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Instagram Themes: Elevate and Create Captivating Content


Plixi Team

Sep 04, 2023 11 min read

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Brands and influencers must put in extra effort if they want their Instagram profiles to stand out. There are many competing pages in your particular sector. That goes for whatever sector you may be in. There are so many accounts. Consider utilizing different Instagram themes when posting.

Even if all you want to do is show off your artistic side, Instagram themes are an excellent choice. Good themes for Instagram will keep them scrolling. Maintaining a consistent theme makes it easy to get an advantage over other businesses in the same niche. When developing your brand, ensure that aesthetic considerations come into account. Potential followers may just look at the overall page theme to decide if they should follow.

Instagram Themes: Elevate and Create Captivating Content

Take Instagram Themes Seriously Because Aesthetics Matters

Instagram themes are the overall visual aesthetic of your Instagram profile. There are so many themes available for use on Instagram. They range from a minimalist black-and-white look to more intricate themes. Typically, a brand’s colors will be in the design in some way. No matter what form your motif takes, maintaining coherence is essential. When you have a nice Instagram theme, all of your photographs will have the same general aesthetic. You may arrange them in a certain way.

Developing a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram account can facilitate its expansion. People come to Instagram to see beautiful things. A good theme gives a level of predictability and calmness. Your Instagram profile might be much more attractive if you use a nice theme. Do you have an aesthetically pleasing collection of posts rather than a mishmash of colors and photos? Individuals who come across your page are more inclined to follow your page and engage with it. You should take advantage of this as much as you can. Use the visuals available on social media to assist in advertising and establish your business.

Established beauty brands likely have pre-determined color schemes. Individual influencers have many options at their disposal. Do you create user-generated content? Consider Instagram to be your blank canvas. You get to orchestrate your theme on Instagram from scratch. This can be daunting but also exciting.

Aesthetic Themes Keep Your Page Cohesive

All these pages look the same, don’t they? The same “clean” look. All these Instagram influencers seem to not care about the other aesthetic themes. Maybe this used to be unique, but not anymore. People look forward to diversity in Instagram themes. We must emphasize that each page needs a different strategy. But how do you go about it? Let’s get started!

If you want a constant theme, focus on the theme you choose. Consistency is a key component of any Instagram theme, no matter what it is. You must decide on a color scheme before creating your Instagram theme. The colors that are most prominent in the photographs are your choice. It’s crucial to stick to a small number of colors across all of your work. Maintain consistency when sharing graphic content on Instagram, so your fans know what to expect from your page.

Is this too constrictive? You can use a gradual gradient technique to change the theme. We talked about choosing colors that you can use in the long run. What if doing so means passing up some fantastic pictures because they don’t go with the present color scheme? The finest images could not relate to any particular color.

So, as an exception to this norm, we present color transitions. On Instagram, you can use a different color scheme for every photo to avoid having the colors blend. By doing this, you can add more images without the limitations of a specific color.

You shouldn’t choose an Instagram theme that you can’t maintain. You won’t want to invest if your Instagram theme doesn’t authentically reflect you. Never choose a black, white, and grey color scheme because it’s popular. Those influencers get tired of it, too.

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There Are So Many Instagram Themes To Choose From

There are so many Instagram themes at your disposal. You are awash with options. If you want to commit to keeping a theme, keep reading our theme checklist below:

  1. Bright Colors
    Is your brand about youth vitality? Developing a feed full of brilliant colors is the best way to communicate playfulness. They will surely get a serotonin boost when they visit your page. There is no other method. Bright colors engage the eye and exude a sense of fun. This makes this theme an excellent option for luring in a younger audience. Is this page for a bakery, a confectionery, or a store that caters to children? Maintaining a focus on vibrant hues would be an excellent choice.
  2. Puzzle Theme
    Converting your stream into a puzzle is an advanced move. Still, the distinctiveness and audience engagement it can bring is enormous. You may need the assistance of a specialist, but the end result can be well worth it!
  3. Seasonal Theme
    Marketing your items throughout the year may be a lot of fun. Just change the theme of your Instagram account to reflect the current season. Always check the calendar to see when the holidays will be. Start incorporating that holiday’s colors in the days leading up to the holiday. Use them in the images you post to Instagram.
  4. Amazing Pastel Hues
    Consider using more muted tones to dominate your feed. Bright colors will only go over well with some brands. You may achieve the desired appearance for your feed by using less abrasive tones.

Hear Us Out: Instagram Theme Pages Could Be Your Thing

Have you heard of the Instagram theme pages? They are everywhere. You have seen them on your feed and likely already follow one yourself. These faceless pages share memes and Twitter quotes for the most part. The Instagram themes used on these pages are usually monochromatic or text.

The growth of Instagram theme pages is a complex task. Still, these pages have the potential to be profitable. The profit comes into play when you consider the little effort needed. Most of the time, theme pages collect and organize popular pieces drawn from other creators. The engagement rates on these pages are typically among the highest. Some people may even buy Instagram followers to have a head start. This could pay off since people will follow the page for its relatable content.

