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Instagram Free Followers: Your Gateway to Online Growth

Plixi Team

Jul 05, 2024 9 min read

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You came to this article to learn about Instagram free followers. It’s hard growing a following on the Internet, so we don’t blame you. Some of these websites selling these followers appear to be intuitive. They say they just want your email address, and you will have these followers quickly. 

But is the idea of free followers too good to be true? This article breaks down everything you need to know. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Instagram Free Followers: Your Gateway to Online Growth

Why Someone Would Want To Buy Free Instagram Followers

Having a strong online following is about more than bragging rights. Back in the day, having lots of followers didn’t mean much. These days, it could have a positive effect on your bank account. 

For that reason, people work hard to amass a strong following. There are some practical reasons people want to buy free Instagram followers. When you think about them, they make sense. 

Social Proof

Have you heard of social proof? It is a phenomenon that dominates most of the Internet. This fact affects everyone, whether they know it or not. Social proof is the practice of ascribing value to something because many people already value it. 

It happens when people decide to follow an Instagram page. It even happens when someone chooses to engage with a post on Instagram. 

Here are some practical scenarios. You stumbled upon an Instagram Reel that you enjoyed. You went to the Instagram user’s page. You’re not able to peruse all of their content at that time. 

You look at their follower count and notice it is quite high. Based on this information, you decide to follow this creator as well. This occurrence is an example of social proof. You trusted that they had good content because many people already follow them. 

You also think like this before you like a post. Instagram shows you how many people already like a post. It even shows you your followers who liked it. It plays on your need to be part of this group. These are reasons why creators purchase followers. It could be the beginning of them creating a huge following.

Bargaining Power

It’s no secret that creators can make money on Instagram. There are no set prices to charge brands that want collaboration automatically. They have to engage in a bit of negotiation with these brands to arrive at a good fee. One tool in negotiations is the size of the creator’s following.

Brands want to access a particular target audience. Using a creator with access to that audience is advantageous to them. They get an automatic foot in the door with the following. The bigger the following, the better. 

This works out for the brand if this following is full of genuine followers. That may not always be the case. We will talk more about that below.

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Drawbacks of Using Free Instagram Followers Websites

If you google “Free Instagram followers websites,” you will no doubt find many options. You will see promises of many follower packages to choose from. 

Unfortunately, these websites won’t tell you everything you need to know. It’s a good thing that you are here with us. We will tell you the truth about acquiring free Instagram followers.

They Won’t Engage

Yes, your follower count is important to potential collaborators. But there is a metric that is so much more important than your follower count. Your engagement rates determine how much people interact with your content. It takes into account the likes, comments, and shares your content receives. 

It shows how much people genuinely care about what you have to say. Brands need to know if people care when creators post. It is the natural first step to securing sales from your followers, and ultimately, that’s what brands want to do. 

You can imagine that having a host of followers that don’t engage it’s not impressive to a brand. If your followers don’t engage in your posts, they likely won’t purchase products to promote. 

These followers that you buy don’t have to interact with anything. They are likely fake followers who can’t interact with anything anyway. If brands catch on to that, it could ruin your brand’s reputation on Instagram.

It would’ve been better for your account to have fewer followers with the same level of interaction. A high follower count with little interaction is jarring and awkward to watch.

The Sites May Not Be Trustworthy

By the way, You don’t buy these followers from Instagram. They don’t sell followers there. You will have to go to a third-party website and acquire them there. This is not a website that Instagram has sanctioned. Has it started to sound sketchy yet? 

Websites may ask for private information like your login details. Some of them don’t allow you to check out safely. All of this makes for a very nerve-wracking experience. Then, one day, you will see someone hacked into your account. 

Then, everything you worked for will go down the drain. Of course, you don’t have to suffer this fate. But the risk alone should make you think twice.

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Why a Free Instagram Followers Trial May Be the Best Decision

Is getting Instagram followers free of risk possible? Well, these websites do make it hard to acquire followers risk-free. This is why, at the very least, you should avoid paying for these followers. 

There are some practical reasons for this piece of advice.

They Don’t Last

When you get free followers Instagram knows. It may not stop the flood of fakes from entering the platform, but it notices. It even does something about it on occasion. 

Some users complain they wake up to see they have hemorrhaged followers overnight. It’s not that they lost real Instagram followers. They lost the ghost followers that they acquired from a third-party website. Instagram has purged the platform of these fake accounts. As a result, your following has decreased. 

Yes, Instagram can do that. It may even blackball your account for buying these followers in the first place. You don’t want to be on the outs with Instagram. Losing these followers after paying for them would already be bad. If they were at least free, it wouldn’t hurt as badly.

You Want To Be Sure 

You want to know if you like the service before you commit to it. A free Instagram followers trial will give you a taste without commitment. Decide if you like the feel of your Instagram page. 

Have you received an influx of spam comments since you acquired those followers? Do you get weird messages in your DMs now? You may not want to deal with what comes with putting your account out there. Before you sell out cash, you need to be sure.

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How To Get Free Followers on Instagram With Organic Methods

Do you know what lasts? Followers that you’ve gotten through organic methods. It’s possible to grow a following on Instagram without buying followers. You just have to know how to play the game with the tools that you have. 

We can give you three tips on how to get free followers on Instagram in a sustainable way.

1. Engage With Your Comments

You must keep a healthy engagement rate. Interact with the comments that you already have. 

Like the comments from people who leave flattering emojis. Stimulate conversation in the comment section. You can do this by jumping into the conversation yourself. 

Or, make the post one with our very good prompt. When there is engagement on a post, Instagram may share it with more people. If more people see, there is a higher chance of more people following you. Thus, your following can grow organically.

2. Make More Reels

Instagram wants to compete with TikTok, which is why there are so many videos on the platform now. IG is aggressively pushing this short-form content. Why not have your content on the Explore Page next? 

Incorporate more Reels into your content strategy to see an organic boost in your reach on the platform. Reels are a great way for people to get to know you. They could become enamored with your page through this content.

3. Post at the Best Times

Give your content the opportunity for visibility. The Instagram Insights feature tells you when your followers are mainly online. Use that information to your advantage. 

Schedule your posts to go live when most of your followers are online. This tactic gives your posts the best opportunity to receive engagement. Those initial moments after posting are crucial. Make the best of them by posting at peak Instagram traffic hours.

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How To Get 1000 Instagram Followers for Free: 2 Options

The way we see it, you have two options. You can purchase Instagram followers online. You may even stumble upon some free options. You just have to hope that Instagram doesn’t catch wind of what you’re doing.

You can also go the organic route. Take time to build your following. Earn the trust you need from other Instagram users. This route may take time. However, the results should last longer.

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Your Instagram Free Followers Are on the Way!

Now that you know how to get 1000 Instagram followers for free, what will you do? Regardless of your choice, you will need extra help to grow your following on Instagram. The competition on social media platforms is strong these days. Building an online presence is harder than you think.

That’s why we want to help you with your organic growth. Instead of waking up with instant followers, let’s build a community. Earning followers may take longer, but it is worth it. We can get you the followers who stick around. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. They love the support they get from our AI technology. We think you will love it, too.

Trust that Plixi can help you create a strong social media presence. You won’t need to rely on Instagram free followers anymore. Pretty soon, the followers will start coming on their own! 

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