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How To Be an Instagram Influencer With a Lucrative Career 


Plixi Team

Mar 06, 2024 10 min read

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Who doesn’t want to know how to be an Instagram influencer? The knowledge is good to just have in case, right? Well, you don’t have to go searching anywhere else. We have all the information you need right here to make your profile picture famous! 

You have the potential to be the influencer you always see on social media! Don’t limit yourself. Just follow our tips. Keep reading for all the details.

How To Be an Instagram Influencer With a Lucrative Career 

What Is an Influencer? 

These people are essentially persons of authority in a particular field. There are people whose lifestyles influence you to buy certain things or do something. They can fall into many different categories. People tend to ask, “What is an influencer?” even though they see them on social media all the time. 

There are so many different types of influencers to choose from. We admit that we don’t even have an exhaustive list here. We’ve just listed some very popular ones for you to choose from if you want to become an Instagram influencer. 

1. Fashion Influencers

The fashion industry is huge, and it’s quite popular on Instagram as well. It allows many facets of fashion inspiration to get a platform. Some girls hunt down thrift deals and show others how to be fashionable on a budget. Some girls DIY pieces from scratch with such ease that we could do the same. 

Then there are the girls who are unabashedly materialistic and love to show off their designer pieces in huge hauls. They provide a level of escapism for the average IG user. Then, there are the more relatable girls who don’t care much for labels. They’ll just prefer to share how best to dress one’s body in every shape and size. There is room for everyone to be some sort of fashion influencer.

2. Beauty Influencers

Beauty comes in many different colors, tones, and angles. You can find your beauty tribe on IG if you try hard enough. 

Of course, you can capitalize on doing beauty routines using makeup. You could also take the angle of focusing on skin care. Lately, people have become enraptured in caring for their skin instead of covering it up. Of course, you around could focus on either. 

Beauty influencing is a great area of influence to combine with fashion influencing. Both seem to complement each other pretty well.

3. Travel Influencers

Traveling is a luxury that most people want to indulge in. Social media lets us know places we didn’t know before. After a while, it is not enough to just observe these beautiful places. You want to go there and experience them with all your senses. It can be difficult to afford it sometimes, especially in certain seasons.

Imagine traveling to a destination you’ve had in mind for a long time. It is not the place you had in mind when you got there. Let’s just say the Airbnb photos and Instagram reels were misleading. It’s very unfortunate to be in a situation like this. Luckily, we have travel influencers who can assume the risk for the rest of us. 

They can go to places and give honest reviews. They can test out the famous tourist attractions for us to visit later. If this lifestyle interests you, consider being a travel influencer yourself. Some people get compensation for traveling and showcasing experiences at certain locations.

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4. Lifestyle Influencer

Of course, there are some social media influencers who you can’t quite place an eye on. They do a little bit of everything. They will give you fashion tips and promote particular fashion brands. They were just sharing their daily makeup routine for that season. You can even expect a travel log from them when they also leave their state.

Some people’s brand is simply their lifestyle. They are lifestyle influencers. Some people like to spectate a life that is very different from theirs. They like to aspire to a certain lifestyle and live vicariously through creators. 

You may not live the life that you want to right now. Instagram is a great platform to fake it until you make it. Some influencers admit to living the life they wanted long before they achieved it. You should look into this if you want to be a lifestyle influencer.

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How To Be an Instagram Influencer and Make Money: 4 Steps To Keep in Mind

Many people want to know how to be an Instagram influencer and make money. However, the truth is that there are many avenues to becoming an Instagram influencer. There is no one way to do it successfully. There are a few steps that you can’t omit, though. We’ve listed those steps here.

1. Choose an Influencer Category

We aren’t encouraging you to limit yourself. You should be free to produce whatever content you like. However, people want to know what category they can put you in when they come to your page. That includes potential followers and brands. We listed a few possibilities above.

Initially, it may be difficult to lock in on a specific category. However, you can do that when you see the reception you receive on your content. You could focus on the content people show, which is the most interesting. Maybe one zero in on producing content that you enjoy and hope that your tribe will find you. 

The decision is ultimately up to you; in the beginning, you have some leeway to spread your wings. Ensure you are steady in your values and content pillars at the outset.

