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How To Become a Beauty Influencer With Our Gorgeous Tips


Plixi Team

Mar 04, 2024 11 min read

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When you read that title, we are sure a specific beauty influencer came to mind. There are so many of them spread across all social media platforms. It’s a popular niche on Instagram. That doesn’t mean you can’t be one of these successful beauty influencers. Yes, you can share your product reviews and give your best tips, too. We will tell you how to become a beauty influencer!

If you have doubts, read this article. It will give you the confidence you need!

How To Become a Beauty Influencer With Our Gorgeous Tips

How To Start Beauty Blog: 4 Top Tips To Remember 

When you ask how to start a beauty blog on Instagram, remember there is no one way. You can do this in multiple different ways. However, there are four steps that you must undertake. Make a note of these to forge your way as a makeup influencer.

1. Choose an Instagram Username

What if your brand takes off in the way that you would like it to? You are going to want to have a good Instagram handle. A good name will involve being easy to pronounce and remember. At the same time, it needs to be unique. 

With millions of Instagram accounts in existence, finding the right name might be harder than you think. But since it is the first way people will identify you, you need to ensure it’s good. Spend some time deciding on your Instagram username.

2. Choose a Niche

Beauty influencing encompasses so many different things. It can also intersect with many other Instagram influencer arenas. Having a lot of options sounds fun, but it can also be a headache. Maybe you could play around with different niches in the beginning. Then, you can narrow it down to one that works best for you.

3. Create a Content Calendar

We’re going to be cliche for a second. Consistency is key. There, we said it. It might be corny, but it’s true. You can get the attention of the Instagram algorithm a lot quicker by posting consistently. This may not always be easy to do. 

Creating a content calendar could be your best bet to ensure you always know what to post next. You can also support this by using the Instagram scheduling tool.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Yes, you want your target audience to engage with you. However, you’re going to have to do it first. You want millions of followers, but do you treat the ones you have well? Do you ignore their comments because they seem boring? Do you only reply to verified accounts? 

For the sake of your engagement rate, you must engage with the audience that you already have.

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You Could Have a Future in Beauty Influencer Marketing

Do you know what beauty influencer marketing is? It’s how many of your favorite content creators earn a living. More specifically, it’s how brands advertise their products to their target audience. Influencers are the best tools these days to sell products. Yes, those products include makeup and skincare products. 

If you play your cards right, you could also have a future in this. Let’s talk about how you can put yourself in the best position to benefit.

Keep Your Engagement High

Yes, we said “engagement,” not “following.” You can amass all the followers you want. If they don’t interact with your content in a meaningful way, you are already dead in the water. When brands think about partnering with you, they look at how much people care about what you post. 

Your likes, comments, and shares have to be consistently high compared to your follower count. You can stimulate this rate by using Instagram polls and quizzes and replying to comments.

Post High-Quality Content

Before a brand partners with you, it will want to know that you will create great content. Make sure what you share on the app adequately represents what you can do for brands. You may not need the most expensive equipment, but a good camera makes all the difference.

Join One of the Beauty Influencer Programs

Beauty influencer programs are a great way to close the gap between you and brands. They provide a platform for creators and household names to find each other. They can facilitate and regulate the entire process if you find the right one.

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The Best Beauty Content Is…

Where do you even begin on your beauty influencer journey? There are so many ways to do this. Ultimately, you have to decide what your brand will look like. Until then, we can give you two major tips for your beauty content.


Do you remember when Fenty Beauty made waves for having a wide range of makeup shades? Consumers of color realized it was possible to find their shade without mixing like Picasso. Other beauty brands had to follow suit. If this has taught us anything, it is that inclusivity is the way to go. 

No one likes to feel left out. It would be ideal for your brand to include as many types of beauty as possible. We’re not just talking about differences in skin tone. Think about the diversity in face shapes. Consider using a model with a face shape different from yours. That way, you can show the differences in contouring styles. 

The beauty industry has expanded so much in the last decade. It gives content creators the option of doing so much more. Casting a wide net to find your target audience could be a good idea for you.

Easy To Understand 

You’re an expert. We get it. People can respect you as an authority in the field but not want to listen to you. Never take for granted that some people are still in the beginning stages of their makeup journey.

The best makeup influencers can break everything down to an elementary level. Don’t jump to showing off all that you know. Pay attention to the newbie, who is more likely to save and share your content with a friend.

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How To Become a Hair Influencer in the Makeup Field 

A few inches from your beautiful face is your crown — your hair. It’s almost impossible to show a skincare or makeup routine without showing the hair on your head. Maybe you should figure out ways to work it into your overall content. It couldn’t hurt. 

