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How To Grow Your Instagram Because Size Does Matter


Plixi Team

Mar 05, 2024 12 min read

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Are you ready to take your Instagram to the next level? Do you have something special or different to add to the platform? Maybe you see everyone else pulling in big bucks and think, “Why not me?” Learn how to grow your Instagram following to build a name for yourself.

Growing your Instagram will help you obtain access to opportunities. They could be lucrative for your business. These opportunities may only come if you have a significant presence on IG. Do you want to increase your followers? Do you want them engaged with your material on Instagram? Give organic growth, compelling content, and an active community a high priority. It’s our priority here at Plixi.

Think about working with us. That is, if you want to concentrate on growing the number of people who follow you on Instagram. Plixi is a dependable Instagram service provider. We take an innovative strategy to develop a user base. We can connect you with followers through our in-house community of Instagram influencers. Even better, they will want to know what you have to offer.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of the number of followers for your brand. We also dive into the best and worst ways to get these followers.

How To Grow Your Instagram Because Size Does Matter

Knowing How To Grow Your Instagram Fast May Not Be a Long-Term Solution

Purchasing IG followers appears to be a quick approach to increasing an account’s popularity. However, doing so comes with a number of significant negatives that you can’t ignore. Knowing how to grow your Instagram fast can affect your reputation in the long run. Your brand could suffer due to the high number of fake and inactive accounts that are likely to follow.

Computer programs can increase an individual’s popularity. They can follow and unfollow other users and rate and comment on posts on your behalf. You can buy “engagement” in this sense.

However, the algorithms that power Instagram can identify fake accounts quickly. These are the accounts that contribute nothing to their users’ profiles. To add insult to injury, paying for followers could result in social consequences. This includes a reduction in visibility or the suspension of your account. Furthermore, your legit followers can tell. Well, if they wanted to find out, they could.

You might notice a rise in the number of people who follow you for a brief period. But this will not in any way foster genuine connections or serious discourse. Instagram is continually removing fake and automated accounts. This is in an effort to deter users from using them. If you use these strategies, they will be evident in the history of your follower count. Is it worth impacting your reputation online? Growing your Instagram the organic way is a better idea.

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You Need a Good Instagram Growth Strategy To Reach Your Full Potential

Growing your Instagram requires more than just posting visually appealing pictures. In addition to putting in a lot of work, one must also be creative, devoted, and inventive. You will need to do research for your Instagram growth strategy. Ideally, you want to effectively reach your target audience.  You want to engage them with the content that you post on Instagram. You’ll need to devise a growth strategy for Instagram. You’ll have to stick to a plan to ensure that your execution is constant. This is how to grow your Instagram.

Are you an aspiring influencer hoping to promote your work online? Maybe you’re a  small local business looking to engage an audience through the material you post on Instagram. Growing your following may be a wonderful method to generate leads for future content possibilities.

We want your endeavors to be fruitful as well. As a result, we will present a few unique suggestions for growing the number of followers. Keep a close on the articles on Plixi if you want to increase the following you have on Instagram. You will be able to grow your following by producing engaging material. We have very strategic approaches to this.

Do you want to grow an audience on Instagram that follows you and backs what you do as a creator? Take note of all our recommendations. Follow them to increase the organic size of your following on Instagram.

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How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Using a Popular Tactic

You knew we were going to mention it. Buying followers on Instagram is a tactic for increasing followers. It stirs up strong feelings. On Instagram, purchased followers are almost usually made up of bots. Or, they are people who aren’t genuinely interested in you or what you post. Because you gave them something of value in return for their loyalty, they are following you. For instance, there some use a follow-for-follow arrangement. Are you interested in how to grow your Instagram followers this way? There are benefits and drawbacks to this Instagram growth plan. You should take them all into account.

Free Instagram bots give plenty of fake followers. Most of them come from automated user profiles. They are merely there to serve as social proof. In other words, they give you a more credible appearance than you have. Their engagement with your content will mostly be spam. They don’t intend to interact with it, which is not the kind of engagement you want.

If you’re unlucky, bots have the potential to be a source of spam. You don’t want to do an Instagram live and feel bombarded. What you don’t want to experience is a ban. It may not be a good idea to buy Instagram followers using an automated approach. But it could make a difference for your account if you do.

You could simplify the time-consuming task of growing your Instagram if you use bots. We cannot dispute that they are a rapid technique to increase audience size. They might even cause algorithms to show you new followers you wouldn’t have found on your own.

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Why You Should Know How To Grow Your Instagram Account: Looks Matter

Still don’t think you should know how to grow your Instagram? Did you know some people follow you simply follow you because lots of other people do? It’s crazy, but some people really are that impressionable. This alone is why you should learn how to grow your Instagram account.

A significant following provides “social proof.” It paves the way for new collaborations and endorsements. A high follower count gives the impression that you are a thought leader in your sector. This will make you more appealing to businesses, potential collaborators, and fans. Your ability to engage an audience is more believable when you have a large number of followers. It boosts both your reputation and your credibility.

