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How To Make Good Reels That Leave an Impression

Plixi Team

Jun 25, 2024 11 min read

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Instagram is a dynamic visual marketing platform. When it first appeared, it never offered short-form content like this. A certain clock app pushed them into this form of entertainment. You need to know how to make good Reels because we think it’s here to stay. Even YouTube had to bend to its will.

It’s not as simple as posting simple photos. This article will help you make the most of Instagram Reels for your IG account.

How To Make Good Reels That Leave an Impression

How To Edit Reels on Instagram With Minimal Effort

Short-form videos are fun. They are fun to watch and fun to create. Well, most of the time, it’s fun to create. Sometimes, video creation makes you feel like you have to be James Cameron. The video creators make feature films with their cell phones. 

Is that the only way for your videos to go viral on the platform? We don’t think so. Some very popular content requires little effort. You could benefit from this content as well. You don’t have to break a sweat to make videos people watch repeatedly. 

We will give you three tips on how to edit Reels on Instagram effectively without much effort.

1. Use B-Roll Content

You might be waiting for an event where you are wearing the best outfit. You might be waiting for a trip with the best scenery. You can’t wait around for something special to happen to create content. That can be quite expensive and cause you to waste valuable time. 

You may have useful B-Roll content to make good Reels right now. Let’s talk about what qualifies as a type of content:

  1. Videos of your feet walking along the pavement or grass. 
  2. A panning shot of sunrise or sunset.
  3. A video of yourself typing on your laptop at a desk.
  4. A video of you opening the door to your apartment.
  5. Aesthetic video of you cleaning a room in your house.
  6. A video of you waking up out of bed.
  7. A video of you unpacking groceries.
  8. A video of your food at a restaurant.
  9. A video of you driving on the road.
  10. A quick video of you pouring a glass of water, wine, or a cocktail.

We can explain the science behind why this is so effective. The focal point of these videos is the text on the screen. Viewers will read the text to know what you have to say. The video is just for the background. The text may be so long that the video has to loop for them to watch. 

According to the Instagram algorithm, people have to watch your videos multiple times because they’re so good. This tactic will work well if you can get videos that seamlessly loop. Add your special effects afterward.

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2. Repurpose High-Quality Shots

Recycling is great for the environment. It’s a great practice to bring to your Reels as well. Think about that video that did well. It had a lot of video clips from the specific event. Maybe you can’t recreate all of those variables for another Instagram Reel. 

Consider using those clips again for a separate video. But this time, you could revamp it in full. You can use a different Instagram hashtag and create a different caption altogether. This way, we can reach a different demographic that the first video could not reach. 

For example, let’s use fitness content. Let’s say you created a Reel with clips of you at the gym. You showed off different exercises for you and your followers. You notice that you wore different outfits. You have the material to make a fashion Reel for athleisure. 

You won’t have to re-film anything. You need to rearrange the clips and add a different audio. Of course, the caption and hashtags will have to be different. Now, you are appealing to a fashion crowd, not just a fitness crowd. This tactic can apply to many kinds of content on Instagram.

3. Save Content to Drafts 

You may not have all the tools you need for your IG Reel. You have a great concept, but you are missing some key elements. Don’t give up on the Reel completely! Save what you have to Drafts. As you continue to amass relevant footage, you can edit clips for the video.

It feels like a lot of effort because you think you have to make the entire video at once. That’s not the case at all. Making these videos will seem easier when you break up the labor over time. It also allows you to go back and edit parts that you think no longer represent you. It’s how to make good Instagram Reels under very little pressure.

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How To Choose the Best Instagram Reel Lengths for Your Content

You’ll find a lot of information on Reel length, depending on where you read it. And the truth is that the ideal length depends on your brand’s content. We can’t tell you what is ideal without knowing what you post. 

We can give you three scenarios where particular lengths are more appropriate. Hopefully, this action will help you decide on Instagram Reels lengths.

1. Some Keep It Short

Creating short videos has a benefit. It takes advantage of Instagram users’ short attention spans. A short video has a higher chance of replays. Sometimes, long videos take a while to get to the point. People may scroll away before the video really takes off.

A seven-second video might be enough to summarize a weekend or an event. If so, you should take advantage of it. Watching for three seconds counts as a view, so short videos can increase your chances of getting a view this way.

