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How To Get More Views on Instagram Reels To Beat Competitors

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 10 min read

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Discover how to get more views on Instagram Reels to increase popularity in your niche. The top content creators on the social media platform use the strategies we present. Also, they work at any level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced content creator. 

Instagram Reels are an excellent way to increase followers and grow your brand. That’s because many users on Instagram look for Reel content. Therefore, views on Reels are an excellent way to get more sales. 

However, there are many new Reels published per day, so you need to put in the effort to stand out. Continue reading to overcome your Instagram Reels traffic and learn how to increase views on Instagram Reels.

How To Get More Views on Instagram Reels To Beat Competitors

The Problems of Not Getting Enough Views Instagram Reels

Not getting enough views on Instagram Reels can lead to a waste of resources. For example, if you spend most of your content budget on Reels, then you need to get a return on investment. You can get an avalanche of views for Reels content in any niche. 

Furthermore, you can dramatically decrease your account growth with poorly viewed Reels. That’s especially true when Reel content is your primary way of getting new Instagram followers.

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How To Post Reels on Instagram To Get More Views

Do you want to learn how to post Reels on Instagram to get more views? There are many different methods of improving the quality of your Reels content. In this section, we’ll share the five best strategies so you can increase your views and metrics, such as likes. 

1. Optimize the First Few Seconds

It’s extremely important to ensure that the first few seconds of the Instagram Reel content capture the audience’s attention. That’s because users who don’t find your content interesting at the start can easily swipe to the next video. 

Here are some of the top tips you can implement to ensure that you optimize the first few seconds:

  • Avoid intros: There’s no need to introduce the start of an IG Reels video. Instead, dive straight into the content since that’s what users expect. This ensures that some of your audience will not leave the content during an intro. 
  • Don’t bury the lead: Start with the best part of the video content. At the very least, you can provide a preview of the best part so users know why it’s worth sticking around. It would be a shame to place the video’s best part at the end since it leads to low engagement rates. You’ll capture a wider audience by grabbing the attention at the start. 
  • Inspect your data: Use analytic software to figure out when users leave your content. Therefore, you can figure out if your intro is well-implemented or if there is room for growth. This is important when considering how to increase views on Instagram.
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2. Add Highly-Searched Keywords

The Instagram algorithm looks at the keywords attached to content to determine if it’s relevant to users. Therefore, you need to add the right keywords in your title and description and make sure the keywords match the content. Hence, keyword research should be done before content creation. 

In fact, keyword research can help you spot content creation opportunities. There are a number of keyword research tools you can use. However, Instagram Insights provides a plethora of data. 

Furthermore, you need to use keywords within your script and captions. The Instagram algorithm is improving in sophistication, which means it can gather data from different sources. This means you need to use keywords in various locations. 

Make sure to avoid spamming your keywords since this will detract from the quality of the content. Instead, you need to add keywords in a way that’s natural, and users won’t notice.

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3. Add Subtitles

Some users may have the audio turned off when watching Reels. This might be because they don’t have earphones while out in public. Therefore, you need to cater to this audience by adding subtitles. Also, some people prefer to have subtitles since it helps them understand fast-paced content. 

It’s a good idea to make the subtitles stand out so it’s easy to follow. You should use colors that are bright and contrast with the content. Also, the size of the subtitles should be big enough for easy viewing on most mobile devices. 

4. Vary the Length

You can play around with different Instagram Reel lengths to find the optimal one. The maximum length is 90 seconds, but using the entire quota isn’t a good idea. In fact, shorter Reels may be the better option, but that’s just a fraction of the maximum amount. 

Go to your Instagram Insights console and check out the top-performing ones. You may notice that they all have a similar length. The more data you have at your disposal, the better your chances of making the right conclusions. 

5. Add Music

A well-chosen piece of music gives the audience another reason to stick around with your content. In fact, you can add Instagram music during the publishing stage with the in-house library. This is ideal when you don’t have your music with the content production. 

Note that you are not permitted to add all music to your Reels content. That’s because of copyright laws, which also differ for each country. Therefore, the Instagram music library is only available in a small number of countries.

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How To Get More Likes on Reels

Are you interested in figuring out how to get more likes on Reels? The first step is to ask for the like at the end of the video. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of extra likes each video receives because of the plug. 

However, the best strategy is to improve the quality of your Reels simply. This will naturally increase the like count organically. Look at the previous section above to learn how to improve the quality of your Reels. 

You can also buy Instagram likes for your Reels. However, this is against Instagram’s terms and conditions. Artificially increasing your like count may trick the algorithm into thinking your content is more popular than it actually is. 

How To Get More Views on Instagram Reels for Businesses

Businesses can use other strategies to get more Instagram views for their Reels content. In this section, we’ll share the top three hacks you can apply to increase your performance. 

Note that you shouldn’t upgrade your account to professional. This is free of charge, and you can have multiple accounts at the same time with a single login. 

1. Boost Instagram Reels

You can boost your Instagram Reels, a feature on Instagram that you pay for to increase exposure. You’ll need a professional account, and the cost of the boost will vary based on the niche and the people you reach. 

It’s best to boost your more popular Instagram Reels since you already know the content is good. This ensures that you pay for a boost with a high chance of helping you meet objectives. 

It’s important to stick to a budget when boosting your Reels. That’s because you need to have funds left over for other activities, such as Instagram Ads. Also, you should spread your budget over many different Reels instead of boosting a single one. This gives you more data and room for experimentation.

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2. Conduct Competitor Research

You can get an edge over the competition by uncovering their methods. Note that it can take years of experimentation to uncover these, so you can take advantage of their hard work. In fact, you can combine the winning strategies of multiple competitors to achieve superior final results. 

Here are some of the things you should consider when monitoring competitors:

  • Topics ideas: You can get a lot of topic ideas by looking at what competitors are posting. You shouldn’t copy competitors directly, but you can use the topic ideas you find as inspiration. The audience will love to see a unique spin on content that’s already out there. 
  • Content format: Note the format your competitors are using when posting Reels. This includes the style of the editing and the content length. Paying attention to the small details allows you to figure out the optimal format. 
  • Organize data gathering: Make sure that you can organize all of the data you find on your competitors. Therefore, you can better understand how to deploy the ideas when it comes to creating content of your own. 
  • Posting frequency: Watch out for the number of Reels your competitors post on their accounts. This gives you an idea about the number you should post. However, increasing the quality instead of focusing on quantity might be better. Also, note the times of the day and week they post content. This indicates when the majority of the audience is online. 
  • Keywords: Note the keywords used by competitors. It’s likely they have done the correct research and are targeting the highly searched terms in your niche. Think of this as a shortcut to keyword research for your content. 

3. Keep Track of Industry-Related Trends

Do you find yourself running out of topics to cover with your Reels content? Then, you can take advantage of the industry-related trends to find relevant topics. This gives you a lot of new ideas, and it’s the content users want to know about. That’s because your audience may want to find out about the latest trends. 

You can look for industry-related trends outside of Instagram. Look at other websites and social media channels. Hence, you can become the first content creator to share topics in your niche. This can give your Reels content a post and increase the number of views. 

However, expect competitors to monitor your account, and they will release similar content.

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Is It Worth Getting More Instagram Reel Views?

Increasing Instagram Reels views is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. It can lead to overall account success, such as increased brand recognition and more followers. Also, you can generate a lot of product sales with Reels. Get it right, and it can become the backbone of your business. 

Now that you know how to get more views on Instagram Reels, you can use these strategies. Focus on one strategy at a time to ensure you master the skill. You can increase the size of your toolkit to beat your competitors. 

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