platform. Ideally, Instagram highlight covers should match them. Instagram themes offer assistance to social media content makers. Organizing various kinds of content into a digital theme lends a sense of equilibrium to the profile. What if you want black Instagram highlight covers? Let’s discuss what your Instagram feed would look like.

Some describe black and white as a timeless combination. Depending on the brand feed consisting of only black and white images might be the best option. Wednesday Addams would have a monochromatic theme if she ever dabbled in influencing.

You don’t have to just stick to black and white. Slip an occasional accent color in there, too. Still, you might consider using two colors to create a remarkably cohesive feed. You may also assist in developing continuity across your website and other social media platforms using black and white. This will make your feed appear more ordered and tidy.

You shouldn’t consider monochrome feed themes to be uninteresting. Instead, those who are the most likely to appreciate these qualities will perceive the page to be mature, innovative, and timeless. You might combine this motif with the theme with black borders or a white background.

When To Use Pink Instagram Highlight Covers

The Barbie movie had the world in a chokehold for months. But you’re not new to pink. You’re true to pink. You’re not following a trend. You love the color and think having pink IG highlight covers is fitting. We can advise you on how best to use this color—without seeming like you hopped on a bandwagon.

People have a natural tendency to gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing images. It should also have a smooth color gradation throughout, not to seem too overpowering. For instance, use diverse shades if you want your Instagram profile to have a pink scheme. You highlight covers for Instagram that could adhere to the gradient. Perhaps it could begin with a pastel pink and end in a magenta or Fuschia. This will help your profile appear more visually appealing to other users.

Select the same presets when editing and displaying your highlight covers for Instagram. This way, your photos will appear consistent and uniform on your profile. 

Choosing a specific color scheme or theme does not preclude you from experimenting with other color combinations. Even Barbie derailed from the pink. Try altering the themes and color palettes depending on the time of year or when you display a new product.

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White Instagram Highlight Covers Are a Multi-Purpose Option

One school of thought is that a brand’s personality should be all over your Instagram style. People say it should be in the colors you choose to use. This doesn’t always have to be true. White Instagram highlight covers give you the leeway to have a  colorful feed. You can design white in such a way that it will never clash with your feed!

Is your brand upbeat and humorous? White can complement this. You can still choose a color palette that is also lively and colorful for the feed.

Do you want to project an image of professionalism and authority? A simple black-and-white color scheme with just one splash of color is the way to go. The white in your highlight covers for Instagram will match nicely. It’s a multi-purpose color!

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Highlight Cover Size: Make Sure You Use the Best One Possible

Instagram values individuality. It allows you to use virtually any image you’d want as the cover photo for your Instagram highlight covers. However, do you want your business to stand out amid the competition?  You need to move beyond using any image. Your Instagram highlight cover size is essential. The highlight covers are an excellent location for attracting people. Convert them into followers if you can!

Even your Instagram highlight cover can make an impact. Therefore, make the most of it by developing your personalized highlight covers.

The dimensions of an Instagram highlight cover are typically the same as those of an Instagram story. This makes sense, as your highlights are a collection of Instagram stories. Specifically, the measurements are 1080 by 1920 pixels or a 9:16 aspect ratio. Develop your unique highlight covers with a high pixel count.

Consider using Canva. Click the tab labeled “Create a design” in the upper-right corner of the homepage of Canva. Search for an Instagram Story Highlight Cover. Or you can scroll down to find it.  You could choose not to apply the standard size for the Instagram story highlight in Canva. Or, you can select the Custom Size menu to identify the size you want to use instead. The measurements for the Instagram story highlight are automatically set as 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

Personalise Your IG Highlight Covers

Considering all this talk about Instagram highlight covers, do you know how to make one? The covers you’ve chosen for the Instagram Highlights will be visible to everyone looking through your profile. Are you ready to add icons and cover photos to your Highlights? It makes things look more polished and aesthetically pleasant as a whole. Have you worked hard to create a specific theme for your Instagram feed? You might want the theme to show up in your Instagram highlights.

You can make a highlight cover for Instagram in the following ways without including it in your story:

  1. A menu will show up when you click the Highlight cover that you want to change.
  2. Select “Edit Highlight” from the drop-down menu.
  3. After that, click ‘Edit Cover’ at the very top of the page.
  4. You can choose a photo from this screen from your device’s camera roll. You might also choose a story from one of the highlights you’ve saved to serve as the story’s cover.

Pick one from the images on your device’s camera roll. Maybe you’ve edited something from a Canva highlight cover template and saved it there. Check out your feed. You might find a list of options for the covers of your Highlights. Just be sure it fits with your Instagram’s general aesthetic. You could even create a cover for your Instagram stories if you are still looking for something. Simply construct it before downloading.

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Plixi Has Got You Covered!

Learn how to create attractive highlight covers for Instagram and master the app. You will likely be able to increase the number of people who stay on your page. The Instagram highlight covers will intrigue them, that’s for sure. Use informative highlights on Instagram. The engaged followers that visit your profile will remain there for a longer amount of time.

Here at Plixi, we have a sophisticated platform of social media specialists. Because of this, you can amass a sizeable following on Instagram. Users who fit a given profile come to our platform as a result of the tactics we employ. They will genuinely interact with the stuff you provide. Once they have located your page, they will begin doing so on their own will once they start using it.

Plixi can help you reach all your goals. Watch as you maintain and grow your following on Instagram. We will customize a plan for you to follow. It’s time to start putting in more effort to expand your audience on Instagram. You can do it! Begin expanding your Instagram audience and collecting followers right away.

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