Keep the video short if you don’t have something to rant about. Some people put the bulk of what they have to say in the caption. It is a trick to get people to replay the video unwittingly. Not everyone will have the patience to read through a caption when they could’ve just listened to a video. This tactic may not work for everything.

2. Others Prefer It When They Are Longer

If you have a strong fanbase, they may like your long rants. They consider you a friend, and they love listening to your views. If so, a long video might be ideal for that. Some Stories just don’t work for short videos. A short video could work to show off the overview of an event. 

Perhaps you need a longer video to explain all the behind-the-scenes drama. For example, maybe you are a travel influencer. A short video is great for showing the epic scenery and the shots of you walking through an airport. 

A long video is great for discussing how to get a visa or security measures while traveling alone. Instagram videos might find entertainment value in either video.

3. Post at Optimal Times

The length of your video may depend on the time you post it. A long video may not bode well in the morning as people rush to work. It may work better when they are unwinding after a long day. 

However, some people like to start the day with substantial inspirational content. If that is your content, it may be appropriate for the morning. It truly depends on your brand.

In the end, choosing the length of your Reels is purely situational. You just need to know when a certain length applies. This is how to make good Instagram Reels for your audience.

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3 Instagram Reels Tips To Put Your Videos on the Map

These Instagram Reels did not exist years ago. We are still working out the kinks to make it work for our brand. As we all learn, we share the knowledge. They are not like regular Instagram posts. Different rules apply. It’s a different culture altogether. 

To ensure you’re making the best of this feature, here are three Instagram Reels tips.

1. Schedule Your Reels

IG seems to be making it easy for your Reels to do well. Your Instagram Insights will tell you when your followers are most likely online. You can see that that is the best time to post your content. But what if you can’t be online at that time? 

Maybe being near your phone just isn’t an option. Should you just miss the opportunity? 

With Instagram, you can time content to go live at an optimal time. You don’t have to be on the app for it to work.

Edit everything up to the cover photo. Before you post, schedule your Reel to go live at an exact time and date. You can schedule this content in advance of your ideal date.

How To Make Good Reels That Leave an Impression, image №5

2. Keep Up With Trends

We want you to be a complete individual. But you can do that while taking advantage of IG trends. Popular IG challenges are a great way to increase reach on the platform. 

Using trending audio clips from the music library is a must when making Reels. IG uses this tactic to increase the reach of IG Reels. It could do wonders for your view count. Original audio just won’t cut it the same way.

3. Use Templates

Not everyone has mastered precise editing. How do people get their video clips to match the music so precisely? Some use Reel templates.

When you do this, your video clips fit perfectly within a template. This template is a creation of another Instagram user. You can also use their template if you like how they edited their Reel. You can have those seamless transitions as well.

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How To Make a Good Reel Popular

We know what it’s like to create something amazing. You just want a lot of people to see it. How do you expand the reach of your Instagram Reels? Here are three of the great methods out there.

1. Incorporate Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a longstanding part of Instagram. It is how people find content about the topics that interest them. It’s how people can see your content as well. 

Consider utilizing a good mixture of popular and niche hashtags. It can get the casual Instagram user as well as the serious user.

You can use them in Instagram captions or comment sections. Few people know that they also work in IG Stories.

2. Engage in the Comment Section

Instagram notices when there are comments in a comment section. Comments, likes, and shares affect a page’s overall engagement rate. When Instagram sees that you get engagement, it works to get you more engagement.

You may not get many comments yet. You should add to the comment count by responding to the few you have. This also lets people know that you are a creator who responds to comments. It makes them want to comment more.

3. Share Your Stories Immediately

Sometimes, videos get lost in the feed. There are so many creators that sometimes you have to compete. You can use your current following to compete. 

Share the video to your Instagram Stories immediately. You can drive up engagement in the initial stages.

You can use the stars icon to change the effect or the sticker icon to make it more visually appealing.

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You Can Attract Followers When You Know How To Make Good Reels

There are so many tricks to improve your Reels. You can add closed captions and adjust your aspect ratio. Even with the best original content, you’ll need some professional help. This won’t be enough to grow your platform to the degree you want 

It’s great that you have friends from Plixi to help you before you hit that record button. We are a formidable growth platform specializing in assisting people in reaching their goals.

There is an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. They get great support from our AI targeting algorithm. You can be one of those creators, too. 

You already know how to make good Reels. Let’s make sure people get to see them. Start growing your IG following today!

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