2. Create Quality Content

There are too many creators on Instagram for you to produce content that is not up to par. People have very expensive cameras and drones that shoot from multiple angles. It’s okay to find that intimidating, and we’re not telling you to take out a loan for equipment. 

However, we implore you to share relevant content of a certain standard. You can ensure that you don’t use too many filters. After a while, that starts to cheapen the look of your photos and videos. Try to use a camera phone that is as sharp as possible. 

Reel video quality may degrade as you upload, so you want to give it the best possible chance. Try to keep your hand as steady as possible so the videos look professional. You can make little tweaks here and there to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. 

3. Pay Attention to Trends

We would all like to be trendsetters in our respective fields. And you will become that, eventually. But for now, you need to capitalize on existing trends. These trends could be in sounds or Instagram challenges.

Using viral sounds can push your content to new heights. It can help you land in front of other creators or brands who are willing to collaborate with you. Lots of credit goes to viral sounds regarding the exposure reels get. Keeping an eye on the trends could help you get a whole new market and follow us.

4. Engage With Your Followers

If you want to increase your engagement rate, you need to do this. While your page is still small, you need to engage with the following that you have. You may dream of having many followers who constantly comment on your post. That’s fair, but you must already act like you have that huge following. 

You already know that Instagram values engagement rates greatly. You need to stimulate the engagement yourself by interacting with your current following. If someone asks a question, keep the conversation going. You can add polls or calls to action in your content to encourage engagement. Just remember to reply to them.

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How To Be a Profitable, Money-Making Influencer on Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has become its workplace. People are not posting just for fun. Often, the content you see comes with a price tag. People want to know how to become an Instagram influencer that makes money on Instagram. But where does this money come from? There are many ways to make money on the platform. We will list a few here.

1. Sponsored Posts

Instagram is not just for individuals. Household names like Amazon and Nike have Instagram profiles as well. The platform provides a meeting ground for the content creator and the brand. These days, fliers on TV spots will not get the word out there. Instagram influencers are an important means by which people promote their brands. 

If a brand wants to promote a particular product, they reach out to an Instagram influencer that produces quality content. Ideally, that influencer has access to the target audience a brand aligns with. The influencer already has the trust of their following. Therefore, they can promote items to them with ease. 

When they promote items, it doesn’t come off as the average advertisement. If done correctly, it is conversational, like talking to a friend. It is this kind of genuity that brands capitalize on. Influencers receive a payment for promoting the product. 

2. Using Affiliate Links

When some creators become Instagram influencers who make money, they engage in affiliate marketing. This is a mechanism by which influencers get paid when their followers make purchases. 

They may produce content that mentions or features a specific product. Then, they will say that using a particular code will give the shoppers a discount. This link or code is how brands track how many people buy an item through that content creator’s influence. 

The influencer will also get a percentage of the item’s cost. Affiliate marketing requires serious aggressive advertising to follow us to be lucrative. 

3. Use Instagram as a Marketing Platform

Some people want to become Instagram influencers and use the platform to promote other gigs. With some creators, they will always mention the link in their bio. That link will take you to many possible places where they sell products. 

For example, these products could be physical, so you will see an Etsy or Amazon link. Or, it could be a digital product that you download upon payment. 

The entire Instagram influencer brand could be a way to market how these products have impacted their lives. They are their own bosses, marketing managers, and sometimes fullfillers of orders.

The Truth About How Many Followers on Instagram To Be an Influencer 

Influencers aren’t just creators with huge platforms. They can be small ones with a niche following as well. People ask how many followers they need on Instagram to be an Influencer. The truth is, any size follower count can bring success.

  • Nano-influencers: Between 0 and 10 thousand followers.
  • Micro-influencers: Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.
  • Mid-influencers: Between 100,000 and 500,000 followers.
  • Macro-influencers: Between 500,000 and one million followers.
  • Mega-influencers: More than a million followers.
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What To Do After Knowing How To Be an Instagram Influencer

Now you know how to become an Instagram influencer. Let’s get to work with growing your following. You’ll need to ensure that the traffic coming to your page is full of people in your target audience. To be deliberate about your following like this, you’ll need some professional help from your friends at Plixi.

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