The number of followers is directly under the user’s Instagram bio. Your follower count represents the number of users who decided to follow a certain user. If a user follows another account, it means they want to see the updates. The number of people who follow an account is a good indicator of how interested people are in that account. Users can immediately get a sense of an account’s popularity and reach because it’s easy to see. This tally will go up or down whenever a user follows or unfollows your account, respectively.

Audience size is a measure of a person’s or a company’s online following. As such, it is a proxy for their level of popularity and impact. Understanding metrics and putting that knowledge to use is essential to achieving success. This is especially important for people who run businesses.

The Choice Is Yours: Quick or Gradual Growth

There are primarily two ways to do this growth thing. Either may work for the brand. It’s up to you to decide how to grow your Instagram.

  1. Slowly: How much time do you have?  “Organic growth” refers to the steady and natural increase in a group’s number of followers. It takes place over time. It’s called organic growth because the followers are real. There are actual people following you and interacting with the content you produce. This method is more likely to guarantee engagement growth and could lead to actual sales. You could be one of the featured accounts on the Explore page.
  2. Quickly: Here’s the microwave option. On the other hand, there is “artificial growth.” This refers to the practice of increasing follower count by methods that are not organic. This includes paying for followers on Instagram or making use of Instagram bots. Artificial growth sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Well, it is laden with drawbacks and can inflict irreparable damage to your brand. Engagement will be a struggle. Even if you buy engagement, too, they can buy what you promote. The options will be great, though.
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Here Are the Best Tips on How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

We want you to increase your engagement rate. To do this, you’ll have to know how to grow your Instagram. Using lasting methods is ideal. This is how to grow your Instagram account organically:

  1. Be sure to identify your target audience. You can choose what kind of content to upload by considering the demographics of your target audiences. Plan the days and hours of the week to publish content. Using the Instagram metrics made available by Instagram, you can find this data. Keep your existing audience engaged, and find more targeted followers.
  2. Find a way to get people to save your posts. An article containing helpful information could be valuable for followers to save. With a strong call to action (CTA), remind customers they can save items to their collections. This guarantees that consumers will revisit your content several times. They’ll remember they saved it and return to it. CTAs can encourage sharing among followers, too.
  3. Instagram reels are your secret weapon. IG pushes reels aggressively, as you surely already know. Influencers credit this tool for their expedited growth. Reels are the simplest way to reach a large audience with your work. This audience is much larger than the number of users who are currently following you. Your Instagram reels may attract more people to your profile. Depending on how engaging they are, this might lead to the addition of new followers and even more opportunities for conversation.
  4. Instagram stories are a great idea. Particularly with Instagram stories highlights, you have a fantastic chance to interact directly with your audience. Make use of interactive elements like questions, polls, and countdowns. Allow direct communication between you and your followers. A true two-way discussion comes out of it as a result.

How To Grow Your Instagram Business in a Way That Doesn’t Require Too Much

Growing your Instagram can be a very involved process. It requires deliberate attention to Instagram analytics to rack up quality followers. Sometimes you need to fill in your content calendar. This is how to grow your Instagram business with less effort.

Consider user-generated content. This can come in images, audio files, short-form videos, or written content. Your brand reposts it after members of your audience create it. It is also known as UGC marketing or user-generated content marketing. It shares the same idea. It might be a good way to interact with your audience and gather content for later usage.

Over-saturating your audience with the material you created could be detrimental. Your users can represent your brand as brand ambassadors with user-generated content marketing. Similar to influencer marketing, they essentially help to influence other people’s purchase choices. Positive feedback from individuals who appear to be impartial can inspire an engaged community. 

A user-generated content creator does not cost as much as an influencer. UGC is often on the brand’s pages, as opposed to paid content. On occasion, the company will include it in social media network marketing. Influencers interact directly with their audiences through their channels. They give attention to the shared sponsored content. People may consider them to be more reliable than an influencer. People are less compelled to buy from influencers since they must be more upfront about their sponsored content. The people that create UGC resemble us.

Users who produce user-generated content don’t need to invest the same time and energy in growing followers as influencers do. They just need to create material honestly and allow brands to promote on their platforms.

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Let Plixi Help You Grow Your Following

The experts at Plixi know how to grow your Instagram. We can’t wait to work with you to develop a growth strategy for Instagram. Your page is unique. You need specialized advice on page growth. We will tailor each of our Instagram strategies specifically to your needs. This is the point at which we implement our organic expansion approach. During the past ten years, Plixi has been working on the development of an internal platform. To attract users to your account, we will deploy an AI-targeting algorithm.

Create an audience of committed, engaged consumers by using organic methods. Take our suggestions into consideration! You will be able to cultivate a robust Instagram community. You can have your own IG tribe centered on your subject matter. Are you prepared to begin growing your Instagram? If you answered yes, use Plixi. You can immediately start growing the number of people who follow you on Instagram. With Plixi, you can begin expanding your IG following right away!

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