When they are curating content for their account, they should give credit to the original creator. The page owner does not create the content for Instagram theme sites. These accounts have a substantial collection of videos and memes related to a particular subculture or industry.

These accounts will only repost content that has already gained widespread attention. As a consequence of this, many of their posts can draw in huge audiences. They can garner a respectable number of likes or video views. Consider tweets and videos posted on TikTok. These pages often end up reposted on Instagram theme pages. This attracts users who aren’t active on other networks. (Think of those of us who say we’re too old for TikTok.)

Engagement levels are typically high. This not only increases the amount of conversation that occurs. It also directs thousands of users each day to the relevant profiles.

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Show Off Your Brand Personality With Instagram Chat Themes

Have you heard? You can change the text’s color and the background in your direct messages and chats on Instagram. Instagram chat themes let you select a color scheme for your direct messages. This is just one of the many new features the Instagram app has recently launched. You have to get familiar with this component of Instagram themes. Bring your aesthetic ideas to your DMs.

Because of a recent upgrade, you now have the ability to alter the themes for Instagram direct messages swiftly. You also have the option to use Instagram’s dark mode. This will give the app a darker and more high-contrast appearance.

How to switch between different themes on Instagram Chat:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Tap the “messaging” or “DM” icon in the application’s top-right corner.
  3. Launch the conversation you wish to make changes to next. This could be your group chat.
  4. Simply tap the profile name to open the Chat options panel.
  5. In the section titled “Chat Settings,” look for “Theme” and click on it.
  6. From the option titled “Themes,” choose the look that best suits your brand. You also have the option to pick a color from the area labeled Colors and Gradients.

Anything you can do to make the DMs a special environment for you and those who support you is a good idea. It’s another way to personalize your page and carry on the theme ideas on your page.

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Keep Your Themes Going With Instagram Highlight Themes

Instagram is always changing. We once only had the feeds to rely on. Now we use Instagram Stories to generate constant engagement. The unfiltered content in the stories demonstrates authenticity and is becoming increasingly vital. Using Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to conversate with your audience. Provide them with a glimpse into your business or brand’s inner workings. Save your Instagram stories as highlights and outfit them with Instagram highlight themes. That’s right! Instagram themes aren’t just for the feed.

Followers can access your stories later for informative and entertainment purposes. This is an excellent strategy to improve the traffic that visits your page. The process of designing highlight covers is essential. It’s a component in developing a consistent aesthetic for Instagram. These are simple to produce and help to make the highlighting more user-friendly. Of course, you still incorporate the brand’s colors and themes.

These highlights appear just beneath your primary profile information. These miniature circles inspire people to interact with your Stories. They provide an instant atmosphere for your social media presence. Highlights help set the tone for your brand.

Here are some highlight cover suggestions:

  • Solid colors: Use a single, unchanging color in an image. Solid colors are now one of the Instagram aesthetics considered among the most aesthetically pleasing overall.
  • Personal pics. Using your pictures for IG highlight covers is one of the easiest and most effective options. It’s also one of the most popular.
  • Number them. Instagram highlight covers arranged in numerical order are popular, too. We are still determining why, but they are.
  • Store labels. Do you own a store? Labeling them “FAQ,” “Payment Options,” and “Available Stock” are suitable labels if you have an IG store.
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You May Need Help With Your Instagram Themes

To successfully create a theme, you must have an excellent eye for detail. Some people hire real content creators to handle this task. However, utilize a design program if you prefer to create Instagram themes by hand. Design software has many features. They include pre-set filters, color palettes, and graphic components. They get even fancier than that. You can check out the following apps for Instagram themes:

Canva is an effective photo-editing application for Instagram themes. Change them into more abstract themes with text, shapes, and textures that blend graphic design and photography. You may import your image into the picture editor and edit it by adjusting the levels. Apply filters and other special effects to give each piece of content a distinctive look.

There are so many VSCO presets available. If you need to build an Instagram theme, they have designs available. Do you want to include a video in your Instagram post lineup? You may use the same presets from the images so that every square of material, regardless of format, blends into the next.

We Include Instagram Themes in Our Content Strategy

We can’t wait to see your aesthetic post ideas. Are Instagram themes part of your overall strategy? They need to be. This is one of those factors people use to consider following you. Don’t ever forget about it. To make your profile more appealing to people who view it, you should concentrate on the visual aspects of it. Put effort into designing a stunning theme for Instagram. You are assisting not just the growth of your Instagram account. If you have a business, it also aids with the expansion of your business as a whole.

We also boast an in-the-know community of Instagram heavy hitters. By doing so, we can attract a more quality audience likely to become engaged in your content. They’ll start following your page automatically. Even though our methods are unique, we can help you keep your Instagram followers if you continue with us. Increasing your focus on building an Instagram following is essential. Get started immediately on growing your Instagram following!

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