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Brand Collaborations on Instagram for More Income

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 8 min read

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Brand collaborations are among the best ways to make money as an Instagram influencer. Strike the right deal, and you will enjoy recurring revenue streams. Also, some brands pay a lot of money to access audiences of the right type and size. 

However, you’ll need to adopt the right strategies to increase your odds of success. That’s because brands want to work with professionals with a good reputation. Hence, you must take the venture seriously to attract the right brands.

Brand Collaborations on Instagram for More Income

How Do Brand Collaborations Work

Are you interested in learning how brand collaborations work on Instagram? They work by sponsoring influencers to gain access to their audience. This includes showcasing the products and services within their content and giving brand mentions. It depends on the nature of the deal between the influencer and the brand. 

Collaborations with brands on the platform allowed you to earn more money while producing content. It can also lead to a career path as a social media influencer. That’s because you can grow an Instagram audience while getting paid. 

The amount of money you can get from a brand collaboration depends on multiple factors. This includes:

  • Instagram followers. Your Instagram follower count plays a significant role in determining the number of interest and money you get from brands. Therefore, increasing the follower count should be one of the goals. This leads to more money in the long run, and you may experience a snowball effect. 
  • Your niche: Some niches pay significantly more than others. Therefore, you need to research the earring potential before choosing a niche. For example, the make money online niche will pay more than the buy knitting products. The former has a bigger market and massive buying power. 
  • Negotiation skills: you need to negotiate a good deal when communicating with a brand. Most brands want to get a good deal for the sponsorship arrangement. After all, there’s a limit to the marketing budget. It’s your job to stand up for yourself by getting better terms. You’ll improve your negotiation skills with practice. 
  • Content quality: Brands may inspect the quality of your content before they decide to partner. That’s because they want to check if you produce high-quality content that they can stand behind. Also, you must avoid controversy since it’s a red flag for most businesses. 

How To Email Brands for Collaboration

Are you wondering how to email brands for collaboration? Emailing brands is an excellent strategy since you don’t have to wait for them to reach out. Make sure to have a professional approach since brands don’t want to work with complete amateurs. 

You need to provide as much information to the brand as possible about your account, audience, and content strategy. This ensures the brand has more information to make a decision. Also, don’t add links in your first email since this may go straight to spam. 

You’ll need to create a spreadsheet to save a list of the brands to message. Then, you can highlight the interactions that have potential and can lead to a collaboration. Part of influencer marketing is organizing the different brands you work with. This list can grow as you become more popular on the social media platform.

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How to DM a Brand for Collaboration

Do you want to know how to DM a brand for collaboration? The process for sending an Instagram direct message has a lot of similarities to the tips for sending emails above. However, there are some differences, too. 

For example, brands can take a look at your Instagram profile to figure out if they want to work with you. Also, you can expect higher conversion rates since they are already on the platform. 

Within the message, you can provide links to some of your top posts to illustrate what you can do for the brand. Also, take advantage of emojis, GIFs, images, and more. Putting more effort into the messages can pay off. 

Finally, use a template for the opening message. This allows you to send a large number of DMs in a single day. After all, finding brands for collaboration takes time and patience. You may need to message hundreds of brands before you get a hit. 

Top 3 Ways for How To Collaborate With a Brand

Do you want to know how to collaborate with a brand? In this section, we’ll reveal the strategies you must pursue to collaborate with a brand successfully. This ensures you can make more money and keep the brands happy. Keep in mind that brands monitor your methods and evaluate performance to decide on pay and ongoing support. 

1. Post a Range of Content

Brands want complete exposure to their audience, which means posting a wide range of content. Here are the most popular types you must consider:

  • Instagram Stories: Use Instagram Stories to promote brands to your existing followers. This is short-form content with a maximum duration of 90 seconds. You can showcase products with real-life examples or give quick reviews. 
  • Instagram Reels: Using Instagram Reels can help your content go viral. Reels are a popular content form on social media platforms like Instagram. You can look at the Reels of other content creators who promote brands. Use this information for inspiration to start your venture. 
  • Instagram Live: You can increase engagement by hosting a stream on Instagram Live. This is an excellent opportunity to promote brand products and increase exposure. Also, viewers can ask you questions about the products and brand to find out more. 
  • Instagram posts: Populate your feed with Instagram posts, which give you a lot of tools for brand promotion. Use a video or photo with captions to advertise products. This ensures you can increase the sales numbers you get for the brand. As a result, they may want to work with you in the long term.
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2. Consider Your Target Audience

When choosing a brand, it’s important to find brands your Instagram target audience will find interesting. Otherwise, you will expose them to offers that make them question the direction of your account. You can monitor the engagement rates for branded content to figure out what’s relevant. 

Furthermore, you can ask your audience about what brands they want to hear more about. This gives you a direction for the account instead of experimentation. Also, you can opt for generic brands that most people need instead of niche-specific ones. 

3. Constant Communication

It’s a good idea to constantly communicate with the brand you want to collaborate with. Make an effort to run by content ideas and if they want a specific messaging tone. Some brands are more hands-on and may contact you regularly for info and updates. 

Consider communicating outside of Instagram to increase the depth of your messaging. For example, you can use Slack, email, and phone. You may also want to take part in video calls on Zoom when working through ideas or problems. 

Top 3 Brand Collaboration Examples To Consider

Are you stuck on ideas of what type of brand collaboration to go with? Then, we’ll share the top 3 brand collaboration examples to consider, which are as follows:

  1. VPNs: Virtual Private Network brands are common with influencers in all niche types. That’s because anyone who connects to the internet can take advantage of VPNs. This means anyone can use VPN brands on their account without alienating the audience. 
  2. Supplements: The supplement industry is massive and growing every year. There are many safe supplement brands you can promote on your account to get a cut in sales. Some of these brands are popular; your audience may have seen them before. 
  3. Meal delivery services: Consider choosing meal delivery services as your next collaboration. Some of your target audience may want to avoid cooking due to a busy schedule while eating healthy. The top meal delivery services address these pain points.
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Use Famous Brand Collaborations for Inspiration

You can take note of famous brand collaborations to understand the best strategies for making more money. After all, aiming for the top collaboration brands is a good goal. Note the size of the following influencers before they get the biggest collaborations. Mimicking these accounts gives you a blueprint for success. 

Some of the most famous brand collaborations include Athletics Greens, Nord VPN, Nike, Crocs, eBay, Calvin Klein, and more. One deal with any of these brands can set up your account for success.

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Start Collaborating With Brands To Make Money

Collaborating with brands is an excellent idea if you want to monetize your Instagram audience. It’s a marketing strategy that is a win-win for influencers and brands. Also, audiences can find excellent products they may want to buy while consuming content. However, it’s your job to find the best products to promote. 

Now that you understand how brand collaborations on Instagram work, find the perfect partners to help grow your Instagram account to new heights with lucrative rewards. However, don’t get discouraged if you can’t find brands at the start. 

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