If you admit it, your content is way better when you have a nice hairstyle to frame it. Is it possible to incorporate your hair as a beauty influencer on Instagram? We think so. Here are a few ideas.

1. Show How Different Hairstyles Affect Your Face

As we said, hair is like a frame for the face. Even the most beautifully-painted piece of artwork is incomplete without a good frame. You could create content that explains why certain hairstyles go best with certain makeup looks. 

For example, maybe you just shared makeup tutorials on a classic old Hollywood makeup look. You can’t have your followers go out without guidance on their hair. 

They may need a specific kind of hairdo to commit to the style. You could give them options like the curls on Dita Von Teese. Or, keep it simple with a respectable Audrey Hepburn-esque bun. 

Hair is very important to a make-up look if you think about it. If the hair looks bad, it will take away from makeup. Pairing the two together could create a lot of content opportunities.

2. Use Hair To Hide Imperfections

So, you say you want to know how to become a hair influencer within the beauty industry. Well, think about what some people use beauty influencers for. Of course, we want to accentuate existing features. We also like to hide the features that we don’t like very much. There is a place in the beauty industry for both of these activities. 

If you want to dabble in the hair sector of beauty, there is a way you can do this, too. We all know how to use bangs to cover up a large forehead. Some people like to have big hair to hide the fact that they have a small head. Some people like to swoop their hair to one side because they believe they have a “good side” to their face. 

Using hair to mask perceived imperfections is nothing new. However, the tips that you come up with can be unique. If you think hard enough, you should be able to find some gaps in beauty influencing. Of course, you can use contouring to create illusions. But you can also give your audience the option of using their hair.

3. Talk About the Hair Colors That Best Suit People

Think about celebrities like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, or Kim Kardashian. They love to change their hair color. Sometimes, they get extra friendly with the peroxide. Other times, they use a good wig for a quick photo shoot. We all have our favorite colors on each of them. We can’t explain why; we just know it has something to do with undertones. 

This is where you come in with your excellent color explanations. You could be the beauty influencer who can explain the best hair color for their followers. This is an aspect of beauty some people overlook. The color of one’s hair can change everything entirely. You may already have a great art background, or you could learn as you go.

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How To Become a Fashion Influencer While Producing Beauty Content

It is typical to marry the beauty industry with the fashion industry. Think of them as cousins if you want to dabble in the Instagram beauty industry. After all, fashion influencers love accessories, and the best accessories sometimes are well done up face. 

If you want to know how to become a fashion influencer, we can help you with some great tips. They will involve how you can merge the two categories in your content.

1. Do Day-to-Night Transitions

In this fast-paced world, people love to find a balance between work and play. That could mean rushing out to drinks with your friends right after work. Have you ever been in this position? Maybe you worry that your outfit wasn’t ready for a night out.

As a beauty influencer, you know how to adjust face art to the time of day. This concept is transferable to fashion as well. The result will be a cohesive reel showing a gradual transition. They won’t need to go to another influencer if you explain all this to them already. You can offer comprehensive advice that covers everything.

2. Suggest Options for Gym

This is a great tip for those who also dabble in fitness influencing. As a content creator, you may not yet know your niche. Posting content that overlaps several areas will help you discover what people want to see from you. 

Some people that go to the gym don’t just go there to sweat. They are there to serve fashion looks while they squat. Some of their best looks come from having good at makeup or skincare. Create content that encompasses an entire gym look. This would include great fitness fits and makeup or skincare.

You could even take it a step further. Show your followers what they need to do after the gym. A face routine to keep face and body acne at bay is a great idea. You could even take a preventative approach. Show them the best outfits to wear to prevent bacne. These are great overlaps between being a fashion and makeup influencer.

3. Show Off Your Color Theory Knowledge

When we were much younger, we thought wearing red eyeshadow to match our red T-shirt was fine. We thought glitter matched sequins. We’re wiser now, burned the photos, and don’t ascribe to those outdated practices. It doesn’t mean that we know what to replace them with. 

Beauty influencers with a knack for color theory will excel in this area. Give your followers outfit options after you show off your immaculately beat face. Explain which colors best compliment the makeup look for the optimal effect. Explain why some colors clash with others. 

You don’t need to know that much, just more than the average person. That is enough for them to regard you as authoritative in the field.

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How To Become a Beauty Influencer With a Big Following

The brand deals with Tarte, and collaborations with Jackie Aina sound great, but they are just a dream for now. You would have to put in some work to get to the scale where these things could be a reality. How would you do that? 

Sticking to your growth tactics isn’t yielding the results you want. Perhaps it’s time to call on a professional.

Plixi’s experts know how to become a beauty influencer. We want to help you on that journey, too. We have an in-house platform of Instagram influencers ready to help. We equipped our propriety AI targeting algorithm for any task, too. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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